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BarleyLife® Xtra Questions and Answers

Q: How can BarleyLife® Xtra contain so little sugar and yet taste so sweet?

Barley juice has an inherently unsweetened taste that many users of BarleyLife® consider a challenge to overcome. After a year of development and over one hundred samples, we have finally discovered a natural sweetener that compliments the taste of bitter barley juice. We identify this as stevia on our label.

This concentrated sweetness allows us to minimize the amount of natural flavoring added and maximize the nutrients from the barley juice, fruits and vegetables. Our digestive system is unable to metabolize mogrosides, and thus they are considered non-caloric as well as low-glycemic.

Q: How much sugar is in BarleyLife® Xtra and should this be a concern? 

The average American consumes 64 pounds of refined sugar per year. This equates to about 80 grams or about 20 teaspoons (1,280 calories) of sugar per day. The USDA recommends that an adult consuming 2,000 calories daily should consume less than half of the current average, or 40 grams (10 teaspoons).

BarleyLife® Xtra contains 1.5 grams of natural sugar per serving or about 3 grams per day (2 daily servings). This equates to about 4% of the average and 8% of the maximum recommended daily sugar intake, whereas one soft drink supplies about fifty percent of the average and one hundred percent of the recommended intake.

Q: Where does the sugar in BarleyLife® Xtra come from?

The 1.5 grams of sugar reported in one serving of BarleyLife® Xtra come from the naturally occurring sugars found in barley grass juice, and the other fruits and vegetables in the formula. These sugars include glucose, fructose and maltose. No other processed sugars (sucrose) or dairy sugars (lactose) are added.

Q: Why is the vitamin C content so much now in BarleyLife® Xtra?

Barley grass juice does not contain a significant quantity of vitamin C. Some other green powders add synthetically manufactured ascorbic acid to their powders without disclosing it, to slow the oxidation and boost their label claim.

The AIM Companies™ chose to add natural acerola cherry powder to its formula to increase the vitamin C content of BarleyLife® Xtra. Acerola cherries have about thirty times the vitamin C content of oranges.

BarleyLife® Xtra is for people who believe nutrition matters. To learn more about this nutritious green powder for kids and adults, Click Here.