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Mag-nificence™ For Foot Issues

"My spa clients love the Mag-nificence magnesium crystals. The perfect healing and spa experience for your bath. This is working especially well for my diabetic clients with foot issues.

One such individual called us three days after a Mag-nificence soak, wanting to purchase the crystals, which had alleviated a painful and inflamed ingrown toenail." - Doris Irish, Emmett, Idaho

To learn more about Mag-nificence™, Click Here.

P.S. Because our bodies cannot make magnesium, we must rely on diet and supplemental sources to get it.

Mag-nificence™ is an easy and effective way to get the magnesium you need for good health and more.

Click Here to find out more about Mag-nificence™.

"CoCoa LeafGreens is absolutely delicious!"

"CoCoa LeafGreens is absolutely delicious! We've tried it in water and in rice and almond milk, adding RediBeets and Just Carrots…and the chocolate flavor still comes through.

I've shared it with people who don't like the "greens" taste of BarleyLife or LeafGreens and they were very happy to hear about it." - Janet Breitkreutz, Sherwood Park, Alberta

The taste of CoCoa LeafGreens™ is loved by children and adults. To learn more, Click Here.

P.S. Three different types of cocoa can be found in Cocoa Leaf Greens™. Cocoa supports bone health, benefits your heart, has a positive effect on blood pressure as well as cholesterol and more.

Click Here to find out more about great tasting greens for kids and adults.

A Strategy For Living Well

Have a plan.

This one rule has helped Celeste Davis from Merrill, Oregon lead others to health and wellness with AIM nutritional supplements. Her straightforward way to better living is an essential part of her sharing.

"People work on systems," Celeste said. "My strongest suit is helping people develop a system that they can maintain."

For herself, Celeste found a system that helped her lose seventy-six pounds. A primary component was juicing. Her healthy lifestyle led her to become a certified health coach. She began helping others to achieve weight loss and health turnarounds. Through this process, she began to notice the significant drawbacks to juicing.

"People get tremendous results when they juice, but they often don't stick with it," Celeste said. "It's very labor intensive and expensive. The majority of people couldn't continue juicing."

So Celeste went looking for an alternative.

Mary Arnold, a friend of Celeste's, told her…

Are Hot Flashes Keeping You Up At Night?

Ladies, if hot flashes are keeping you up at night, then consider Renewed Balance® body cream. It may be one of the best kept secrets The AIM Companies™ has to offer and we are letting the cat out of the bag.

You don't have to suffer in silence any longer. Find out why this product is treasured by so many women.

To learn more about Renewed Balance®, Click Here.

P.S. Migraine can be related to hormones. Renewed Balance® has been known to help several women get migraine relief.

To find out more, Click Here.

Low-Carb vs Low-Fat, High-Carb

"A number of recent studies have shown that subjects following low-carb diets actually lose more weight than their counterparts on low-fat, high-carb diets, despite the fact that the low-carbers consumed considerably more calories." - Dr. Michael Eades, M.D.

To learn more, Click Here.

The Garden Trio® is Non-GMO

After several years of GMO testing, The AIM Companies™ is pleased to confirm that all of its whole-food concentrates and natural health products have been certified as Non-GMO.

You will see this non-GMO label on all AIM nutritional supplements and other health products.

To learn more, Click Here.

The J.R. Celski Story

J.R. Celski, along with his father and mother, tell the story of how he successfully recovered from a severe injury during competition, using nutritional supplements from The AIM Companies™, to become a two-time Olympic bronze medalist at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games.

To learn more about J.R. Celski, Click Here.

P.S. J.R. Celski is expected to be the best skater for the United States in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Follow his progress on the AIM Facebook page to see what can be achieved with hard work and great nutrition.

A Different Way To Fight Colds and The Flu

Baby it's cold outside!

And while we're huddled inside to stay warm, the bugs and viruses are throwing a party. Never fear, we have BarleyLife® Xtra.

With 34% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of vitamin C per serving, it helps to keep you and your children healthy and strong.

BarleyLife® Xtra also helps maintain correct pH levels in the body, promotes a strong immune system and doesn’t use artificial ingredients like sugar, coloring or preservatives.

Now who is throwing a party?

To learn more about this nutritious green powder for kids and adults, Click Here.

P.S. BarleyLife® Xtra is eighteen fruits and vegetables in a powder. It includes young barley grass, which over a period of thirty one years, researchers have found to be one of the most nutritious plants on earth. It was created for parents who have kids that don’t eat enough fruits and veggies every day.

Click Here to find out more about BarleyLife® Xtra.

No More Afternoon Slump

After eating lunch, do you get tired in the mid afternoon?

If so, consider Peak Endurance® to beat the afternoon slumps. It's better than any sugary, caffeinated beverage.

Peak Endurance® delivers PEAK ATP, electrolytes and B vitamins, in one single gram of sugar.

ATP is the primary source of energy for every function in the cells of your body. Also, B vitamins are important for metabolism.

So drink ATP and refuel those depleted cells.

To find out more about Peak Endurance®, Click Here.

P.S. One serving of Peak Endurance® provides 50 percent of the U.S. recommended daily intake (RDI) of six B vitamins - 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 12 - essential for metabolizing carbohydrates into energy, as well as building muscle and DNA synthesis.

Peak Endurance® also provides 72 percent of the RDI for vitamin C per serving.

Click Here to learn more about Peak Endurance®.

Herbal Release® for Immune System Health

Did you know each capsule of Herbal Release® contains kelp, which delivers 202 mcg of iodine per capsule or 135% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI)?

Deficiencies in iodine have been associated with extreme fatigue, depression, weight gain and low basal body temperatures.

To learn more about Herbal Release®, Click Here.

P.S. Herbal Release® is ideal for immune system health. It specifically targets the various parts of the lymphatic system - bone marrow, thymus, lymph nodes and spleen.

With a combination of herbs and herbal extracts, Herbal Release® has a formula that helps cleanse the lymphatic system and keeps the organs working at an ideal rate, to rid the body of waste.

Click Here to find out more about how the eleven herbs in Herbal Release® work together, to keep you healthy during the cold and flu season.

Note: To read the Herbal Release® datasheet (PDF), Click Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is BarleyLife® Xtra? It's a high-end, high-quality supplement. It combines eighteen fruits and vegetables with young barley grass, one of the most nutritious plants on earth.

Q: What is the cost of BarleyLife® Xtra? It depends. Let me tell you how it comes. They have several options, depending on what you want.

The retail price of BarleyLife® Xtra is $67.50.

If you like buying in bulk, they have a bargain hunter package - six canisters for $390.

You also have the option of becoming a Member and getting it at wholesale.

You know how Costco™ and Sam's Club™ have an annual membership? And then you get things at a special member price?

This works like that.

For a fee of $20, you get a membership to The AIM Companies™. This allows you to get BarleyLife® Xtra at the wholesale price of $52.00, instead of paying retail.

The Member price for the six-canister bargain hunter package is $300, which comes to $50 per canister.

Note: On your first product order of $100 or more, the $2…

Boost Your Immune System and Slow Aging

It's winter. For many people, this means the season of colds and the flu. For those who take Proancynol® 2000, winter is simply the season of cold weather, not illness.

That's because Proancynol® 2000 boosts their immune systems with plenty of antioxidants that protect against unstable molecules known as free radicals. Free radicals attack your DNA, cells, and tissues, causing cell mutations, rapid aging, and damaged function of your immune system.

Proancynol® 2000 is the best supplement available for increasing antioxidant protection in your body. Its blend of seven ingredients provides a wide variety of antioxidants to neutralize the many types of free radicals. Taking this natural health product on a daily basis boosts your immune system so that you stay strong and healthy throughout all four seasons.

What People Are Saying

"My husband, Derek, and I take Proancynol 2000 daily. We rarely get ill, and neither of us gets flu shots. One time when we were on vacation, we d…

Fitness, Health and Liberty by Dr. Doug McGuff

As an ER doctor, Dr. McGuff has seen what happens to people who wind up in the medical system.

Make sure to listen to the end of his speech, to find out how to avoid the emergency room in the first place.

P.S. To check out his book, "Body by Science", Click Here.

Is Butter Better?

When it comes to your heart, butter is better than most vegetable oils. More and more health experts are beginning to agree:

"Careful evaluation of recent evidence suggests that allowing a health claim for vegetable oils rich in omega-6 linoleic acid but relatively poor in omega-3 α-linolenic acid may not be warranted." - Dr. Richard Bazinet, Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto and Michael Chu, Lawson Health Research Institute and Division of Cardiac Surgery, Western University, London, Ontario

To read the full article, Click Here.

P.S. Real butter is an important food for a healthy heart. Read, "Grass-fed Butter is a Superfood For The Heart".

How To Improve Prostate Health

One of the active ingredients in ReAssure® SP is Saw Palmetto berry extract.

Studies show saw palmetto suppresses dihydrotestosterone activity, the leading cause for prostate issues.

Click Here to learn how ReAssure® SP can improve prostate health.