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Vegetables and Stroke

Most people do not get enough potassium because they don't eat enough dark green vegetables.

A study in Neurology found people with the lowest intake of potassium had the highest risk of stroke. People taking diuretics to lower their blood pressure had an even higher risk of stroke because diuretics lower blood potassium levels. The researchers recommended people pay more attention to potassium intake, especially if they are on diuretics.

One problem the study did not touch on was our high intake of sodium. Americans not only eat too little potassium, they eat far too much salt, thereby upsetting the critical sodium/potassium balance in the body and contributing to every kind of disease.

Consuming less salt, more fresh vegetables and fruits is the obvious way to go.

An abnormal sodium/potassium ratio in our cellular fluid is a common denominator of disease in our society because we eat so much processed food. If you want more potassium, add BarleyLife® Xtra to your diet.

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