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Nutrient Shortage Can Cause Disease

A shortage of even one nutrient can cause disease. Most Americans are deficient in seven to ten nutrients.

That's one reason why three out of four Americans have a chronic, diagnosable disease.

Health Must be Nourished Through the Years

"You may think modern conveniences, money and material things are important, but if you lose your health, you would give up all you have to regain it. But health cannot be bought. It is something that must be nourished through the years." - Author Unknown

A Few Quick Health Facts

Here are a few quick facts about the current health situation in America:

- Over one hundred million Americans today have a chronic illness

- Every thirty-three seconds someone dies of heart disease - over one million people annually

- One out three people are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime

- Eighty percent of diabetes would be eliminated simply by bringing body weight into normal range

- Complications from hip fractures due to osteoporosis cause more deaths than all auto accidents

- Seven out of ten people in the U.S. will die from cancer, heart disease, or stroke

1.3 million Americans have died in all the wars in U.S. history. That's a lot of deaths. Today, though, we lose more than that number of Americans each year because of cancer and heart disease.

Nutrition-Oriented Doctors Know These Facts

"In the last one hundred years we have produced sugar and white flour. They taste good, but our bodies have not evolved to digest and use them. They are also devoid of minerals and vitamins. Shelf life is prolonged. Nutrition-oriented doctors know these facts. The first thing they do when consulted by a person suffering from most anything is to stop these modern foods: No dairy and no grains is the first line of treatment. That program controls about eighty percent of symptoms. The next step is to provide the nutrients in which these people are deficient because of their impoverished diet, and because our topsoil is lacking." - Dr. Lendon Smith, "The Children's Doctor"

New USDA Dietary Guidelines

According to the New York Times, the newly released dietary guidelines for Americans is more detailed and demanding than ever. The government raised the daily goal for fruit and vegetables from five to nine servings.

Still, writes William Grimes in the New York Times, "When the Agriculture Department unveiled its new dietary guidelines this month, it laid down a challenge to all Americans: Eat better, smarter and healthier, or else. The "or else" included a long list of ailments that plague the developed world, from heart disease and osteoporosis to diabetes."

But, Mr. Grimes adds, "Along with the stick, however, came some nice, healthy carrots: Follow the guidelines and you will be stocking up on nutrients that help prevent cancer. You should also lose some weight. Odds are you'll live longer and feel better. Just stick to the road map."

He then describes his four days on the "Uncle Sam Diet" and especially how hard it was getting those fru…