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BarleyLife® Xtra in Juice

We’ve had several people ask us how we mix BarleyLife® Xtra in juice and water for Brady. Through a little bit of trial and error, we have found the following to be the best mixture for our picky eater son.
  • Two ounces of juice (white grape juice and apple juice mixed together) 
  • A teaspoon of BarleyLife Xtra™ Eight ounces of cold, filtered water 
  • Put all of this in a sippy cup and shake well Brady drinks six to eight sippy cups of this BarleyLife Xtra™ mixture a day 
When it comes to your kids, feel free to experiment. For example, Brady used to like his juice mixture at room temperature. As he got older, for whatever reason, he decided he wanted it to be cold. That’s life with a picky eater! So be flexible and see what works best for your kids.

To find out more about BarleyLife® Xtra for kids and teenagers, Click Here.

To learn more about BarleyLife® Xtra, Click Here.