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The Nutritional Value of Foods

Even when we try to eat the right foods, they no longer have the nutritional value that they once did.

For instance, cabbage that was grown in New Mexico was tested for it's vitamin C content. Cabbage is supposed to be the greatest source of vitamin C of any food, apart from citris fruits. The conclusion of the test was there was no measurable vitamin C found in this cabbage.

In Pennsylvania, carrots grown there were tested for their nutritional value. The normal score for nutritional content is 22. These carrots tested at 6. They looked orange and healthy. But this food is supposed to be filled with nutrition was shown to be seriously missing it's nutritional value.

In yet another study, an apple was found to have one-fifth of the nutrition of an apple fifty years ago. You would need to eat up to five times the amount of food your grandparents did to receive the same nutritional value.

So much of our soil today is mineral deficient. Vitamins without minerals are useless to the human body, because they both work together. Foods that are mineral deficient lead to disease.

For more information, see Senate Document No. 264, 1936.