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Are You Eating Enough Greens Every Day?

A whole-food concentrate made from green barley grass juice is BarleyLife®. This nutritious green powder gives you a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants (cancer fighters), phytochemicals (plant medicines), protein, amino acids and chlorophyll.

BarleyLife® is different from a multivitamin pill, because it's made from real food. The nutrients are in their natural proportions, so your body knows what to do with them.

The nutrients in BarleyLife® help to:
Create energy, vitality and strength Build and repair your pH so disease cannot thrive Counteract inflammation Strengthen and detoxify at the cellular level Regulate the immune response Eliminate lactic build-up Support weight loss and maintenance  BarleyLife® is a nutrient-dense, green powder made from young barley grass. For over thirty years, researchers have found young barley grass to be one of the most nutritious plants on earth.

To learn more about this nutritious green powder for kids and adults, Click…

Nutrition For The Long-Haul: Truck Driving and AIM

For Jack and Eloise Murtaugh, from Bel Air, Maryland, the open road is more than a calling. It is a profession.

The couple has been driving semi-trucks for Schneider National - the company with the ubiquitous orange trucks and trailers - for the past six-and-a-half years. The trucking lifestyle does not exactly lend itself to good nutrition and healthy eating, but the Murtaughs have found a way: BarleyLife®.

"We're out three or four weeks at a time," Eloise said. "Really, it's eat, drive and sleep. BarleyLife is something where I know I've got some green nutrition to add to the food I'm going to be eating for the day."

The Murtaughs spend as little as five or six days at home each month. The rest of their time is on the road and in their truck. The majority of their meals are made in the truck and healthy food options are hard to come by, due to lack of refrigeration, time and space.

For this reason, BarleyLife® has been a lifesaver.

"Ninety p…

He is Still Cancer-Free after Two Years

Imagine being told by doctors that you have between six to twelve months left to live.

Diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor in February 2010, thirty-eight year-old Timothy Young was given less than a year to live.

With the help of prayer and The AIM Companies™, he defied the odds, sharing his experiences in a cover story for the February 2012 issue of Living Well magazine.

At this point in time, Timothy has lived over two years beyond his predicted death.

When asked how he was doing, Timothy responded, "Fantastic!"

His upbeat take on what life has dealt him may be a reflection of his strong faith, which, along with lifestyle disciplines, has greatly contributed to his state of good health.

"Sometimes you have to look at the ugly side of life to experience the best it has to offer."

Timothy has beaten the most deadly form of brain tumors.

"On December 17, 2012, I had my sixteenth MRI showing that I'm cancer-free."

A mistake often made by those wit…

Providing Nutrition To Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Long after the devastation by Hurricane Sandy had faded from national news, the need for aid remained. AIM Member Jessica Danchik, along with Crisis Response International (CRI), continued to meet that need.

Jessica and her family (husband Jordan and two-year-old son J.J.) have served with Crisis Response since 2011. Before arriving in the New York area to assist with Hurricane Sandy relief, the Danchiks previously responded to the Japan tsunami/earthquake, the flooding and typhoon in the Philippines and Israel's eight-day conflict.

"We have always desired to help people," Jessica said. "After hearing CRI's vision for disaster relief, we were hooked. We knew that this is what our next step in life would be. We left our jobs and our lives in Orange County, California and stepped out in faith, volunteering full time with this ministry."

Crisis Response is currently serving in Lindenhurst, New York, a town on Long Island that was among one of the most affected ar…

You Get Enough Greens, Fiber and Essential Fatty Acids?

There are three deficiencies that are absolutely unacceptable for your state of health - a lack of greens, fiber and essential fatty acids.

This deprives your body of life-giving nutrition, that can help to ensure good health and longevity by gently detoxifying, balancing your body pH and combating inflammation. You do not want to be lacking in any of the Daily Essentials™.

This is why The AIM Companies™ offers a variety of cost-effective product combinations that feature BarleyLife® or BarleyLife® Xtra, Herbal Fiberblend® or FibreBalance® (CAN) and AIMega®.

The Daily Essentials™ packs provide all-natural, supplementary greens, fiber and omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids, so you are never deficient in any of these three nutritive necessities.


When you supplement your diet with essential greens from BarleyLife, you are going beyond the nutritional value of green vegetables alone. Including chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, the wealth of natural nutrients in you…

Do You Need Natural, Non-Stimulant Energy?

During the day, how often do you say to yourself, "I feel tired" or "I don't have any energy"? You likely need more adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Your body produces ATP – converted from nutritional intake, for your inter-cellular energy. However, ATP production declines after you reach twenty years of age.

To increase your energy level, reduce fatigue and enhance your general well-being, supplement with Peak Endurance®. It's a natural, blueberry-açai-flavored energy drink.

Whether you need more ATP for your fitness program, your demanding daily schedule or an age-related deficiency, Peak Endurance® increases your energy, without elevating your heart rate.

This is a common side effect from products containing caffeine and ephedra - neither of which are in Peak Endurance®.

And you won't find the 30 or more grams of refined sugar found in most energy drinks. Peak Endurance® contains only 1 gram of natural sugar.

Electrolytes transport electrical impul…

Can Vitamin D Can Help People With Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system usually associated with older people.

The cause is death of neurons in the brain that control motor skills. One treatment is taking dopamine supplements, which increases the activity in the remaining nerve cells. However, long-term this protocol is not highly successful.

There now may be a new additional treatment - Vitamin D.

A new study tested 1200 IU of Vitamin D daily on people with Parkinson's (compared with a placebo), over the course of a year. The control group experienced successive worsening of symptoms, while the Vitamin D group did not.

Did you get your Vitamin D today?

A Delicious and Nutritious Bluberry Smoothie

Blueberries6 ounces unsweetened almond coconut milk1 tablespoon ground flax seed1 cup frozen blueberries1 scoop ProPeas®1 scoop fit 'n fiber®1 tsp BarleyLife® Xtra2 ounces pineapple juiceice cubes Blend them all well and enjoy!

55 Year Old Mom Is Free of Arthritis

"I am fifty-five years young and I rarely miss taking my BarleyLife.

When I do miss, I notice stiffness returns to my fingers. I can recommend BarleyLife with all my heart, because it has given me arthritis-free hands.

That is not the only benefit I enjoy. I am a mother of four children and I am still slim.

People say I look ten years younger than my age. And I can keep up with my twenty-something kids!

I've been using the AIM products consistently since 1997, because I believe they are the best products and they really deliver the nutrition I need." - Nilla Shovak, McAllen, Texas

To learn more, Click Here.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. BarleyLife® from The AIM Companies™ is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.

The Truth Behind Calorie Labels

Office Fitness Challenge Inspires Weight Loss

A fitness challenge from The AIM Companies™ gave employees a perfect reason to commit to getting fit. Although some - like AIM Accounting Specialist Connie Compton - had plenty of motivation already.

"I have high blood pressure and in January it spiked up way, way high," Connie says. "I had a lot of different things going on. I was moving and January is the toughest time of year for my job. My challenge was to get my blood pressure back down. Not only did I do that, but I was able to get off my blood pressure medication entirely."

Before the fitness challenge, Connie's blood pressure measured in at 163 over 106 - an extremely high figure. Her readings consistently improved throughout the challenge, including a reading of 115 over 70 - leaps and bounds better than when she began.

Not only was the blood pressure benefit a help, but losing the weight also made a difference in other areas of Connie's life as well.

"Once I got off the blood pressure medic…

Eat Less + Exercise More = Weight Loss?

If giraffes ate the food we eat, would they look like this?
What We're Taught:

Eat Less + Exercise More = Weight Loss

In theory, there is nothing wrong with trying to lose weight this way. However, most people find it difficult to achieve long-term.

The main reason? Your body’s deep-seated desire for self-preservation and survival. In other words, you get hungry.

See, cutting calories sends the wrong signal to your brain. It throws the fat-storage switch to the "on" position. (The key is the type of calories you consume, not the number.) The same is true of low-fat, high-carb diets.

And exercise makes the problem worse, because it stimulates appetite. (Ever heard the term "working up an appetite"?)

Your body compensates for increased exercise with increased food intake – and it takes very little food to replace whatever calories were burned from exercising. (You need to climb twenty-five flights of stairs to burn off an Oreo cookie.)

To lose weight, a few folks …

How to Save Money on Your AIM Order with SmartPost®

Save on shipping with SmartPost®, the newest shipping method from The AIM Companies™.

SmartPost® is a joint venture between FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service.

The AIM Companies™ has negotiated special shipping rates through SmartPost®, in order to provide AIM Members the most affordable shipping possible.

You will notice SmartPost® automatically selected at checkout, when it is the lowest-cost shipping method available. Play around with other shipping options to see just how much you save with SmartPost®. It’s substantial!

SmartPost® will continue to offer many of the same benefits you have received from past shipping options, including delivery Monday through Saturday (except holidays), package tracking available on, and transit times typically within three to eight business days.

To help with the introduction of this new shipping method, The AIM Companies™ has collected a series of frequently asked questions that clarify some elements of SmartPost®. If you have additional quest…

'Slim So Fast' Smoothie For Weight Loss

A product combination for weight loss you just have to try - Peak Endurance® and ProPeas®.
8 to 10 ounces of cold water 1 or 2 scoops of ProPeas® powder 1 or 2 scoops of Peak Endurance®  Place the ingredients in a blender or in your blender bottle and blend until smooth. The shake can be infinitely varied by using different things such as blueberries, strawberries or blackberries. You can also add crushed ice to the mix as well.

Try it for yourself and see what happens to your waistline and energy levels.

To learn more about ProPeas®, Click Here.

What People Are Saying

"You have the synergy of all the branch chain amino acids, and a clean alkaline-forming plant-based protein powder, together with the Peak Endurance that contains all the electrolytes, B vitamins and 125g of ATP total sugar content of 2g. What a find!" - Lere Robinson, Columbia, South Carolina

"I have great news about ProPeas. I have lost a total of forty-two pounds since I started using it. Thanks for ever…

Veggies Made Easy with The Garden Trio®

For people who know they should eat more fruits and vegetables every day, but don't because they're busy...

If you find it challenging to get the USDA recommended nine daily servings of vegetables, try the Garden Trio®. You'll get the vital nutrients found in three important foods - green barley, carrots and beets.

BarleyLife® features daily nutrition from the leaves of young barley plants. Just Carrots® contains natural beta-carotene and vitamin A. RediBeets® is full of naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals.

Each member of the Garden Trio® is packed with essential enzymes found in whole-juice products, plus antioxidants and a host of other nutrients to maintain good health.

Promote a healthy immune system, have more energy and wake up every day feeling great. Get to know the Garden Trio® powders by making them part of your daily routine.

The Garden Trio® benefits:
Helps maintain whole-body health Helps maintain a healthy immune system Provides increased energy Benefits…

The Value of All-Natural, Vegetable Nutrition

April is the month for Earth Day, but any time of year is worth celebrating whole-food nutrition, greens and natural health.

If all-natural, vegetable nutrition is your aim, then the Garden Trio® is the ultimate solution.

The Benefits of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables In Your Diet

Earth Day, observed on April 22 this year, promotes awareness of our natural environment. The AIM Companies™ represents the finest natural nutrition on our planet. Eating right can make all the difference.

Consider that consumption of fruits and green leafy vegetables has a wide-ranging effect on overall health - everything from a simple boost of energy and well-being to possible reductions of many types of diseases. In fact, an online article from Stanford Medicine maintains that fruits and vegetables containing phytochemicals (plant medicines) may deter cancer growth.

Another way of viewing the importance of fruits and vegetables is to examine a diet without them. Those who consume a low amount of fruits and v…