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Today is The Birthday of Our Little Boy!

Brady Thomas Eilers
On March 29th, 2007, at 11:15 a.m., our little boy officially came into this world. 
And today he is three years old!
Happy birthday little man! I love you!
"Children are a blessing from the Lord." - Psalm 127:3

Three Good Quotes About Health

"Good nutrition and supplementation can significantly protect you from disease." - Dr. Russ Blaylock, M.D.

"Our bodies have a tremendous ability to heal, if given a chance." - Joseph Pizzorno

"Americans believe in cause and effect, except when it pertains to their eating habits." - Dr. Joel Robbins

The Truth vs A Lie

"The truth is easy to kill. But a lie well told is immortal." - Mark Twain

Body Composition Determined by What You Eat

"80% of your body composition will be determined by your diet." - Mark Sisson

(Note: Yes, I believe exercise is also important to health, as well as fat-burning and muscle-building. However, most of your results will come from what you eat.)

Don't Believe The Media Flu Hype

There are times when I'm leery of the news media. One of those occasions is during the flu season. The media has a vested interest in keeping us glued to the television. And one way they do this is through fear and hype.

Well, the recent flu hysteria is another case of where the hype did not meet expectations. In a recent Wall Street Journal article titled, "The Flu Season That Fizzled", experts are puzzled as to why the actual number of flu cases are well below normal levels.
"This is typically the peak of flu," said James Turner, executive director of the University of Virginia's department of student health. He said the Charlottesville, Va., student health center usually sees as many as 130 students a week complaining of flu symptoms this time of year. Recently, no more than three to five students a week have been coming in with fever, cough or other signs of flu, he said.Your best defense against the flu is a strong immune system. You can accomplish this …