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Red Rush™ and The Power of Beet Juice

Did you know 2012 Olympians were drinking beets to improve their performance?

J.R. Celski, a Winter Olympian with three Olympic medals, has been drinking beet juice for years and using it as his secret weapon.

To find out more about Red Rush™ and the power of beet juice, Click Here.

P.S. Red Rush™ is an all-natural, vegetable-based performance shot.

There are only five ingredients - water, beets, cherry, citric acid and lemon. The cherry gives it a delicious taste. The lemon and citric acid helps with the pH balance of Red Rush™ and adds flavor. Water makes the syrupy beet pulp easier to drink.

Red Rush™ is not an energy drink and contains no artificial stimulants like caffeine or ephedra. Consequently, you will not crash. It boosts circulation, with the extra oxygen providing more endurance naturally over time.

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He Makes Distance Running Look Easy

"Yesterday, our 13 year old was the anchor to finish the 19200m relay. After four laps around the track, he hardly showed signs of huff, puff or sweat. It looked so easy I thought he could go few more runs. He pulled the distance closer and closer to the school ahead of him.

First time in history here - he came 1/100th of a second behind the winning school and brought a second place trophy to his school.

More than the winning, it was really impressive to watch high-performance. His daily morning intake of barleylife, propeas, carrots, calciAIM, leaf green is a MUST! This good mom massaged on magnesium spray over his legs the night before - thank you AIM.

His friends experience things like cramps, tendonitis, shortness of breath...for your information. Yeeks!" - Kristi Masako Moriyama, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. Nutritional supplements from The AIM Companies™ are not intended to di…

BarleyLife® Over The Years

In 1982, The AIM Companies™ pioneered the use of plants, such as young barley grass, to deliver to the body concentrated nutrition.

They developed a way to juice these green plants and then air dry them, so the maximum amounts of nutrients are preserved.

It's then made available in the form of veggie capsules or powder, for easy consumption.

To learn more about this nutrient-dense green powder, Click Here.

Note: BarleyLife® has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. Results may vary per person.

Protein and The Perfect Health Diet

"The Perfect Health Diet takes a middle ground in regard to protein: We recommend eating about 15% protein, and argue that both high protein and low protein diets are likely to be harmful; high protein diets by accelerating aging or by making protein available to gut bacteria for fermentation, producing a less beneficial gut flora and generating nitrogenous toxins; low protein diets by starving the body of a key nutrient needed to maintain bodily functions, especially liver, kidney, and immune function." - Paul Jaminet, Ph.D. and author

To learn more, check out his website by Clicking Here.

The New Red Rush™ - Nitric Oxide Performance Shot

Red Rush™ is a new way to improve stamina, reduces lactic acid build-up, increases circulation and energy. It allows more oxygen to get to your muscles so they are able to work at peak levels longer.

To learn more about Red Rush™, Click Here.

P.S. Red Rush™ is not an energy drink and contains no artificial stimulants like caffeine or ephedra. Consequently, you will not crash. This performance shot boosts circulation, with the extra oxygen providing more endurance naturally over time.

Click Here to learn more about this vegetable-based performance shot.

Gut Bacteria and The Human Microbiome

When talking about the benefits of resistant starch, it all comes down to feeding the gut bugs that make up the human microbiome.

For more explanation, here's an article about the human microbiome in The Economist.

5 Reasons Juice Powder Is Better

Once you add water to a whole food juice powder concentrate, its pretty much the same thing as juice from a juicer. So why buy the powdered concentrate when you can just have juice? There are five reasons.

1. Juice Powders Have Fewer Calories

Because you are getting concentrated nutrition, you are getting all the goodness without all the bulk. Juice calories aren't the bad kind of calories. It's not like you're getting doughnut or cheeseburger calories from vegetable or fruit juice. However, the only way to lose weight is to use more calories than you consume. Juice powder concentrates can help you reduce your overall calorie intake.

Eight ounces of beet juice has 110 calories.

RediBeets® has fifteen calories per serving.

2. Juice Powder Concentrates are Portable

One gallon of liquid weighs over eight pounds. If you're carrying around fresh fruit and a juicer, then you can add more weight, not exactly ideal for a long hike or a bicycle trip.

A full canister of Just Car…

Winter Olympian Finds Energy That Lasts For Hours

"I've been using Red Rush since December 2013 and have been very happy with the results. When I would normally feel tired after a race or a hard workout, Red Rush energizes me.

If I have a long day ahead or a big race, I take Red Rush to get an endurance boost that's effective for hours." - J.R. Celski, speed skater and three-time Olympic medalist

To learn more about Red Rush™, Click Here.

P.S. A way to get nitric oxide into your bloodstream through beet juice is Red Rush™. Nitric oxide improves stamina, reduces lactic acid build-up, increases circulation and energy. It allows more oxygen to get to your muscles so they are able to work at peak levels longer.

Click Here to find out more about Red Rush™.

The Only Way to Get Really Rich

by Jeff Haden

Want to be remarkably successful? Want to get really rich? (While there are many ways to feel "rich," in this case we're talking about monetary wealth.)

Then check out this little gem of an investment opportunity.

It's a simple investment. You only have to invest almost all of your money. On the upside, after a year you might earn three percent more.

The downside? Any day you could lose it all, for reasons usually outside your control and that you will almost never see coming.

Would you make that investment? Of course not.

Yet millions of people do - every day they go to work for someone else.

Of course the analogy isn't perfect. Until you're laid off or fired you do earn a salary. But when you work for someone else, your upside is always capped - sure, you might occasionally get a raise, but in most cases three to four percent is the best you can expect.

Yet your downside is always unlimited because getting fired or laid off can make your income disapp…

BarleyLife® Xtra Sweetened with Stevia

Instead of Lo Han, BarleyLife® Xtra is now sweetened with stevia. In addition, The AIM Companies™ has removed all maltodextrin from the formula and instead uses oligodextrin.

Brown rice oligodextrin offers the functional properties of maltodextrin, with the benefits of native proteins and nutrients from brown rice.

Oligodextrin added to the barley juice acts as a buffer between the enzymes and other molecules, stabilizing and maintaining the nutrients. The juice is spray-dried, using a special, low-temperature process. This preserves the delicate balance of vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients.

The AIM Companies™ uses only non-GMO, medium grain brown rice grown in the USA.

To learn more about BarleyLife® Xtra, Click Here.

P.S. BarleyLife® Xtra is for parents who have kids that don't eat enough fruits and vegetables every day.

This nutritious green powder allows your kids to eat eighteen fruits and vegetables a day - without taking a single bite. They also get the pow…

Hormones, Chemistry and Long-Term Weight Gain

"Long-term fat gain works like this: a person's hormones go haywire, causing his set-point to rise, and then his body fights to keep him storing more fat…. Most obese people hold a stable weight around their elevated set-point. Obesity is simply the result of the body defending this elevated weight - but in a very regulated way. A heavy person's higher set-point prompts the body to store more fat in just the same way that a thin person's lower set-point prompts the body to burn more fat. We all have a set-point - and that's what determines how slim or stocky we are long-term. Not calorie counting." - Jonathan Bailor, researcher and author

To learn more about weight loss, Click Here.

What Is Resistant Starch?

Resistant starch is a starch that isn't broken down and absorbed during the digestion process. Instead it's turned into short-chain fatty acids by intestinal bacteria, feeding the friendly bacteria in the gut.

It can have a positive effect on blood sugar, especially for type 2 diabetics. Resistant starch can also cause you to feel fuller and more satisfied, leading to weight loss.

Best of all, resistant starch can improve overall gut health.

Many people have reported deeper sleep, vivid dreaming and bathroom regularity from adding resistant starch to their daily routine.

To keep it simple, I take a spoonful of Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch first thing in the morning. Then before going to bed, I take two spoonfuls of it. You can get a bag for $4 or $5 at just about any grocery store.

Another option is to eat a baked potato. To get resistant starch from that baked potato, bake it, cool it in the fridge, then reheat it later.

Personally, I have experienced better bowel movem…

How To Increase Metabolism and Lose Fat

Do you want to rev up your slow metabolism? Then consider adding GlucoChrom™ to your daily routine.

GlucoChrom™ contains chromium, which is directly involved in the metabolism carbohydrate, fat and protein.

Chromium is an essential trace mineral that is not made by the body and must be obtained from the diet.

Yet it is difficult to meet the recommended daily allowance of chromium through food alone.

To learn more about GlucoChrom™, Click Here.

P.S. Chromium is a trace mineral that enhances insulin action - along with vanadium citrate, Gymnema sylvestre leaf extract and bitter melon.

However, most chromium supplements (chromium nicotinate and picolinate) are synthetic. The chromium in GlucoChrom™ is in a natural form.

Click Here to read more about GlucoChrom™.

An Overview of The AIM Companies™

The AIM Companies™ Compensation Plan (PDF) Click Here

Smart Start Bonus Click Here

The Story of The AIM Companies™ Click Here

Does Saturated Fat Cause Heart Disease?

A large new study has concluded that saturated fat doesn't cause heart disease. Here's a quote from one of the many articles about the study:
Many of us have long been told that saturated fat, the type found in meat, butter and cheese, causes heart disease. But a large and exhaustive new analysis by a team of international scientists found no evidence that eating saturated fat increased heart attacks and other cardiac events.

For decades, health officials have urged the public to avoid saturated fat as much as possible, saying it should be replaced with the unsaturated fats in foods like nuts, fish, seeds and vegetable oils.

But the new research, published on Monday in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, did not find that people who ate higher levels of saturated fat had more heart disease than those who ate less. Nor did it find less disease in those eating higher amounts of unsaturated fat, including monounsaturated fat like olive oil or polyunsaturated fat like corn o…

"I've been cancer-free since 1986."

Mary Westerfield of Cincinnati, Ohio, is a two-time cancer survivor. She embraced whole-food nutrition, juicing and healthy eating in her battle with cancer.

And the plan worked.

"I've been cancer-free since 1986. Let food be your medicine - that's how I've been living for the past twenty years," Westerfield said.

Mary was first diagnosed with cancer in 1980 when doctors found a malignant tumor in her neck. It was found to be Hodgkin's lymphoma. She did a course of radiation that left her in extreme pain and unable to tolerate swallowing whole food.

The cancer remained at bay until 1986, when an annual checkup revealed a lump on the opposite side of her neck. Doctors prescribed chemotherapy, which Mary endured for seven months.

Radiation and chemo were incredibly hard on her body, so she sought a way to build it back up.

Friends led her to nutrition as a means of strengthening her immune system. Mary began drinking carrot juice and discovered the benefits of …

BarleyLife® - Better Than Vitamins

Unlike synthetic multi-vitamins and minerals made in a laboratory, the body easily absorbs the nutrients in BarleyLife®.

These nutrients include Vitamin A, B1 (Thiamin), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), B6 (pyridoxine), B9 (folate), B12, C, E, and K - and rich mineral content, including alkalinizing calcium, magnesium and potassium, which maintain a healthy body pH by neutralizing acidifying elements.

BarleyLife® is full of chlorophyll, the green lifeblood of plants. Chlorophyll (healer of sick cells) is one of the most health-promoting nutrients in nature. It has many health benefits for people, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and wound-healing properties. Studies at Oregon State University showed chlorophyll is a potent anti-cancer agent.

Another study by Dr. Allan Goldstein at George Washington University found barley grass extract killed different types of cancer cells, including prostate, brain and leukemia. This was due to the presence of alpha-tocopherol succinate, a f…

Chocolate is Good For Your Heart

Several studies have shown the heart-healthy effects of the antioxidants in chocolate.

One of these studies, led by Penny Kris Etherton, PhD, RD, professor of nutrition at Penn State University, found people who ate a diet rich in cocoa powder and dark chocolate had lower oxidation levels of bad LDL cholesterol, higher blood antioxidant levels and 4% higher levels of good HDL cholesterol.

CoCoa LeafGreens™ is rich in antioxidants. And good for your heart too.

To learn more about this great tasting drink, Click Here.

P.S. Three different types of cocoa can be found in Cocoa Leaf Greens™.

Cocoa has more antioxidants (cancer fighters) than blueberries, green tea or red wine. It supports bone health, benefits your heart, has a positive effect on blood pressure as well as cholesterol and more.

Click Here to find out more about CoCoa LeafGreens™.

Why Most Vitamins Fail

Over ninety percent of the vitamins and supplements on the market today are not fully absorbed by the body.

What's the point of taking a supplement if your body cannot use it?

One reason most supplements fail is they are synthetic.

Synthetic vitamins contain artificial ingredients.

These artificial ingredients are harmful and interfere with the ability of the vitamin to be absorbed by your body.

And because the vitamin market is unregulated, many supplements contain cheap ingredients.

You can quickly see if a supplement is of low quality if it contains Carbonate (e.g. calcium carbonate), Oxide (e.g. magnesium oxide), Sulfate or Phosphate.

Finally, any multivitamin that contains iron, copper or iodine is an inferior formula. These ingredients are oxidants, which damages the vitamins in the supplement.

So what kind of multivitamin should you be consuming?

Any supplement you or your kids take should be made from real food. This is the only way your body can absorb the nutrients.


ProPeas® For Age-Related Muscle Loss

You can combat age-related muscle loss by adding ProPeas® to your smoothie every day.

After age thirty, men begin losing eight percent muscle mass per decade. By age seventy, the average man will lose thirty percent of his muscle mass.

Pea protein is optimal for balancing body pH and works synergistically with BarleyLife® as well as other AIM nutritional supplements.

To learn more about ProPeas®, Click Here.

P.S. ProPeas® is a vegetable protein powder made from field peas. It is allergen-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, low in carbohydrates and low in sugar.

Click Here to find out more about ProPeas®.