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Today, Our Little Man is a Year Old!

Happy Birthday, Brady!
Daddy loves you!

Your Children and Healthy Bones

Helping children build healthy bones is an important job that all parents should know how to do. Children build half of their bone mass during adolescence and reach their peak bone mass by age twenty. The three most important factors for building healthy, strong bones in your children are:
CalciumVitamin D (from sunlight exposure)Exercise. Poor nutrition, lack of outdoor activities and lack of exercise have health experts very concerned as cases of rickets in are rising fast in American children. Rickets is a childhood bone disease that is typically seen only in third world developing countries. It causes the bones to ache and to become deformed starting at a young age.

According to Dr. James Beaty, President of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, "There's some early data showing that even a 10 percent deficit in your bone mass when you finish your adolescent years can increase your potential risk of having osteoporosis and fractures as much as 50 percent".

More About Healthy Gums and Teeth

The condition of your gums and teeth is a good indicator of your overall health. If your gums and teeth are in bad shape, then chances are your health is too.

Yet research shows three out of four people over thirty-five have some form of gum disease.

Some signs given were lingering bad breath, bleeding while brushing teeth, tender gums, and changes in the way the teeth fit together when you bite.

If you're are under thirty-five years of age, you can help prevent gum disease and tooth decay by enriching your diet with good nutrition.

If you're are older, you can help to reverse the curse through proper nutrition.

Why Do We Age, Get Sick and Diseased?

Cells are made up of many atoms. When these atoms are healthy, the cells duplicate and keep the body young, well and free of disease. What makes an atom healthy? It has paired electrons.

When an atom is missing an electron, it destroys the surrounding atoms by stealing their electrons. An atom missing an electron is called a Free Radical. Free Radicals alter or destroy cells. Cells that die and cells that reproduce damaged cells are the cause of premature aging, sickness and diseases such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and many others.

Where do free radicals come from? Here is a short list:

Smoking, stress, sunlight, pesticides, pollution, airline travel, medications, foods, food additives, x-rays, exercise, chlorine in treated water, mercury in seafood and teeth fillings, and many more.

"Don't underestimate the threat free radicals pose to our health. Scientists now believe that free radicals are causal factors in nearly every known disease, from heart disease to ar…

The Standard American Diet

If you were to list the factors that increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, intestinal disorders, just about any illness, the Standard American Diet has them all:

- High in animal fats
- High in unhealthy fats: saturated, hydrogenated
- Low in fiber
- High in processed foods
- Low in complex carbohydrates
- Low in plant-based foods

The fact is cultures that eat the reverse of the standard American diet - low fat, high in complex carbohydrates, plant-based, and high in fiber - have a lower incidence of cancer and coronary artery disease (CAD).

What's even more unfortunate is countries whose populations can afford to eat the healthiest disease-preventing foods, often do not do it.

The United States has spent more money on cancer research than any country in the world. Yet the American diet contributes to the very diseases we are spending money to prevent.

Will Kids Today Live as Long as Their Parents?

"Because of the current overweight epidemic in children and teens, for the first time in over a century, today's generation of kids will not live as long as their parents." - William Klish, M.D. Co-Chairman American Academy of Pediatrics

Are You a Walking Time Bomb?

You may consider yourself to be a healthy person. So why should you consider making any changes?

Let us begin with obesity. It is the main cause of Type II diabetes and at an all time high.

In addition, six of the ten leading causes of disease - heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, hardening of the arteries, and scarring of the liver - can be traced to unhealthy nutritional habits.

Finally, nearly seventy-four percent of all adults will die from cancer, heart disease or stroke.

So if you continue to consume the Standard American Diet and do not change anything, you are a walking time bomb.

Jack LaLanne Said It Best

Jack LaLanne said it best. He is ninety-two years-old, healthy and strong. He lifts weights and swims laps for two hours every morning - and doesn't get sick. Jack's rule is: "If man made it, don't eat it."

That's the basic bottom line. What you put in your mouth, ideally, should be one hundred percent natural.

In other words, try to avoid foods that come in a bag, box, or wrapper and are laced with preservatives.

The Dilemma of Your Doctor

You may be wondering, "If nutritional cures are so effective, how come my doctor hasn't told me?"

Well, doctors are in the middle of a difficult period. Insurance companies, government agencies, liability lawyers and the health care system are some of the daily pressures that physicians face.

In addition, the giant pharmaceutical companies have a huge impact on the medical industry through their financial power, according to Dr. Andrew Saul. The drug companies give enormous grants to medical schools and influence what is taught to medical students.

Professors also get needed money for basic research. Who pays the piper chooses the song.

Dr. Saul also believes healing is too big a topic for any one person to know it all, including me, you, and your doctor.

"Medical doctors are called medical doctors for a reason. They go to medical schools and they learn medicine and practice medicine. So most medical personnel remain largely unfamiliar with non-medical treatments a…

Americans Get Too Little Sleep

With late-night TV watching, Internet surfing and other distractions, Americans are getting less and less sleep, says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Sleep experts say chronic sleep loss is associated with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular disease, depression, cigarette smoking and excessive drinking.

Read the rest of the article here.

It's More Than a Few Extra Pounds

Excess weight and obesity are reaching more and more Americans each year as millions of us struggle with overweight problems. It’s nondiscriminatory, affecting young and old, male and female, black and white.

Overweight problems remain unsolved by numerous diet plans, diet pills, diet foods and drinks, surgeries, motivational courses and counseling.

In spite of many avenues for weight loss, this problem is epidemic, as obesity has become the third leading cause of death and disability of Americans, right behind heart disease and cancer.

Obesity is defined as one being 20% over their ideal weight. That means a person with an ideal weight of 120 pounds would be considered obese at 150 pounds.

Since 1991, obesity in America has risen sixty percent, with six million children now seriously overweight. A forty-five year old person carrying an extra twenty-five pounds. will shorten his life-span by twenty-five percent.

So the saying "the longer the belt, the shorter the life" tends…

Your Body is Designed to Heal Itself

"Our bodies have a tremendous ability to heal, if just given a chance." - Joseph Pizzorno, ND 

I always say it this way, "Your body is designed to heal itself, but it first must have something to work with."

That "something" is concentrated nutrition.

Take The Mystery Out of Sickness and Disease

Let us take the mystery out of disease by presenting a different idea about sickness: There are not thousands of diseases, but only one disease, the malfunction of cells. They are just given different names, like arthritis, cancer or heart disease. So if the cells that make up your body are healthy, then you are healthy. If your cells are sick, then you are sick. The key is to put the good nutrition in your body and keep the bad toxins out, and disease will likely not happen.

Disease is not a random event, it is a process. Your health is determined by what you are willing to do for yourself. It is your responsibility. Rather than being a game of chance, health is a choice. The daily choices you make directly impacts the health of your cells. When you make wrong choices and your health declines, you have been taught to blame genetics, germs, the aging process, or just plain bad luck, instead of poor nutrition. Remember, disease is simply the deterioration of the cell.

At about two mon…