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The Testimony of Janet Pauly

"I sometimes get telephone calls from people to see if I'm still alive. I'm very happy to report that I'm indeed alive, but probably wouldn't be if not for the Lord and BarleyLife.

I thought if I ate three well balanced meals per day, I got all the nutrients I needed, so I didn't need supplementation.

I thought people who took supplements were gullible and naive and were enriching the pockets of supplement manufacturers and they were simply passing expensive urine.

I first heard the term 'expensive urine' in nursing school. Coming from a medical background can be a distinct handicap when dealing with simple concepts like foods and nutrition.

I could assist the doctor in inserting a catheter into a patient's heart and inflate the balloon every two hours to get the end-diastolic pressure reading, but I didn't know that vegetable oils were bad for you and that leaving them out of the refrigerator made them even worse.

Why didn't I learn that…