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Many Multivitamins Don't Have Nutrients Claimed in Label

A recent review of many popular multivitamins, by, reveals a lot of them do not have the nutrients claimed on the label.

Out of thirty-eight tested, thirteen had too much or too little of the ingredients listed or were improperly labeled.
"We found a wide range in the quality of multivitamins." - Dr. Tod Cooperman, company president (Source: Here)A nutritional supplement our family takes and recommends is BarleyLife® Xtra. It combines eighteen fruits and vegetables with a barley grass powder. To learn more, Click Here.

What Gary Taubes Eats Every Day

"I do indeed eat three eggs with cheese, bacon and sausage for breakfast every morning, typically a couple of cheeseburgers (no bun) or a roast chicken for lunch, and more often than not, a ribeye or New York steak (grass fed) for dinner, usually in the neighborhood of a pound of meat. I cook with butter and, occasionally, olive oil (the sausages). My snacks run to cheese and almonds. So lots of fat and saturated fat and very little carbohydrates. A deadly diet, according to Dr. Oz." - Gary Taubes on what he typically eats every day

To see his blood lipid numbers, click here.

Andy and Barney Talk About Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, Andy and Barney knew apple pie was no good because of "carbohydrates and glucose". Instead, we should cut out sugars and starches and eat more protein foods.

How did we managed to get away from such common sense?

Is Wheat an Appetite Stimulant?

"Wheat is a powerful appetite stimulant through its 2-hour cycle of exaggerated glycemia followed by a glucose low, along with its addictive exorphin effect." - Dr. William Davis, M.D.

Too Many Drug Commercials On TV