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Do You Have Diarrhea, Gas and Constipation?

There are more bacteria in your digestive system than there are cells in your body - some 100 trillion. Their total weight is about four pounds - the size of your liver.

Bacteria have both "friendly" and "unfriendly" populations. When unfriendly bacteria dominate, the effects include diarrhea, gas, bloating, intestinal toxicity, constipation and malabsorption of nutrients.

There are also illnesses that results from pathogens like E. Coli and Salmonella.

FloraFood® helps restore the healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract, which is necessary for a healthy body.

To learn more about FloraFood®, Click Here.

P.S. Did you know friendly bacteria can also benefit weight loss?

The benefits of friendly bacteria contribute to your immune response, vitamin production, healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well as protection against toxins. You can add weight loss to the list too.

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J.R. Celski and Eddy Alvarez - Olympic Athletes

Throwback Thursday - Eddy Alvarez and J.R. Celski
For many years, Eddy Alvarez and J.R. Celski have shared the victory podium. The AIM Companies™ will be cheering you on to the gold medal in Sochi at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

And they will be powered by Nutrition That Works.

P.S. J.R. Celski is the best hope for a gold medal in the speed skating events for the United States.

To learn more about how he overcame a serious injury using concentrated nutrition, Click Here.

Nampa's The AIM Companies Sponsors U.S. Athlete

When the 2014 Olympic Winter Games begin in February, the staff at one Nampa company will be watching extra closely.

J.R. Celski, 23, is the top American short track skater going into the Sochi Olympics after he finished first in the overall standings at the Olympic trials in Salt Lake City earlier this month. Celski already holds two Olympic medals - bronzes in the men’s 5,000-meter relay and the men’s 1,500-meter from the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. He also holds the world record in the 500-meter.

Celski qualified for the 500-meter, 100-meter and 1,500-meter events at the Olympic trials.

But before the medals and records, Celski was a promising young athlete at age 12 in Federal Way, Wash. In 2003, his parents, Bob and Sue Celski, wrote a letter to The AIM Companies, based in Nampa, asking if AIM was interested in sponsoring J.R. They told the company their son took AIM’s Barley Life nutritional supplement every day as part of his nutritional package and felt it m…

My Kids Will Never Be Sick Again?

"All my kids need to do is take BarleyLife Xtra and they’ll never be sick again, right?"

The effects reported by consumers are as diverse as the ingredients. Since you're unique, no one knows what concentrated nutrition will do for you.

That's why we say No Promises, No Problems. The only way to know how BarleyLife Xtra® will work is for you to try it.

To learn more about this nutritious powder for kids and teenagers, Click Here.

P.S. Nutrition is not a panacea. It's not perfect a solution for sickness and disease. All concentrated nutrition can do is put the odds for good health in your favor.

Click Here to find out more about BarleyLife Xtra®.

BarleyLife Xtra® is not promoted as a supplement that cures disease. Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. Nutritional supplements from The AIM Companies™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.

How To Naturally Lower Total Cholesterol

If you want to naturally lower total cholesterol, then you need 25-30 grams of fiber a day. Studies indicate that soluble fiber lowers cholesterol and reduces risk of heart disease.

It's also recommended to take a daily omega supplement. For those looking for a vegetarian source that is organic and a balance blend of 3,6, and 9 essential fatty acid, you are covered with AIMega®.

AIMega® and a combination of Herbal Fiberblend® and fit ‘n fiber® can help you lower bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol.

Note: Soluble fiber dissolves in water to form a gel-like substance, which then swells and prevents rapid absorption of glucose and cholesterol into the bloodstream.

P.S. Someone recently asked, "Does it interact with Warfarin?"

Answer: Consulting your physician is always a good idea if you have any concerns. It's best to take your warfarin and fiber separately as to not interrupt absorption of the warfarin. If possible, fiber is best taken in the evening…

Do You Need To Detox and Rejuvenate?

Do you need to cleanse?

One of the most effective methods of giving your body a much needed break from its ongoing process of keeping you alive is through the AIM Detox and Rejuvenate Program - a booklet that shows you the way to help your body rest, cleanse and rejuvenate.

The recommended 4-week detoxifying process is a combination of eating fresh, whole food; drinking pure water; and supplementing with a selection of AIM products that cleanse your body and maintain a healthy alkaline body pH.

The Toxic Build-Up

Toxins that impact your health can come from internal sources, including food, water, and stress, as well as external sources, such as body care products and pollution. Your body cleanses itself every day by removing toxins through the skin, lungs, liver, colon, and other major organs. Even though this automatic mechanism never stops, it can become clogged and work less than optimally. Over time the build-up of toxins leads to a weakened immune system - your body's defen…

GlucoChrom™ for Weight Loss and Good Health

You're doing everything right, eating healthy and exercising. Yet, you're still wondering, "Why can't I lose these extra pounds?"

The answer may be insulin resistance.

Did you know insulin is needed to get blood glucose into your cells and provide them with energy? You need it for everything from working and thinking to exercising and weight loss.

GlucoChrom™ is formulated with unique chromium to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Research has shown it to improve weight loss as part of a healthy diet and exercise plan.

To learn more about GlucoChrom™, Click Here.

P.S. GlucoChrom™, with its easily absorbable form of chromium and other synergistic ingredients, can play an important role in almost any health program.

Chromium supplementation is often used to help balance blood sugar levels, and is especially useful for managing glucose levels in diabetics.

Chromium may also help to promote healthy triglyceride levels and maintain healthy blood levels of cholestero…

For Strong, Healthy Bones Try CalciAIM™

CalciAIM™ is a natural citrus drink mix. It provides free ionic calcium and bioavailable nutrients essential to proper skeletal function and overall wellness.

Each scoop contains 38 percent of the daily intake of calcium, along with support minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, zinc, copper, as well as vitamins A, C and D.

In addition to eating calcium rich foods, improve your bone density by drinking CalciAIM™ as well as BarleyLife®.

To learn more about CalciAIM™, Click Here.

P.S. It takes four things to make strong bones: protein, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D. The key is how well your body absorbs these key nutrients.

A highly absorbable supplement for proper skeletal function, muscle function and overall wellness is CalciAIM™.

To read more about this citrus flavored drink mix, Click Here.

The Shortcut To Better Health

The Secret Ingredient of a Healthy Diet

The struggle to maintain good internal health is made difficult by the fact that we simply cannot see what is going on inside our bodies. Though we may not be able to see the progress a healthy diet and sound nutrition are making, we can test it.

Body pH test strips measure the alkalinity or acidity of our bodies. Through either a saliva test or a urine test, the test strips are able to gauge how well our internal health is doing and give us an idea of what we have to shoot for.

Body pH is an ideal indicator of overall body health. Since pH affects the way our bodies function on the cellular level, maintaining a healthy pH is essential to warding off disease, protecting the immune and nervous systems, and establishing a clean bill of health.

The Essential Value of a Healthy pH

pH runs on a scale of zero to 14 with seven being pH neutral. Anything under seven is considered acidic and anything over seven is alkaline. In general, a healthy pH level will…

The Minerals in BarleyLife®

What are minerals and why do we need them?

Minerals are inorganic substances meaning that they occur naturally in non-living things such as water, rocks and soil.

Minerals, which are not optional for good health, are needed to help our bodies function properly. Without them, we become tired and overweight.

A perfectly balanced whole-food concentrate, with vitamins, minerals and more is BarleyLife®. You can have a healthier life by starting your day with this nutritious green powder.

To learn more about BarleyLife®, Click Here.

P.S. BarleyLife® contains at least sixteen vitamins, eleven major minerals and twelve trace minerals. It has eleven times the calcium in milk, five times the iron in spinach, seven times the vitamin C in oranges and 80 mg of vitamin B12 per hundred grams.

To produce a single pound of highly concentrated barley juice powder, it takes fifteen pounds of barley grass. Most competitors use only three pounds to make a pound of powder. Why settle for less?

Click He…

Diet, Health and The Wisdom of Crowds by Tom Naughton

This is a speech by Tom Naughton at Springfield College in Massachusetts. He describes how the dietary wisdom of crowds was replaced by advice from the so-called experts, which is now being replaced again by the wisdom of crowds.

To read more or to comment on his blog, Click Here.

Vitamin K2 For Prostate Health

A study recently published by the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) shows increased intake of vitamin K2 may reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 35 percent.

Foods, such as sauerkraut, cheese and cabbage contain substantial amounts of vitamin K2.

Dark, leafy greens are also high in this essential, fat-soluble micronutrient. BarleyLife® is naturally rich in vitamin K2.

To learn more about this nutritious green powder, Click Here.

P.S. Vitamin K comes from leafy green vegetables and has been shown to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve bone health, and stop oxidative cell death.

It also slows the rate of age-related cognitive decline, boosts memory and plays a significant role in blood clotting.

BarleyLife® and BarleyLife® Xtra are both significant sources of Vitamin K.

Click Here to see more about BarleyLife®.

BarleyLife® for a Balanced Body pH

An acidic body can cause numerous problems, including obesity, bad skin, hair, nails and teeth. It can also lead to weakening of the bones, leaky gut syndrome, Candida, allergies, anxiety, panic disorders, muscular spasms, cramps and chronic fatigue.

Most importantly, an acidic body increases the risk of cancerous cells multiplying.

An acidic body pH is toxic to your health. Nutritional alkaline sources such as BarleyLife® help to balance your pH and close the door to disease.

To learn more about BarleyLife®, Click Here.

P.S. The foods you eat have an acidifying or an alkalizing effect on your body. BarleyLife® is an excellent way to bring your body back into a proper acid-alkaline balance.

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Are You Getting The Right Nutrition?

"Regardless of the extent or length of time you have had sick cells, they will make a Herculean effort to improve when given the right nutrients." - Dr. Mary Ruth Swope, Ph.D., nutrition educator

Dr. James Carlson Talks About Whole Grains

"To make the suggestion or even the slightest innuendo that whole grains are good for us is just plain wrong. The fact is that the consumption of whole grains, multi grains, seven grains, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, yogurt, oat meal and fruit are the reasons heart disease is the number one killer; why we Americans are getting fatter and fatter and why the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes is skyrocketing." - Dr. James Carlson, M.D. , Board Certified Family Physician

The Powerful Antioxidants in BarleyLife®

BarleyLife® contains Lutonarin (7-O-GIO) and saponarin (7-O-GIV).

Lutonarin and saponarin are powerful antioxidants (cancer fighters). They have been found in recent scientific literature to benefit the human body.

"Supplementation of young green barley leaves containing saponarin should be beneficial to health and may prevent diseases caused by oxidative damage such as various cancers, inflammations and cardiovascular diseases." - J Agric Food Chem. 2012 Jun 27;60(25):6260-7

To learn more about BarleyLife®, Click Here.

The Advantages of Pea Protein Over Whey Protein

A significant portion of the population is at least mildly allergic to whey protein.

One bodybuilder claimed he became more cut and less "puffy" when he switched from whey to pea protein. He believed it was due to his previous allergenic inflammation response to whey protein.

Whey protein is higher in two specific amino acids, cysteine and methionine. These are the only two amino acids that contain sulfur.

Sulfur has a strong acidifying effect on the body, so whey protein is more likely to make someone acidic than is pea protein.

This blue bar chart emphasizes that pea protein is more slowly digested than whey. For every gram of pea protein consumed, you burn one of the four calories through the digestion process.

On the other hand, whey protein is quickly digested, so this calorie is not lost through digestion. Pea protein is a much better choice for someone that is looking for a weight loss.

To learn more about ProPeas®, Click Here.

P.S. ProPeas® is a vegetable protein po…

FloraFood® For Digestive Health and More

A powerful probiotic, for both the young and old, is FloraFood®.

The capsules can be opened and mixed into juice for toddlers, especially those who have been treated with chronic or recurrent antibiotic therapy.

FloraFood® helps restore the healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract, which is integral to a healthy body.

To learn more about FloraFood®, Click Here.

P.S. Digestive problems are the number one health problem in North America.

One way to help maintain digestive health is to take care of your intestinal flora - the billions of bacteria that make the digestive tract their home.

By the way, did you know friendly bacteria can also benefit weight loss?

The benefits of friendly bacteria extend even to immune response, vitamin production, healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels and protection against toxins. You can also add weight loss to the list.

To find out more, Click Here.

What BarleyLife® and BarleyLife® Xtra have in Common

BarleyLife® and BarleyLife® Xtra have in common these six nutrients and more:
Calcium - one of the most important nutrients for bone health Vitamin D - regulates blood pressure and reduces skin wrinkles Vitamin C - plays a role in wound healing Magnesium - necessary for protein, fatty acid and bone formation Potassium - helps muscles contract and releases energy from food Vitamin K - important in blood clotting and cellular growth  BarleyLife® and BarleyLife® Xtra are Nutrition That Works. To learn more about this nutritious green powder for kids and adults, Click Here.