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Peak Endurance® For Energy, Electrolytes and More

The best natural energy and electrolyte drink is Peak Endurance®. Compare and see for yourself how Peak Endurance® can energize your day.

To learn more about this great tasting drink for energy, Click Here.

P.S. A popular energy drink, that boasts five hours of energy, contains the preservative sodium benzoate and vitamin C. When these two ingredients are combined, they can become carcinogenic.

In addition, this particular energy drink depletes your body of nutrients.

Peak Endurance® has no preservatives, just one gram of sugar and all the B vitamins, as well as ATP, which increases muscle mass, energy production and performance.

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Cocoa Leafgreens™ for Emergencies and More

On June 20, 2013, low flying, black helicopters roared above the city of Calgary, blasting warnings that residents had to evacuate area.

Flood water was forcing over 100,000 people from their homes.

Alma and Gary Johnston found themselves in a state of emergency.

As if the helicopter assaults were not enough, patrol cars with loudspeakers blaring drove through their neighborhood, broadcasting orders that everyone had to leave immediately. The unimaginable had happened.

A few weeks before the floods, Alma met Linda Easthouse, who showed her a copy of the CoCoa LeafGreens™ datasheet. After reading about its health benefits and great taste, Alma could not wait for her order. She had to get it right away - and she's glad she did.

"When you’re being evacuated from your home, you can't take a lot of stuff. CoCoa LeafGreens was one of the first things I grabbed to help make sure we had better nutrition while we were away from our home," stated Alma.

"With Gary battlin…

"When all is said and done, you will feel the difference."

Even the simplest weight loss plans are possible with desire and determination.

With her husband facing heart health challenges, Masako Moriyama from Abbotsford, British Columbia, got serious about altering their diet.

They removed processed foods and unwholesome grains and sugars and replacing them with fruits, vegetables and AIM nutrition. This simple change in diet was the catalyst for getting their health back on track.

"The change was easy once the decision was made," Masako said.

"The food choices may have been simple, but it takes a strong commitment and discipline to achieve this. Everything else stayed the same. By changing what I consume, I was able to shed extra toxins and fat, even without exercise."

Masako’s plan included consistent use of AIM powder concentrates like BarleyLife®, LeafGreens™, Herbal Fiberblend® and ProPeas®, as well as an increase in fruits and vegetables and a decrease in unhealthy foods.

The end result: In six months, Masako lost 2…

Diabetes Epidemic in Children

More and more young people are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. In this form of diabetes, insulin is produced in the body, but it is unable to do its job of regulating blood sugar. Diabetes is a disease normally associated with adults.

For the past twenty years, type 2 diabetes has been on the rise among children and youth all around the world. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, in the next fifteen years, the global incidence of type 2 diabetes in children will increase by up to 50 percent.

Even though there are any number of genetic and environmental risk factors, the most significant risk factor is obesity. The texting, gaming, and computer-based obsessions of today's youth encourage physically inactive lifestyles.

Combined with poor nutrition from the successful marketing of processed food, junk food, soft drinks and other sugar-filled snacks, it is no wonder that the Centers for Disease Control reports that obesity now affects 17 percent of all children and adol…

Great Tasting Greens For Kids (and Adults)

If your kids do not eat enough vegetables every day, then great tasting greens can now be yours with the new CoCoa LeafGreens™.

At only ten calories per serving and zero grams of sugar, Cocoa LeafGreens™ is a unique combination of four green leaf powders (spinach, field pea, faba bean and barley), along with broccoli and three cocoa powders (the main ingredient in chocolate).

The result is a green vegetable juice that tastes like chocolate milk. Who knew greens could taste this good?

Did you know cocoa has more antioxidants (cancer fighters) than blueberries, green tea or red wine? It's also high in vitamin C and is a good source of iron and protein. It supports bone health, benefits your heart, has a positive effect on blood pressure as well as cholesterol and more.

Cocoa LeafGreens™ is greens that taste like chocolate. What could be better than that?

P.S. Do your kids drink chocolate milk?

A microbiologist who used to work for a major milk manufacturer, revealed each week a fle…

AIM Smoothies Keep the Weight Off

Losing twenty-four pounds within a 3-month period beginning in January 2012, was only the beginning for AIM Executive Assistant and event registrant, Joyce Janzen.

One month after Joyce lost the most weight in an AIM staff weight-loss challenge, she challenged herself again, joining the group for another three-month round of weight loss. Once again, the challenge and the AIM products proved beneficial with a ten-pound loss.

At this time, Joyce has lost a total of forty pounds and kept it off, thanks to AIM nutritional supplements and a healthy lifestyle.

The grand total has helped Joyce achieve a satisfying weight and also benefited her health. Her latest blood test results show that her cholesterol has dropped 42 points since the first weight loss challenge and her LDL cholesterol has dropped 60 points.

"Seeing those numbers has encouraged me to keep going," Joyce said. "I found that if I stick with the same program, I can continue to lose weight."

The program …

Is Running Good For You?

Cardiovascular scans on marathoners and triathletes have found many of them had varying degrees of heart damage - usually thickening of the heart muscle.

Are humans designed to exercise this way?

Watch this talk by Dr. James O'Keefe Jr. to find out.

Are Acidic Foods Making You Fat?

Along with feeling good about yourself, an ideal body weight is a major factor in maintaining good health. If you are struggling to lose unwanted pounds, The AIM Companies™ has the answer for successful weight loss.

One important thing to consider is your body pH, which is greatly affected by your nutritional choices. For example, the foods you eat can have an acidifying or an alkalizing effect on your body.

Acidity has a negative impact on all of your body systems. One of the harmful results is that your body needs to add protective fat. If you do not reverse body acidity, it is harder to lose weight.

The Balancing Act of BarleyLife®

To get your body pH in balance, simply add BarleyLife® to your daily nutritional intake. You are not going to find a better whole-food concentrate for providing greens that neutralize an acidic body environment.

With a natural source of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients (plant medicines), enzymes, antioxidants (cancer fighters) and chlorophyll (healer …

What keeps the live enzymes in BarleyLife® from being destroyed by the stomach?

Q: What keeps the ‘live enzymes’ in Barleylife from being destroyed by the digestive system or in the stomach? How are they entering the blood system to be effective?

A: "Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is the main enzyme that we monitor consistently in BarleyLife and we use the new SORAC testing to do so. There have been a few animal studies that have proven an increased level of SOD in the blood after consuming SOD rich foods.

I've also read about specific complimentary food proteins that can help with the absorption of SOD as a whole. Enzymes are proteins with a job and I think if these proteins are broke down into their amino acid building blocks in the gut that our body should know how to put them back together as SOD in the blood.

To add even more detail to this, vitamin K, E, C, carotenoids, flavonoids, anthocyandins, isoflavones, and glutathione can also act as an antioxidant that fights against superoxide free radicals in our blood. When we perform an BarleyLife enzyme test …

'Proof' That BarleyLife® Xtra Works

Our son Brady and his high waters pants
Here is "proof" that BarleyLife® Xtra is nutrition that works. (grin)

To learn more about this nutritious green powder for kids, Click Here.

P.S. BarleyLife® Xtra is for parents who believe nutrition matters. They want to do everything they can to ensure their kids are getting enough nutrition every day.

Does that sound like you?

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ProPeas® Protein for Weight Loss and More

As a vegetable source of protein, ProPeas® provides 12 grams of protein per serving, in a low-sugar and low-carb concentrate.

Protein is a key component to weight management, helping with satiety, metabolic rate and lean muscle mass.

In addition, the vegetable pea protein in ProPeas® offers a safe, allergen-free alternative to common whey and soy protein options. Sweetened naturally with stevia, ProPeas® tastes great mixed into a smoothie or combined with chilled rice milk.

Click Here to learn more about ProPeas®.

P.S. ProPeas® is now packaged in an easy to use canister. ProPeas® contains vegetable, allergen-free protein powder made from non-GMO peas. It comes with a delightful vanilla flavor, which is a perfect addition for any smoothie recipe.

To find out more about this vegetable protein powder, Click Here.

Dr. Eric Westman and Weight Loss

"Here at Duke, we use mainly the low carbohydrate, ketogenic diet to treat diabetes and obesity," he explained.

"All the other problems that come with obesity, hypertension gets better, heartburn gets better, fatty liver, the list goes on and on." - Dr. Eric Westman, M.D.

To learn more about weight loss, Click Here.

Do You Suffer From Migraines?

Migraine headaches affect roughly 1 in 10 kids. However, researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center may have an answer.

These researchers examined the blood levels of coenzyme Q10 in 1,550 children and teenagers, ages 3 to 22, who had migraines. They found a third of them were deficient in this important antioxidant.

They gave these kids supplemental CoQ10 (1–3 mg/kg or 0.5–1.5 mg/lb of body weight per day) and followed them for about three months. Follow-up exams showed the CoQ10 supplement significantly reduced the frequency of migraines and decreased headaches in half.

An earlier study of adults who took 150 mg of CoQ10 daily showed similar benefits.

CoQ10 or Cellsparc 360® saves the day for migraine sufferers in adults and children. If you continue to struggle with migraines and headaches, then consider stopping them before they start, by increasing blood flow with Cellsparc 360®.

To learn more about Cellsparc 360®, Click Here.

Click Here to read the Cellspar…