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The Testimony of Janet Pauly

"I sometimes get telephone calls from people to see if I'm still alive. I'm very happy to report that I'm indeed alive, but probably wouldn't be if not for the Lord and BarleyLife.

I thought if I ate three well balanced meals per day, I got all the nutrients I needed, so I didn't need supplementation.

I thought people who took supplements were gullible and naive and were enriching the pockets of supplement manufacturers and they were simply passing expensive urine.

I first heard the term 'expensive urine' in nursing school. Coming from a medical background can be a distinct handicap when dealing with simple concepts like foods and nutrition.

I could assist the doctor in inserting a catheter into a patient's heart and inflate the balloon every two hours to get the end-diastolic pressure reading, but I didn't know that vegetable oils were bad for you and that leaving them out of the refrigerator made them even worse.

Why didn't I learn that in nutrition class?

Because they didn't teach that in nutrition class.

But I did learn about expensive urine in nutrition class.

I did try to feed my family as healthfully as I knew how. We had whole grain cereals every morning for breakfast and we all love vegetables and salads.

I had introduced a variety of vegetables to my kids when they were babies, so they grew up liking vegetables. They were not picky eaters. We were a healthy family.

I prided myself on never missing a days work. In fact, I filled in for the other nurses when they were home sick with colds and the flu.

Once I worked twenty-one days straight in the intensive care unit and I felt pretty invincible.

Now when people tell me they're healthy and they don't need BarleyLife, I can sympathize with their lack of understanding and tell them I too once felt that way.

In 1979 the fabric of our family's life began to unravel. We were told our youngest son was seriously mentally ill. Then our sixteen year old daughter was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. A few months later, during surgery, I found out I had wide-spread cancer.

For the next four years, our lives went from bad to worse.

My son's mental illness was progressing and managing him at home was extremely difficult. We sent our daughter away to boarding school because of the chaos at home with her brother's illness. I was constantly concerned about her health.

I had two other children in college with their share of life's ups and downs.

In the meantime, my husband had developed a rather severe case of prostatitis that twice put him in the hospital. His urologist told him there was nothing to be done for prostatitis. It was simply something that happened to men as they got older. He said he had it himself and there was nothing to do except take hot sitz baths when the painful flare-ups occurred.

The reason I'm sharing this with you is so you'll have some idea of the life-changing impact BarleyLife had on our lives.

Because lymphoma was not considered to be operable, all they did was take biopsies of the different tumors and the doctor marked each tumor with a metal clip, so it would show up on X-ray.

I was sent to the University of Texas cancer treatment center in Houston. There they decided to give me radiation treatments for two months. At the end of that time, to the great surprise of the doctor, the tumors were gone.

He had told me in the beginning I had an incurable form of cancer. After the tumors were gone, he still cautioned me not to get my hopes up, because, he said, "This will be back."

Of course, I did get my hopes up and went back to work and was feeling just fine.

Six months later, I relapsed.

I got a lump in my neck. The lymphoma was back. They wanted to radiate my neck, but by then I had discovered that I'd incurred bone marrow depression secondary to the radiation. I felt I'd at least like to save the radiation as a last resort type of treatment.

All my blood components were low. I was anaemic, my white count/red count platelets were low, and they told me this was damage that couldn't be fixed.

I really felt it was a fair trade off to be rid of my tumors. However, I knew to have more radiation could possibly drop my counts enough that it could be life threatening. So I declined to have further radiation at that time.

I began to look around at treatments that, previous to that time, I would have considered quackery. It's amazing how broad-minded you get when it's your life that's at stake. It's awfully easy to stand back and pontificate on what you would and would not do, if you had cancer, but when you get right down to the line, you'll do almost anything to save your life. That's the way I felt.

I did everything I knew of. I had hyperthermia treatments with hot water. I had laotril, and DMSO, and large doses of Vitamin C intravenously. I had hyperbaric oxygen treatments. This is where they put you into something that looks like a glass coffin, and then they increase the pressure in there, as if you were going down under the ocean.

I tried interferon when it first came out in 1982. At that time it took about 18 units of blood - it came from Finland - to make 1 cc of interferon that was ninety-nine percent impure. It cost $150 a day and you had shots seven days a week. However, that didn't seem to do any good for me either.

By 1984, we had really exhausted every possibility. I had exhausted all the alternative possibilities and my doctor had exhausted all the conventional medical possibilities, and he was looking around at investigational drugs for me - and I had a couple of them - but nothing seemed to work.

By June of 1984, things were not looking good for me. I had two large tumors on my neck. I had multiple small tumors. I had a tumor behind my left ear. This shoulder was one big tumor mass, and under my left arm I had a tumor the size of a tennis ball.

This was the state of things when a friend of mine in California wrote to me and she sent me a little sandwich bag with some green powder in it. She said in her letter that she didn't know if she believed in this stuff or not (that's because she's a nurse) but she took it and she felt good.

I didn't even open the brochure she sent, because while I was out in left field with a lot of these treatments, I wasn't so far out that I would try green power. I didn't have any interest in it at all.

Had it not been for a very providential happening, I probably never would have tried BarleyLife. I was leaving my house one evening several weeks later. As I stepped through the front door, a voice seemed to say to me, "Take that green powder with you and listen to the tape."

I was so dumbfounded at this. I remember I went back into the house and set my things down. I remember standing in the den trying to think, "What green powder? What tape?"

Then this voice came a second time. "Take that green powder with you and listen to the tape."

Then I remembered the letter from Marilyn. I wasn't sure that I'd even saved it. I went in to my desk and dug around. Luckily I hadn't cleaned my desk off and I found it. I took it with me and listened to the tape.

On the tape I heard a woman tell how she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had her breast removed and in time the cancer had spread to her lymph system and she described having a large tumor on her neck. She became bed-ridden and was on pain pills around the clock.

This was in 1982, the year that BarleyLife was introduced into the U.S. from Japan. Her friends introduced it to her in hopes that it might help her pain. To make a long story short, she said that two months later not only was her pain gone, but her doctor couldn't find any trace of the cancer.

As a nurse, I was extremely skeptical about this story. For one thing, I'd never seen anyone with breast cancer that had spread like hers had, that had ever survived.

Secondly, I thought, if there is such a thing as this green powder floating around out there that has helped cancer, why didn't I hear about this from my doctor? Why am I hearing about this from some lady up in Idaho, when my doctor is one of the country’s top cancer researchers?

So BarleyLife really didn't make much of an impression on me. However, I sent off for it, only because I was desperate, not because I believed in it at all.

I began taking it July 16, 1984. November 28, a little over four months later, I went back to see my doctor. My tumors were gone.

My tumors had been very obvious and quite disfiguring. I ran into him in the hallway and he looked at me and said, "Mrs. Pauley, I don't see any lumps in your neck."

He took me by the arm, pulled me into the nearest examining room and looked at my neck more closely. He said, "What have you been doing, taking snake venom?"

So I pulled my jar of BarleyLife out of my plain brown paper bag (I had taken it along, in case he might be interested) and of course he was interested. He was as happy as I was about what had happened to me.

One of the really interesting things that happened was my blood count, that had been abnormal for four years, somewhere in that four month period, came back to normal and remains normal to this day.

I must confess that I've not had a bone marrow biopsy done since then, because I'm such a chicken. But I have to believe something good did happen in my bone marrow, because my peripheral counts are all right. That was my introduction to BarleyLife.

I believe BarleyLife was an answer to prayer for me. I thank God every day of my life for sending BarleyLife to me, because I think if he hadn't I probably wouldn't be here now.

I believe the Lord impressed our friend, Marilyn Webb, to put some BarleyLife in a sandwich bag and send it to me. My friends had prayed. My church had prayed. I had been anointed and prayed over by our church elders. And God heard our prayers. He sent BarleyLife to us.

If He had had it personally delivered by the angel Gabriel, I suppose that I would have been more receptive to it. He had to kind of tap me on the shoulder and say, "Look, I've been hearing your prayers for four years. Now I've sent you something and you aren't paying any attention to it."

I've talked to many, many people who've told me they believe BarleyLife was an answer to prayer for them. Many people that I've introduced BarleyLife to have told me they don't believe our paths crossed by accident and I don't either.

I can't help but think the Lord's hand is in this product. This really is a gift from God in these days when we need it so much. Perhaps twenty to thirty years ago we didn't need food supplements like this, although BarleyLife isn't really a food supplement, it's actually a food.

But these days, with the chemical fertilizers that are being used on the soil, the minerals are being leached out of our ground. And if the minerals aren't in the ground, they aren't going to be in our food. So I really believe that unless they're able to grown their own food in their back yard, probably everyone needs to be on BarleyLife.

I've been taking BarleyLife for nearly ten years now and it has changed my life in many different ways. The most important way is that I'm still alive fourteen years after being diagnosed with lymphoma. [Note: It has now been thirty-three years.]

My daughter's ulcerative colitis was the worst that it had ever been when BarleyLife came into our lives and it took a real health crisis for her to begin taking BarleyLife on a regular basis. I'm happy to report to you that today she is a beautiful, healthy, young woman who still has her colon. She has a rather stressful job. Sometimes people with ulcerative colitis don't do well on stressful jobs. She's on a liver transplant team at Baylor University Hospital in Dallas, loves her work, and has no trouble at all with her colon.

Our son has been on a steady downhill course since he was diagnosed in 1979. He responds poorly to the standard medications for schizophrenia. He's been out of our home since 1983 in treatment centers. A year ago a doctor was willing to allow him to take BarleyLife. For the first time in fifteen years of illness, we are beginning to see some slight improvement. It isn't much, but we're so thankful that we're seeing these small gains.

My husband hasn't had another attack of prostatitis since he started taking BarleyLife. His chronic sinus problems cleared up too.

I thank God every day for sending BarleyLife to my family and I know many of you do the same thing.

There may be some here tonight hearing about BarleyLife for the first time. I want you to know I don't think you're here by accident. I believe the Lord's hand is with this product and if you are willing to take it and share it with others, they will be blessed and so will you.

Each one of us here tonight is a window to a thousand other people who need to know about BarleyLife.

BarleyLife is not a food supplement, but rather a food concentrate. More and more I believe that BarleyLife contains nutrients that we are not able to get in our day-to-day diets, for whatever reason. 

After seeing many people with a wide variety of health problems improve, I know BarleyLife is very special. And I think everyone of us here tonight is blessed to know about BarleyLife. Think about all the people tonight who would give almost anything to know what we know about BarleyLife.

I read an article by a veterinarian. He said when mineral depleted soil is no longer able to support animal life, then commercial fertilizer containing only three nutrients (three minerals) is added to the soil and food is grown for human consumption.

U.S. Senate Document. Number 246 says "Sick soils mean sick animals, sick plants, and sick people." The scary thing is this was written in 1936. I'm afraid things haven't improved much since 1936.

I'm sure you're all aware we're in the midst of a cancer epidemic, with lung cancer being the leading cause of death for both men and women.

Next to lung cancer, which is largely preventable by stopping smoking, is breast cancer. In the decade of 1970-1980, three hundred and thirty thousand women died of breast cancer. Contrast this with three hundred and fifty-nine thousand deaths in the Viet Nam war. 

No progress has been made in treatment, despite earlier diagnosis. Between one-and-a-half and two million women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the decade between 1980 and 1990. Five hundred thousand of these women will die.

This translates into one out of every eight women will get breast cancer over the period of their lifetime.

In the United States, every twelve minutes a woman dies of breast cancer.

I've been associated with breast cancer rather closely. One of my dear friends, Evelyn Benson, forty-nine years old died in my living room December 7th of breast cancer.

Prostate cancer is a leading cause of death in men. The American Cancer Society estimates that thirty-five thousand men will die of prostate cancer this year and an additional one hundred and sixty-five thousand will be diagnosed. That's a lot of men to get prostate cancer.

Men are getting prostate cancer earlier. The younger you are when you get prostate cancer, the more lethal it is. You have a much better chance of living if you get it at age sixty-five, than you do if you get it at forty-five.

Doesn't it make sense to include in your diet a food concentrate your cells need, knowing your immune system needs these nutrients twenty-four hours a day?

My cancer doctor told me cells in our body turn malignant every day. But our immune system is able to overcome them. People should want to do everything possible to allow the cancer-killing cells in our bodies to stay on duty night and day.

Sometimes I think we really can't grasp what we have in our hands - a green powder that's so simple, and yet so profound.

Science has revealed the Lord has put healing substances in plants, grasses, leaves, flowers, and even the bark of trees. The new drug for ovarian cancer, taxol, is made from the bark of the pacific yew tree.

These natural substances seem to have been left aside in the late 1930's and early 40's when sulpha and penicillin came into use. But there seems to be a second look at these nature-based substances by the scientific community these days.

As microorganisms are becoming more resistant to standard antibiotic therapies, new avenues of treatment are being sought. You've probably heard about the resurgence of TB caused by bacteria that's not susceptible to former therapies.

The nations top health official, Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders, was in Fort Worth a week ago. She said the U.S. has the best hi-tech health care system in the world. But it is sorely lacking in preventative medicine. She said we spend ninety-nine percent of our health care dollars on sick care, not on health care.

We've sold the idea that if you get sick, we can fix it.

Dr. Beverley Winnicof of the Rockefeller Foundation in New York, says, "There is a widespread and unfounded confidence in the ability of medical science to cure or mitigate the effects of disease, once they occur. Appropriate public education must emphasize the unfortunate but clear limitations of current medical practice in curing the common killer disease. Once hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and heart disease are manifest, there is in reality, very little that medical science can do to return a patient to normal physiological functioning. As awareness that this limitation increases the importance of prevention, will become all the more obvious."

We all need to learn how to care for ourselves and live in such a way that we can stay as healthy as possible. Simple practices that are common sense will help us stay healthy, such as getting enough exercise, getting eight hours sleep at night, drinking eight to ten glasses of pure water a day, getting out in the sunlight every day, trusting in God, which promotes a healthy mental attitude. A good diet, low in sugars and high in complex carbohydrates and fiber.

Add to that the concentrated nutrition of BarleyLife and the other products that have specific life enhancing functions and we have something vital to offer our family and friends.

BarleyLife contains one of the widest spectrums of naturally occurring nutrients in a single source.

Current research is pointing increasingly to significant health benefits found in green vegetables.

U.S. government studies show ninety percent of Americans do not get adequate amounts of green vegetables in their diets every day. That means only ten percent of us get enough and the rest of us need BarleyLife. Here we have a simple, easy way to get our greens.

Just take BarleyLife, stir it into juice or water and drink it. From then on, you don't have to worry. Your body knows what to do to maximize the effects of the nutrients in BarleyLife. You drink it and your body takes charge, distributing certain nutrients to certain cells.

Once BarleyLife is mixed with liquid, it should be used right away, because the nutrients begin to deteriorate within thirty minutes. Take BarleyLife on an empty stomach if possible, because BarleyLife will not invoke the digestive process and the nutrients will go straight through to the small intestine and be biologically assimilated, where they become meaningful to us.

If you can't take BarleyLife on an empty stomach, take it along with your food. If your food isn't too hot and you're not drinking a hot drink, you'll still get the benefits, but absorption will be delayed.

No one can really say what BarleyLife might do for someone else, but if you don't try it, you'll never know what it might do for you.

Besides saving my life, BarleyLife helped me look better. After I’d been on BarleyLife for a few months, my daughter thought I'd had a facelift! There are lots of people out there who would never take BarleyLife for their health, but if they thought it would make them look better, they wouldn't mind taking it.

I have friends in Horton, Texas, June and R.C. Cook. They've been taking BarleyLife almost as long as I have and they look ten years younger today than they did when they started taking BarleyLife.

I've seen many people start taking BarleyLife and they begin looking better. It's kind of subtle and it's not something that happens overnight, but as they continue taking it, they look better and many times they look younger.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. Nutritional supplements from The AIM Companies™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.


Brief Chronology of Events Leading Up to the Introduction of BarleyLife®

In 1982, Dennis Itami founded AIM International, Inc., in Nampa, Idaho. He did so to distribute BarleyGreen®, the dried juice of young barley leaves.

A farmer by profession, Dennis understood the nutritional benefits of whole foods and knew they could provide even greater benefits as a concentrate.

When AIM became the sole distributor of BarleyGreen®, it became the pioneer in whole-food concentrates. For twenty years, BarleyGreen® was the flagship product at AIM and the leader in the green juice industry.

As the years passed, Dennis believed more and more that even though BarleyGreen® was the best, it could be even better.

In the summer of 1997, Dennis and his wife, Kay, moved from Nampa to New Zealand. It was the perfect location for the couple to build their dream home and for Dennis to pursue his interests in international markets.

However, it was not long before his sense of duty and responsibility to AIM and the AIM Members compelled him to turn his recurring vision for a better barley juice product into a reality.

Members had started to voice their concerns about the quality of BarleyGreen® and testimonials were no longer coming in the way they had in the past.

Despite countless phone calls and meetings with Y.H. over the years, it maintained it could not improve the quality of BarleyGreen®.

AIM had no choice but to either find another supplier of green barley juice powder or to manufacture its own.

AIM contacted every possible green barley juice powder supplier, but none could produce the quantity AIM needed to supply its Members. Not one of them was prepared to service the largest distributor of green barley juice powder.

The AIM Companies™ was at a crossroads. It could not continue to provide its Members with a product it knew to be increasingly inferior. It had to look no further than its mission and core values to know its destiny.

The AIM Companies™ was about to become more than the largest distributor of green barley juice powder. It would become the manufacturer of the next generation of green barley juice powder.

It would raise the bar for quality and nutritional content for the entire green juice industry. It would secure the longevity and legacy of AIM by providing its Members with an exclusive barley product. It would directly control the production and quality of its flagship product. It would develop advances in barley harvesting, processing, and quality assurance that would not only warrant U.S. and foreign patents, but also immediately render outdated the breakthroughs originally developed by Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara and his group at Y.H.

Yes, Dr. Hagiwara is the father of green foods research and, yes, BarleyGreen® was a breakthrough in nutrition when it was introduced. But you cannot compete in the marketplace today with technology developed more than twenty-five years ago. That would be like entering a Model T in the Daytona 500.

Still in New Zealand in 1999, Dennis was working in high gear to bring his vision of a better barley juice to fruition. He hired consultants, leased land, secured a production facility, and began research and development.

AIM started out to replicate BarleyGreen® - using the same ingredients in the same amounts and following the same harvesting and processing methods established by Dr. Hagiwara, because AIM Members were familiar with it.

But as more experts were consulted, innovations were discovered, and results from trials were compiled, it became clear a better barley juice could be produced, using a new and better technology.

In June 2001, The AIM Companies™ told key AIM leaders of its plans to create a better, exclusive barley juice product. They were and continue to be, instrumental in helping to develop the presentations and materials that would be used to introduce BarleyLife® to the rest of the AIM family.

In the fall of 2001, test plots showed stupendous results.

In March 2002, full-scale production of BarleyLife® began.

In July 2002, BarleyLife® was introduced at the twentieth anniversary convention in Hawaii.

By August 2002, sales of BarleyLife® outpaced BarleyGreen® by a ratio of 3 to 1.

By October 2002, AIM had received hundreds of testimonials about the benefits of BarleyLife®.