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Do Green Foods Work As Mood Foods?

More and more, word is getting out about green foods and their benefits for everyday life.

This recent article shows how eating green might keep you in a better mood. Here's an excerpt:

Protein and high-fiber carbs (specifically carbs rich in soluble fiber, like oats, barley, certain fruits and veggies) have the ability to slow down the absorption of sugar in your blood and therefore lessen blood sugar and mood swings. Try an egg white omelet loaded with veggies for breakfast; grilled chicken and peppers in a whole-grain tortilla wrap for lunch; shrimp-broccoli stir-fry over brown rice for dinner; and snack on apple slices with peanut butter or nonfat yogurt with berries.

Sounds like good advice. Hopefully, many of you are already taking it.

However, if you're too busy to get the daily greens you need, one alternative is to take BarleyLife® and BarleyLife® Xtra.

They're a a convenient way to get the vegetables your body needs for good health.

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It's Not My Fault I'm Sick!

by Mrs. Janice Gravely

"It's not my fault if I have a stroke."

"Diabetes runs in the family."

"Cancer runs in my family, so it's certainly not my fault."

Haven't we heard this by Baby Boomers and our older friends?

No, it's not our fault. It is the lifestyle taught in schools since the Thirties with the "Healthy Food Pyramid." Remember the food pyramid published by the meat and dairy industries, with the consent of the United States Department of Agriculture that was displayed on the front blackboard in school?

Children across America were taught the best diet was one first based on animal products - meat, milk, cheese, and butter. Next in importance were bread, grains, rice and pasta, followed by the smallest amount of fruits and vegetables.

For fifty years Americans were taught to eat this way. Dieticians propagated the myth, teaching what they were taught. Dieticians designed school lunches of hamburger meat, pork chops, frie…

One Way To Relieve Chicken Pox

"I've been taking BarleyLife for five years. I also took it when I was younger. My mother used to sell BarleyLife to people after church. I would hardly ever get sick, but other people would. After a few years, we all stopped taking it.

I decided to take it again in 2003. I felt a lot better and had more energy. When I would get sore throats when catching a cold, I would gargle with BarleyLife, and after a few times, my throat would feel so much better.

I met my wife in 2003 and we were married in 2004. During our first year of marriage, my wife seemed to be sick every month. I finally got her to take BarleyLife and a lot of her sickness went away. She was reluctant to gargle with BarleyLife, but afterward she was a believer.

In November 2007, I got the chicken pox at age twenty-nine. I caught them from my grandfather, who had shingles. I knew BarleyLife is an anti-inflammatory and decided to try it. I created a paste and began to put it on my chicken pox.

I first tried it o…

Life is Good

It seems like just the other day, I was graduating from high school. And just the other day, I was in college having too much fun.

And it seems like just the other day, I was getting married.

It has now been nine years. Yes, time sure does fly.

I no longer reside in eastern North Carolina. I now live in central Arkansas.

I have a mortgage, a baby and a dog.

I no longer watch college football all day at a friend's house, play full-court basketball, or come and go as I please.

Instead I change diapers, mow the lawn, and help with the dishes.

I watch Spongebob, The Backyardigans, and my weight.

Bedtime means listening to our 20 month old son snoring soundly, while asleep in the middle of our bed.

Life is now different. My life is no longer my own.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy Anniversary, Laura!

Coach Bobby Bowden on Weight Loss

Several years ago, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden gave the following weight loss advice:

"Before the beginning of every football season, in order to lose weight, I had to cut out the foods that I like - bread, the pasta, the sugar, sweets, potatoes and white-floured foods, and I didn't have any trouble losing weight."

How about you? When it comes to losing weight, what have you found to work best for you?

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Is Working Out Hazardous To Your Health?

I played football in high school and college, so I used to workout and lift weights six days a week. Back in the day, I could bench press over 300 lbs. and squat over 500 lbs. Now I have a slight case of furniture disease - my chest has gone down into my drawers.

Anyway, I've seen many a mishap in the gym, mainly from guys using bad technique or putting too much weight on the rack or letting all of that testosterone go to their head.

And in this video, it shows.

Obese Kids Have Arteries Like 45-Year-Olds

According to this report by researchers:

"Many overweight children and teenagers could have severe cardiovascular disease in their 20s and 30s, causing a healthcare crisis."

The arteries of many obese children and teenagers are as thick and stiff as those of 45-year-olds, a sign that such children could have severe cardiovascular disease at a much younger age than their parents, unless their condition is reversed, researchers said Tuesday.

"Because of the current overweight epidemic in children and teens, for the first time in over a century, today's generation of kids will not live as long as their parents." - William Klish, M.D. Co-Chairman American Academy of Pediatrics

Our Little Man is Now 19 Months Old!

We love you little man!

Children Who Need Eating Therapy?

From the USA Today:

"Number of Kids on Medication Jumps Alarmingly"
Most of the illnesses related to obesity They add:
"The number of children who take medication for chronic diseases has jumped dramatically, another troubling sign that many of the youngest Americans are struggling with obesity, doctors say.

The number of children who take pills for type 2 diabetes - the kind that's closely linked to obesity - more than doubled from 2002 to 2005, to a rate of six out of 10,000 children. That suggests that at least 23,000 privately insured children in the USA are now taking diabetes medications, according to authors of the new study in today's Pediatrics.

Doctors also saw big increases in prescriptions for high cholesterol, asthma and attention deficit and hyperactivity. There was smaller growth for drugs for depression and high blood pressure.

"We've got a lot of sick children," says author Emily Cox, senior director of research with Express Scripts, whic…

We Voted!

We just got back from voting. See my wife's "I Voted" sticker? Yes, even adults like getting a sticker.

We decided to go at 3 p.m., hoping it would be a slower time. Fortunately, we were right! There was absolutely no line at all.

And thank goodness I had my son, Brady, to help me vote!