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Happy Halloween!

Aubrey, Greg and me celebrating Halloween at ECU in 1993

Halloween Family Pictures

Brady Says, Happy Halloween!

Brady Eilers One Year Old

10 Quick Tricks to Avoid Halloween Candy

1. Buy candy you don't like.

2. Out of sight, out of mind.

3. Savor one piece of your favorite candy a day.

4. Chew gum.

5. Replace the candy with better choices.

6. Move the candy jar.

7. Count the empty wrappers.

8. Take a walking break.

9. Eat breakfast, a few healthy snacks, and a satisfying lunch.

10. Sip on a low-calorie beverage.

My number one trick, though, is if I don't buy it, I won't eat it. It's as simple as that!

What if It's All Been a Big Fat Lie?

Here is an excellent New York Times article by Gary Taubes titled, "What If It's All Been a Big Fat Lie?"

Taubes spent spent five years looking into the area full time. He reviewed tens of thousands of pages of research findings, and interviewed numerous doctors and nutritionists. He came up with nine basic reasons about what does make a person fat. Here are two of them:
The problem is carbohydrates in the diet, their effect on insulin secretion, and thus the hormonal regulation of homeostasis - the entire harmonic ensemble of the human body.


By stimulating insulin secretion, carbohydrates make us fat and ultimately cause obesity. The fewer carbohydrates we consume, the leaner we will be. Here's what Andrew Weil, the well known MD said about Taubes' revolutionary book:
“I think this is a very important book. I’ve been recommending it to my medical colleagues and students. There are some very big ideas in this book…[Gary Taubes] has done a meticulous job of show…

Two Things To Know About Your Daily Vitamin

Your daily vitamin might not be the insurance you think it is.

Are you aware of big vitamin scare going around the US and UK? The staid Reader's Digest even had a cover story, "The Vitamin Hoax: 10 not to take" Feb., 2007).

Worst case: some vitamins are harmful. Best case: they do, well, nothing. So says the Reader's Digest.

Before you pop that next daily multi, check the bottle for two things:

1. Toxic ingredients
Artificial colors: FD&C Blue #2 Lake, FD&C Red 40, etc.
Preservatives: sorbates (eg, Polysorbate 80), benzoates (eg, sodium benzoate), nitrites (eg, sodium nitrite), sulphites (eg, sulphur dioxide)

2. Are they synthetic?
Look at the names of the vitamins and minerals in the “Ingredients” listing on the label of the bottle. (You may need a magnifying glass.) A vitamin or mineral is synthetic if only its chemical and/or popular name appears, with no plant source.

E.g. from the label of a popular synthetic multivitamin seen on TV
Ingredients: Calcium Carb…

A Simple Cure For Daytime Fatigue

Seventy-five percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated. This means you most likely need more water in your diet.

Dehydration is the main trigger of daytime fatigue and can cause symptoms such as nausea, stomach aches, and confusion. Drinking at least eight servings (8 oz.) of water each day will increase your energy and help you metabolize fat easier. Toddlers should drink two to three ounces of water per hour and older children should drink four to six ounces per hour.

Among the significant benefits of water is that it can help ease back and joint pain for eighty percent of those individuals who suffer. In fact, only five servings of water a day help reduce colon cancer by forty-five percent and cut the risk of bladder cancer by fifty percent. Not to mention it can cut your chances of breast cancer by seventy-nine percent.

Start the day out with a pitcher of water filled with your target amount. Then, you will be able to see exactly the amount you have drunk by the end of the day.…

How The Internet Changed My Life

Does this look like you?

The Hierarchy of Food Preparation

The more we process a food, the less nutrient value it retains. This is because living foods are organic foods. Processed foods, to various degrees, are inorganic or "dead" foods.

The following is the hierarchy of food preparation. We start at the top with no preparation, leaving the food with its full nutrient content. We end at the bottom with the most processing, rendering the food dead and useless to the body - little or no nutrient value retained:

Raw and Whole
Juiced and consumed immediately. Once the skin of fruits or vegetables is broken, oxygen combines with the enzymes and kills them. This process is called oxidation.

Dehydrated or Dried
Loses 2-5% of nutrient value
Dried without chemicals or additives
Commercial brands of dried fruit contain sulfur-dioxide; exception: raisins

Freshly picked and frozen immediately
Loses 5-30% of nutrient value

Loses 15 - 60% of nutrient value
Steamed means the green bean is still a bit crispy (if it's limp, its cooked)


My Wife is Still Doing a Juice Fast... But Not Me

This past Monday, my wife started doing a juice fast. I decided to do it with her, because it's always easier to stick to something if you have a friend or spouse do it with you.

But no more.

After six days, I decided I had enough. Today, our extended family got together to celebrate a birthday. And I got me some grub. I was a good boy now, and ate salad.

But I also found myself sliding up to some chocolate cake.

And it seduced me.

I'll continue to juice in the mornings with my wife. I like juicing. It makes me feel good and I'm energetic throughout the day. But no more juice fasting.

And as my wife and I like to say when we joke around with each other, "Once again, honey, you're better than me."

Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life

Over the last twenty years, I've tried to read and study as much as I can about health and nutrition. And one of the best books I've ever read is titled, "Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life", by Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D.

In fact, I've read this book more than once, and refer to it often. Here's some of what I've highlighted:

"It is a crime that modern medicine has all but ignored one of the greatest weapons we have against disease - nutrition."

"Our early nutrition significantly influences our genes, affecting our health as adults. Poor nutrition can lead to programming for the early onset of cardiovascular disease, degenerative brain diseases and even cancer."

"During my four years of medical school, we did not have a single class on nutrition. The same was true during my internship and residency."

"What is especially exciting about nutrition is not just the possibility of prevention, but the reversal, of …

Is Health a Choice?

"Health is not a chance, it's a choice. But it's a choice only you can make." - Raymond Francis, M.Sc., author

Unfortunately, most people believe that disease is something that just happens. It's a roll of the dice to determine who gets sick and who doesn't.

Because of this erroneous belief, few people are choosing health and almost everyone is sick. According to the latest estimates, more than 75% of us have a diagnosable chronic disease. This includes 90% of the people over age 65 and 25% of the people under 18.

Yet despite these numbers, two thirds of us think we are in good or excellent health. What's happened is that chronic disease has become normal. As long as people are able to function they think of themselves as being in good health. In truth, only about one percent of us are in good health, and chronic disease is a runaway epidemic.

The economic effect of all this is budget-busting disease-care costs. The result is more and more denial of health ca…

Time Is The Undefeated Antagonist

"Time is the undefeated antagonist that takes on all comers. We age and crack and wrinkle and, yes, ultimately die." - Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated

This was written about the last game ever at Yankee Stadium. But when I read it the other day, it made me think, "When it comes to our health, no matter what we do, we too will one day die."

I try to eat right, exercise and get enough sleep. I want to be healthy as long as I can, especially after what happened to my dad. I also want to be around for my little man, Brady, as he grows up.

But I'm fully aware that one day, no matter how much I try, my appointed time will come.