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Help to Prevent or Control Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is deadly… and on the rise. The history of this metabolic disorder shows it typically affected adults above the age of forty. However, since 1990, its onset began occurring in a much younger population that included teens and children, who were previously only affected by type 1 (juvenile diabetes).

No matter your age, when you have type 2 diabetes, either your body does not produce enough insulin or your cells do not utilize the available insulin, which is vital for channeling blood sugar (glucose) into the cells to be used as energy.

Consistently high blood sugar levels can create a chronic source of inflammation throughout the body, leading to cellular damage of tissue and organs.

Your health care practitioner can conduct tests that measure your blood sugar levels to determine whether or not you have diabetes, which is largely preventable even for those with a family history of this disease.

The Causes

Although the precise cause of diabetes remains unknown, there are ass…

21 Health Benefits of Gingko

Following are suggested uses Gingko for specific symptoms per The Mayo Clinic:

1) Research has reported benefits of ginkgo for the treatment of altitude (mountain) sickness.

2) Age-associated memory impairment (AAMI) is a nonspecific syndrome, which may be caused by early Alzheimer’s disease or multi-infarct dementia (conditions for which ginkgo has been shown to have benefit).

3) In early research, ginkgo was shown to be effective in the treatment of patients with acute hemorrhoidal attacks.

4) Multiple clinical trials have evaluated ginkgo for a syndrome called "cerebral insufficiency." This condition, more commonly diagnosed in Europe than the United States, may include poor concentration, confusion, absentmindedness, decreased physical performance, fatigue, headache, dizziness, depression, and anxiety. It is believed that cerebral insufficiency is caused by decreased blood flow to the brain due to clogged blood vessels.

5) Overall, the scientific literature does suggest…

Nutrition Provides Migraine Relief for Teenager

Kerry Chambers is a high-performance individual from South Africa. You can tell by the way she carries herself - not bashful, disrespectful or arrogant. She has an air of confidence and strength that you do not see in everyone.

Kerry also has a newfound air of joy and freedom, which has not always been the case. From the age of eleven, Kerry suffered from debilitating migraines. It was a struggle for her from day one. Who would think that an eleven-year-old could get migraine headaches? Little Kerry suffered from regular attacks, which only seemed to get worse.

The family took her to see every specialist, all of whom prodded, probed and scanned her from head to toe in an effort to alleviate the excruciating pain. Not a single doctor was able to identify the actual cause, and even worse, they were not able to offer any relief.

The migraines continued and many of the specialists determined that Kerry's migraines were most likely the result of a neck injury that must have occurre…

Know Your 5 Vital Health Statistics

Do you feel you are at your best? Are you aging well? Do you feel strong and full of energy?

If not, you should seriously consider lifestyle changes that can have a positive impact on your health.

Along with changing your diet and increasing your physical activity, taking high quality supplements like The Daily Essentials™ from The AIM Companies™ can make a difference in your health. In particular, The Daily Essentials™ can help in regards to your five vital health statistics: blood pressure, fasting blood sugar, blood lipids, hdl cholesterol and waist size.

You should know your numbers by heart, since they indicate the state of your overall health. If two or three of the following are a problem, it can affect the quality or quantity of your future.

1) Blood Pressure - Checking your blood pressure levels (measured in millimetres of mercury) is a vital health indicator. Readings of 120/80 mmhg are categorized as normal. If yours is consistently greater than 130/85 mmhg, it is a warning sig…

"Ten years later, I'm still fibromyalgia free."

After suffering with medically-diagnosed fibromyalgia for five years, I was at the end of my rope. The medical doctors had me taking antidepressants, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers and entry-level opoid drugs for pain. I had a very demanding job and could barely get through a day as a result of the pain and the brain-fog from all the drugs.

Then Carolyn Tebay of Wilmington, North Carolina, introduced me to nutritional products from The AIM Companies. I detoxed, became a vegetarian and took Herbal Fiberblend and BarleyLife. Within ninety days, all of my symptoms disappeared. I went off all fibromyalgia-related drugs during this same time period. My life returned to its fullest - a life I thought I had lost forever.

Seeing my medical doctor one year after starting the AIM products was interesting. He was curious as to what I had done. However, he was not overtly supportive. In the end he said, "Well, just keep doing what you are doing."

Ten years later, I'm still …

Why Colds and The Flu Can Be Good For You

Here is the key to understanding why colds and flus, when allowed to run their course while you rest, can be good for you:

"By and large, the viruses that cause the common cold and the flu infect mainly your weakest cells; cells that are already burdened with excessive waste products and toxins are most likely to allow viruses to infect them. These are cells that you want to get rid of anyway, to be replaced by new, healthy cells." - Dr. Ben Kim

Holiday Shopping Fun!

Brady, Dylan and Laura

Starving Cancer: Ketogenic Diet a Key to Recovery

From the video:

"Many people are frustrated with today's cancer treatments. They are expensive, painful and often just don't work.

However, there is a new cancer treatment that is free, has virtually no side effects, and can be used in conjunction with other cancer treatments.

It involves cutting out carbohydrates, beginning with the worst carb of all - sugar."

To read the rest of the article, Click Here.

P.S. You may like to read, "Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet" by Ellen Davis

"The Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet and Its Role in Cancer Treatment" by Dr. Joseph Mercola

"Sugar and Cancer"

What The Food Industry Can Do To Improve Public Health

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, M.D. is known as a nutritional watchdog for his efforts for improved public policies regarding nutrition and obesity.

He is an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa and also author of the book, "Why Diets Fail And How To Make Yours Work."

To learn more about Dr. Freedhoff, check out his website.

A Cardiologist Says We Are Not Born To Run?

To learn more, read, "Top Ten Reasons Not To Run Marathons" by Art De Vany, Ph.D.

Real Food Pyramid

When possible, meats and fish should be from organic, grass-fed wild and pasture-raised animals.

Veggies, fruits, berries and nuts should be raw, organic and local.

To learn more, Click Here.

Underlying Causes of Cancer

The Health Benefits of FloraFood®

Growing research shows that a number of health problems, including allergies, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease and obesity, are directly related to the balance of bacterial species in your gut.

Friendly bacteria enhance the absorption of nutrients, help to produce vitamins, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, strengthen the immune system, and protect against environmental toxins, just to name a few of their benefits for your body.

Unfriendly bacteria also serve useful purposes until they overpopulate your gut and cause health problems.

FloraFood® provides three powerful, friendly bacteria:
Lactobacillus gasseri - the major species that occupies the human GI tract Bifidobacterium bifidumBifidobacterium longum Two capsules provide two billion friendly bacteria, which means if you are under siege by unfriendly bacteria that can cause vomiting or diarrhea, FloraFood® gives your body what it needs to balance intestinal flora.

What People Are Saying

Miriam McDade, from Centereach, New Y…

Cut Heals Faster With BarleyLife®

"I was in a hurry this morning on my way to the gym and smashed the car door against my shin! What a gash! And pain!

I won't go into the gory details, but it wasn't pretty. I went back inside the house. My first thought was to clean the gash and put on a barley paste.

When it dried, I did go to the gym. It's now seven hours later and I can feel it healing. The plan is to leave it this way overnight and longer till healed.

Many years ago, I had a biking accident with a similar gash on my shoulder. I looked in my First AIM Kit in the kitchen cupboard and made a barley paste. In a few days, I witnessed just how amazing the barley healed my shoulder from the outside.

As for my shin, I hope to be a good as new in a few days! (And wiser to SLOW down too.)" - Jan Baxter, Waterloo, Ontario

P.S. Here is her BarleyLife® paste recipe:

"I put about 1/2 teaspoon of BarleyLife powder in a cup, sprinkled a FEW drops of water, and stirred it with a spoon to make a paste (…

Brother-In-Law Loses 25 Pounds After Removing Wheat From His Diet

This past Thanksgiving, I found out my brother-in-law had lost twenty-five pounds by removing wheat from his diet.

He initially went to see his doctor due to blood pressure issues, as well as a fluctuating heart rate.

His physician gave him a prescription medication for his symptoms.

However, Jeff said it made him feel worse, so he stopped taking it. He decided to try to reverse his symptoms by changing his diet.

When he stopped eating wheat, he did not change anything else. He did not exercise or do anything different, other than removing the wheat.

In addition, his weight loss took place over the course of several months. He was rather surprised at how easy it was to drop the pounds.

By the way, during the conversation, Jeff mentioned he had eaten wheat once since he had changed his diet. He went with his son to a pizza buffet one Saturday afternoon.

Afterwards, he felt bad for days. He claimed he would never make that mistake again.

So good job, Jeff! It's good to know you'…

Do You Have Knee Pain?

Frame Essentials® can help you maintain proper joint health. It provides the building blocks for healthy joints as well as joint function and may also help relieve pain.

Best of all, it is suitable for long-term usage.

To learn more about Frame Essentials®, Click Here.