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The Single Biggest Health Factor

Long-lived silent movie actress Gloria Swanson was a bit of a health nut. She said,

"If people want to kill themselves by eating the wrong things, that's up to them."

That is a bold but accurate statement. It is accurate because what you eat probably has more to do than any single factor with how healthy you are.

Is Eating Right Enough?

Our problems started with the Industrial Revolution as people moved off farms and into cities to work in factories. The challenge to feed all of these people led to the birth of commercial farming and the processed food industry. This has led to less nutrition in our foods. The problem is so bad that in 1998 the National Academy of Sciences announced that those who eat plenty of fruits and vegetables are not getting all the vitamins and minerals needed for good health.

Current methods used to grow and get produce from farms to supermarkets creates food that doesn't have enough nutrition. Commercial farming depletes the soil of essential minerals. Crops are often harvested before they're ripe and stored for long periods of time. More harm is done in order to give the produce longer shelf life, better taste and a healthy appearance. The end result? Fruits and vegetables that look and taste good - but doesn't have enough nutrition. So your "balanced diet" is robbed …