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Do You Need Help to Relax and Sleep Soundly?

Life can be extremely complicated and stressful, making it difficult for you to relax long enough to gain a healthy perspective on the situation. The stress increases, and soon you are losing sleep, which further compromises your health.

Composure® from can make a big difference in getting you back on track because let's face it: life requires a great deal of composure. It's healthier to remain calm when facing hardships, but sometimes you could use a little help.

Instead of turning to synthetic pharmaceuticals with possible side effects and addictive substances, reach for Composure® - a blend of natural herbs known to help you to relax and sleep soundly.

The herbs selected for the Composure® formula were carefully chosen. For example, the choice of passionflower was based on a long history of documented use to relieve muscle tension and calm anxiety, which contributes to getting a good night’s sleep.

Early explorers to the Americas were introduced to the relaxing benefits of…

Gluten and Brain Damage

An interview with psychiatrist Dr. Charles Parker and Dr. Osborne.

It discusses functional medicine lab testing and other important components, to helping those with gluten induced nerve damage.

Fat Head Followup

The brilliant and funny Tom Naughton has released his "Director's Cut" version of the now-classic Fat Head documentary.

For anyone who has not yet seen the entire DVD, be prepared to hear Naughton's wonderfully clearheaded, flawlessly logical, yet hilarious way of looking at the world of nutrition.

Miracle Recovery From Throat Cancer

"I met my best friend in high school, when I was a sophomore. For all these many years, we have stayed in touch and see each other when we can. He knows what I am doing; I know what he is up to. But we never talked about our health - that is, until the fall of 2009.

Then my friend, who had survived being a gunship helicopter pilot in Vietnam, began to suffer from severe stomach problems, which sent him to the doctor. In the course of a thorough examination, it was found he not only had a complicated hiatal hernia and a probable cancer in his stomach, but the worst news was he had throat cancer. Last, but not least, his high blood pressure was another concern.

His doctors told him surgery was necessary - first for the throat, then the stomach, and if those went well - for the hernia. A family meeting with the lead surgeon produced sobering news: he had 50/50 odds of surviving all of it and the recovery regimen was not going to be pleasant. My friend says the x-rays of his throat l…

No More Acid Reflux or Swollen Fingers

"It was suggested I take BarleyLife Xtra for the easily absorbed vitamins, like A, B, and K," said Sherry, who mixes her BarleyLife® Xtra with CalciAIM™.

"When you have gluten intolerance, your intestines cannot absorb these fat soluble vitamins."

"After only one month, I noticed that I wasn't tired all the time. My heart stopped skipping beats and I didn't have acid reflux. As for my arthritis, my fingers are not swollen anymore and I have no joint pain." - Sherry McKibben, Boise, Idaho

P.S. BarleyLife® Xtra is for people who believe nutrition matters. To learn more, Click Here.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. Nutritional supplements from The AIM Companies™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.

Will You Lose The Weight and Keep It Off Forever?

Only five percent of those going on a diet actually manage to maintain a lower weight. Said another way, dieters have a ninety-five percent chance of failure.

This is according to a 1959 study in New York. A more recent, larger study in California yielded the same result.

Weight loss in the United States is now a $58 billion industry that's pretty much a road to nowhere, in terms of dieting and weight loss.

So what are you doing to beat the odds?

To learn more, Click Here.

Building The AIM Business Using The Internet

AIM Star Sapphire Director Erin Baty has built herself a budding AIM business using the convenience and accessibility of the Internet. How did she do it?

"Life is a team sport," Erin says about her AIM business.

Erin gives four key reasons for her success: quality of the website combined with knowledgeable customer service, encouraging sponsor support, AIM's wonderful customer support center, and the AIM website itself. Simply put, on the Internet it all must work together to add value.

"First of all, the website must be attractive to look at, and easy to navigate. Moreover, it must be up-to-date with the latest changes and new product lines. And it must be informative."

Conducting most all of her work online from her home in San Luis Obispo, California, Erin has not forgotten to be personal with potential customers and that a little care can go a long way.

"We send every new member a piece of snail mail," Erin says. "We learned from other AIM Members…

BarleyLife® - A New Best Friend For Man's Best Friend

When nutrition from The AIM Companies™ go to the dogs, good things happen. Amy Chiang, of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, has a pet named Fa-ji who is living proof of the benefits of BarleyLife® for creatures big and small.

"I own a four-year-old Chinese bulldog named Fa-ji, which means 'prosperous.' Because he has protruding eyes and a concave nose, he experiences a lot of tears and discharge, a runny nose, foul breath and smelly ears. He often has a rash on his face. I have spent quite a bit of money taking him to a veterinarian.

Then, a friend introduced me to BarleyLife and told me it could help detoxify the body. So I added one teaspoon of BarleyLife to Fa-ji's food. In two weeks, his symptoms have improved a lot. He has less tears and discharge, no runny nose, his rash is gone and even his ears are not smelly. Fa-ji has become very clean and healthy."

Whenever the dog days of summer are upon us, it's a good time to explore the connection between two of…

Zoë Soul Loves Nutrition That Works

Acting, dancing, modeling and more - AIM-sponsored celebrity Zoë Soul has little down time in her busy schedule. Still, she always makes time for one thing: nutritional supplements from The AIM Companies™.

"Nutrition plays a huge role in my life because I have crazy long days, and after my days on set, I have to go the gym and do a workout, and I can't do that without good nutrition," Zoë said. "It's a huge factor in my life."

At just 15 years old, Zoë is already an accomplished dancer and actress. Her latest project is a role as a series regular on 'Read Between The Lines', a new family sitcom airing on the cable channel BET beginning this month. Zoë plays the daughter of a successful psychiatrist mom and NYU professor dad who are trying to juggle work, marriage, and parenthood. The show stars Malcolm Jamal-Warner (Theo on 'The Cosby Show') and Tracee Ellis Ross (daughter of Diana Ross).

"My first day on set filming the pilot I remember l…

Dr. William Davis Talks About Vitamin D

"I count vitamin D as secondary only to wheat elimination as among the most powerful strategies I have ever witnessed to regain ideal health. While a wheat-free diet is richer in vitamin D from eggs, mushrooms, fish and meats, most people nonetheless remain deficient.

And because we lose the ability to activate vitamin D as we age, supplementation is necessary for most people to achieve desirable blood levels of vitamin D. Having restored vitamin D in thousands of people over the past six to seven years, I have found most people require 4000-8000 units per day to achieve a desirable 25-hydroxy vitamin D level; I aim for 60-70 ng/ml (150-180 nmol/L). (Tablets are poorly or erratically absorbed.)

 The list of potential benefits of restoring vitamin D include relief from winter “blues,” heightened mental clarity, elevation of mood/relief from depression, improvement of memory; increased bone density/protection from osteoporosis and fracture; increased HDL cholesterol, reduced blood su…

What She Needed Around The House: Frame Essentials®

"My house has concrete steps going downstairs to the basement. I could barely walk down these stairs holding onto the hand rail. I had to go one step at a time as my right knee couldn't be bent with any weight on it. I couldn't attempt to carry anything.

One day I was going through my AIM products and saw the bottle of Frame Essentials and decided to try it.

A few months later, I was going up the stairs and it dawned on me that not only was I not holding on, but I was carrying stuff. My knees didn't hurt and I was carrying stuff. I am still taking Frame Essentials and have since I shared it with several friends." - C.J. Tweedy, Independence, Missouri

To learn more about natural pain relief for joints, Click Here.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. Frame Essentials® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.

Less Is More in High Intensity Training

"Contrary to conventional wisdom, lengthy and frequent workouts are unnecessary and can even be detrimental. That's because you don't gain benefit from exercise when you exercise, you gain benefit from exercise when you rest and recover." - Fred Hahn, co-author of "The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution"

Here's more:

"Working a muscle to exhaustion in as little as 60 to 90 seconds of slow but well-executed reps causes microscopic 'alterations' in the muscle. As the body repairs these microscopic alterations between workouts, the muscle gets stronger and adjusts to increasingly greater effort."

To read the full article, click here.

Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes at OSUMC

Author Gary Taubes, at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUMC), talks about why we get fat.

To learn more, click here.

Sleep To Lose Weight

"Studies show that people who get fewer than six hours of sleep have higher levels of ghrelin, which is a hormone that stimulates appetite, particularly for high-carbohydrate/high-calorie foods. In addition, less sleep raises levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, which can lead to weight gain." - Dr. Jessica Bartfield, M.D.

Study: Lycopene in Tomatoes Fights Heart Disease

Studies indicate daily intake of Lycopene-based food supplement could help cut the risk of heart disease by improving the function of blood vessels.

The study also indicates that Lycopene reduces the risk of strokes and is shown to be beneficial in illnesses that have high inflammatory markers, such as arthritis and diabetes.

They speculated it is also helpful in fighting some cancers.

Lycopene is naturally found in tomatoes.

Can We Eat To Starve Cancer?

Dr. William Li talks about a new way to treat cancer and other diseases: anti-angiogenesis.

The key is to prevent the growth of blood vessels that feed a tumor. The crucial first and best step? Eat cancer-fighting foods that cut off the supply lines and beat cancer at its own game.

“We’re treating cancer too late in the game, when it’s already established and oftentimes, it’s already spread or metastasized.” -  Dr. William Li,M.D. of The Angiogenesis Foundation

Holiday Shopping Fun!

Brady, Dylan and Laura

Top Fitness Trend For 2013 - Bodyweight Exercises

A new survey of fitness trends shows bodyweight training, including back-to-basics exercises like pushups, planks and pullups, is expected to be one of the top ten fitness trends of 2013.

"Body-weight exercises are a proven way to get and stay fit. In a time when many people are concerned with cutting expenses, body-weight exercises are a great way to feel great and look toned without a big financial investment." - researcher Walt Thompson, Ph.D. Georgia State University

To read the rest of the article, click here.