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Today, My Little Man is 18 Months Old!

Brady Thomas Eilers

Why Do We Age, Get Sick and Get Diseases?

The health of our body is dependent on the health of our cells. So to slow down aging, limit sickness and prevent disease, we must protect and properly feed our cells. Remember, disease is simply the deterioration of the cell.

Cells are made up of many atoms. When these atoms are healthy, the cells replicate and keep the body young, well and free of disease. What makes an atom healthy is "paired" electrons. Atoms missing an electron are not just "bad" - they actually destroy surrounding atoms by stealing their electrons.

An atom missing an electron is called a free radical. Free radicals alter or destroy cells. Cells that die and cells that replicate in a damaged state are the cause or contribute to premature aging, sickness and diseases such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and many others.

Free radicals come from:
SmokingStressSunlightPesticidesPollutionAirline TravelMedicationsFoodsFood additivesX-raysExerciseChlorine in drinking waterMercury in seafood a…

The Hidden Role of Vitamin D in Your Health

You probably already know that Vitamin D builds strong, healthy bones. But that's only part of the story - and a small part at that. In fact, Vitamin D is essential for all-around good health.

Without it, cells could not perform their functions and the brain would not fully develop.

Here are a few quick facts about Vitamin D:
Vitamin D regulates calcium in all cellsVitamin D - not just for healthy bones - plays an important role for the brainVitamin D deficiency can cause seizuresA lack of sun exposure can lead to Vitamin D deficiencyThere is a link between Vitamin D deficiency and Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's diseaseVitamin D protects the immune systemRegulates cell growth and cell deathProvides antioxidant and antiviral benefits
As little as 30 minutes in the sun can generate up to 50,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D. We now know that vitamin D is a powerful inhibitor of cancer development and growth.

Many forms of commercial Vitamin D supplements are not…

Enjoyable Evening - Benton Won and I Met Two Great Bloggers

The following guest post is is by Ethan Nobles of The Natural State Hawg:

Yes, indeed! The fighting Benton Panthers won their first game of the season tonight, improving their record to 1-2 before going into conference play in the 6A-South.

There are few things I enjoy more than high school football on Friday nights. My father and I are both Benton High School Alums, so we try to catch every Panthers home game. It'll be a rough year for central Arkansas' scrappiest ball club, but at least the Panthers chalked up a win tonight by beating the Conway Wampus Cats 15-14 in a bit of a nail biter.

It was great being in C.W. Lewis Stadium here in scenic Benton for that victory, but the best thing about the evening was having the pleasure of meeting two fellow Bloggers -- Paul and Laura Eilers. Paul runs Paul's Health Blog and Laura runs Junk-Foodaholic. If you haven't visited those two sites, you really should.

Oh, I went ahead and posted a picture that Laura took of Paul and me…

Peyton Manning on Overcoming Pressure

"Chuck Noll said, 'Pressure is something you feel only when you don't know what the hell you are doing.'

That's how I feel. I get prepared. I prepare as hard as I possibly can.

Sure you feel nervous, you feel anxious, but I don't feel pressure because I feel that I have done everything I could to be prepared for that game.

There have been plenty of games where I have said that I wish that I could have this throw back or I wish that I would have seen that linebacker, but it just didn't happen.

But I have never left the field saying I could have done more to get ready for that game.

That gives me peace of mind.'' - former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning

Source: Peter King of Sports Illustrated

Save Thousands of Dollars and Needless Suffering

Often, people don't worry too much about their health.

Most people think, "It will never happen to me."

Yet, if you hit folks where it hurts the most, their pocketbook, all of a sudden, they sit up and take note.
Angioplasty = $63,896Bypass surgery = $84,364 Diabetic Treatment (annual) = $11,744Stroke Treatment (90 days) = $35,000Weight loss surgery = $15,000 One woman in Texas, who was diagnosed with acute leukemia, had to come up with $105,000 in cash before she could be treated for her life-threatening disease.

Seven out of ten people in the United States will die of heart disease, cancer or stroke.

What are you doing to beat the odds?

Amazing Health Facts

Your heart will beat about 3 billion times in your lifetime Although a newborn baby has 350 bones, a fully-grown adult has only 206Blood is a liquid organ Everyone is born color blind Your lungs inhale over three million gallons of air a dayThe surface area of the lungs is approximately the same size as a tennis courtApproximately 20% of people are "aspirin-resistant." They do not benefit from taking aspirin to prevent blood clotting. British Medical Journal 2004;328:477-479 (28 February)

The Fat Cure by Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D.

The following is from The Blaylock Report:

From 1976 to 1980, 47.4% of Americans were overweight or obese, and during the years between 1988 and 1994, 56% fell into this category.

Today an amazing 65.2% of Americans are considered obese - and the same is true of some 30% of children in California alone.

Eating is not a form of entertainment. Food has only one purpose: to supply your cells and tissues with the nutrients they need for proper function.

Many of the things we eat for pleasure can cause great harm. Virtually every disease suffered by humans is either caused by or worsened by poor nutrition.

Realize that diseases do not develop overnight. They are the result of years of abuse - much of it nutritional. The human body is amazingly resilient, but eventually things begin to fail - and then disease suddenly becomes obvious.

Permanent weight loss and good health necessitate that you permanently change your lifestyle and nutrition. So-called yo-yo dieting is extremely harmful and …

Eat This Fruit For a Healthy Colon

Since my father died of cancer, I look for ways to make sure it doesn't happen to me.

One simple way to prevent colon cancer is to make sure you are getting enough fiber. Yet studies show ninety-six percent of Americans do not have an adequate intake of fiber.

One simple way to help make sure you're getting enough fiber every day is to eat an apple. The kind of fiber in apples - called pectin - increases your colon-protective compounds and clamps down on cancer-causing ones.

In a lab study, apple pectin increased levels of butyrate, a fatty acid that not only keeps colon tissue healthy but also slows the production of a cancer-causing substance. Apple juice extracts amped up butyrate as well.

Apples are also high in antioxidants, which help prevent the free radical damage that is associated with cancer.

So I guess the old adage is true. An apple a day, helps keep the doctor away.

Brady is Busy, Busy, Busy!

Some of you may not know, that my wife and I have a baby boy, Brady.

He's seventeen months old and extremely active. We're thankful he's so healthy, but we sure do have to work hard at staying one step ahead of him.

Once Brady started crawling, we began to "Brady proof" the house. We did all of the usual things, such as cover the electrical outlets, install cabinet locks and rearrange stuff. We also bought a couple of baby gates, which help us corral Brady into a certain area of the house. The gates have been an invaluable purchase!

We have spent entire weekends making the house safe for our little man. And every time we thought we were finally done, Brady would find something else to get into, and we would have to start on another project.

Brady started walking at thirteen months. Because he started walking late, I think he's been trying hard to make up for lost time!

Playing in the toilet has been one of Brady's favorite activities. We didn't like t…