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"It just fit perfectly with our lifestyle."

How about this to grab your attention: Overcoming breast cancer without surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

"Three years ago, I had breast cancer and overcame it with a living food diet," Patti Warren says.

"The main thing with the diet was juicing twice a day and using lots of fresh vegetables. Following the routine was a full-time job. Everything I ate had to be specially cooked."

But it came with a price, says Patti.

"Turns out we didn't have a social life, and no one wanted to invite us to dinner. It became difficult."

The "we" includes her husband, Larry. They are from San Martin, California. They credit the AIM products for saving their social life.

Of course, the good news is overcoming breast cancer, thanks to the whole food diet. The bad news is it cost the Warrens the freedom of a normal life.

"Then we got all this info about AIM, and we thought, 'Could this be the answer?'" Patti said.

"We have been into n…

Vitamin B and Weight Loss

Your body's weight-related functions - like metabolic rate, appetite and calorie-burning - operate best when your diet includes all vitamins. That said, vitamins such as vitamin B can be helpful towards your weight loss goals.

To make the best use of the protein, carbohydrate and fat in the foods you eat, you need vitamin B. To turn these raw materials into muscle, blood, enzymes and energy, your body must have a steady supply of all the vitamins that make up the B vitamin complex.

You'll find the richest food sources for B vitamins in meats like liver, beef, pork, veal, and chicken. Seafood such as oysters and clams, as well as tuna and salmon, are also good sources of vitamin B. Vitamin B can also be found in egg yoke, cheese, milk, walnuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and avocados.

The B vitamin group - niacin, thiamine, riboflavin and vitamins B5, B6, and B12 - work together, so when you supplement one of them, you need to supplement all of them. Like vitamin C, the B v…

Three Ingredients That Will Harm Your Fat Loss

At all costs, avoid:

1. High Fructose Corn Syrup - An unnatural sweetener made from fructose and corn. It's used to increase shelf life and to make food taste sweeter.

2. Bleached/Enriched Flour - Flour that's been bleached and stripped of fiber and vitamins. Some nutrients are added back in so it can legally be sold as food.

3. Hydrogenated Oils - Trans fat is the main cause of heart disease in America

Foods containing these ingredients are unnatural and your body easily stores them as fat. Foods that are more natural are used more efficiently as fuel and not stored.

Some foods contain all three ingredients, so be sure to read the food labels.

A Simple Ab Exercise You Can Do Anywhere

The beauty of this abdominal exercise is it can be done anywhere - in the car at a stoplight, in line at the grocery store, standing at the stove in your kitchen, riding the elevator, on a park bench watching your kids swing, or while you're in the shower. Anytime. Anywhere.

And each time you do it, it trains the muscles and tightens your abs.

To perform this exercise, standing or sitting:

1. Breathe in fully, completely filling your lungs to capacity.

2. As you slowly breathe out, suck in your stomach as if you were trying to touch your belly button to your spine. The key is to suck in hard - as hard as you can. (Tighten your belly as if you are going to be punched in the gut, while blowing out the candles on your birthday cake.)

3. Once you feel tightness along your sides, try to hold this position for ten seconds. (Over time, increase to thirty seconds and then sixty seconds.)

4. Fully exhale or breathe out. This is one repetition.

5. Repeat twice. This is a set. Aim for at…

The Power of Sunshine and Vitamin D

As I've written previously, vitamin D is essential for good health. Following is a great quote by Dr. Holick about the power of vitamin D and your health:

"If I had to give you a single secret ingredient that could apply to the prevention - and treatment, in many cases - of heart disease, common cancers, stroke, infectious diseases from influenza to tuberculosis, type 1 and 2 diabetes, dementia, depression, insomnia, muscle weakness, joint pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, and hypertension, it would be this: vitamin D." - Dr. Michael F. Holick, Ph.D., M.D. from his book, The Vitamin D Solution

And the best part about vitamin D?

It's free.

Just go outside and roam around or play for awhile, and you'll be getting all the vitamin D you need for the day.

Good Habits. Bad Habits. And Aging.

Yahoo's headline news recently featured a 20-year study on four habits: smoking, drinking too much, inactivity and poor diet. Those habits swing your effective age by as much as twelve years.

However, this study had some very good news:

- Non-smokers and former smokers, and
- People who drink less than two drinks per day, and
- Those who get two hours of physical activity per week, and
- Those who eat any kind of fruit or vegetable three times per day are literally four times less likely to die prematurely than people with the opposite behaviors.

The even better news is:

- You don't have to get it perfect all the time. Doing three out of four most of the time puts you in healthy company.

You can handle a few drinks every now and then. And just because you have one couch-potato week doesn't mean you have to make lethargy a lifetime habit. Minor deviations every now and then are fine, as long as your daily habits are basically healthy.

Remembering John Wooden

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden has died at the age of ninety-nine. Though he won ten national championships, he was so much more than a basketball coach. He was a great educater who never stoppd teaching.

A man of excellent character and honor, folks from where I grew would say, "He was good people."

Following are a few of my favorite quotes from Coach John Wooden:

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts."

"Adversity is the state in which man mostly easily becomes acquainted with himself, being especially free of admirers then."

"Material possessions, winning scores, and great reputations are meaningless in the eyes of the Lord, because He knows what we really are and that is all that matters."

"Be quick. But don't hurry."


A Rant from Perry Marshall

One conspiracy I do believe in is the conspiracy to suffocate you in paralyzing mental garbage and global negativity.

I don’t generally buy into conspiracy theories… but I do believe in cosmic episodes of stupidity and planned mass mediocrity.

The #1 conspiracy of the modern world is to choke your brain with sewage and kill your spirit with overwhelming feeling that you are small and insignificant and helpless.
I almost *never* watch the news. I figure if there’s something I absolutely have to know about, somebody will call me and tell me about it. That theory has worked pretty well so far.

But on Monday I was in a restaurant and CNN was on. Couldn't help but gawk at the endless parade of catastrophes.

I know that CNN is "normal" to most "normal" people. But don't forget, most normal people accomplish fairly little in their 70+ trips around the sun. Those of us who are going somewhere in life have better things to do than listen to relentless droning about 147 t…

Slow Down the Hands of Time

"In October of 2009, I laid my dear dad to rest.

My father had so many serious health issues. His vision was impaired by glaucoma, which required the regular use of eye drops.

He had a quadruple bypass at 75 and went through dialysis three times a week for four hours.

Deterioration of the cartilage in his knees made even walking painful, so he was unable to do any exercise. Eventually, his legs had to be amputated due to a poor circulation. Although my dad had physiotherapy twice a week, he was never able to walk with prosthetic limbs.

As for me, I had a heart attack at the age of fifty.

I certainly did not want to end up with numerous health issues like my father. Even though I had a positive attitude about life, I wasn't taking care of my health. Job stress kept me from doing any exercise, even walking. I wasn't eating well because I was always on the go. I wasn't relaxed because I was too stressed by the challenges I faced.

After the heart attack, everything chan…

How to Diminish Fat

"Fat is mobilized [from fat tissue] when insulin secretion diminishes." - from the American Medical Association Council on Foods and Nutrition, 1974