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The New Red Rush™ Performance Shot

Red Rush™ is an all-natural, vegetable-based performance shot. There are only five ingredients - water, beets, cherry, citric acid and lemon. The cherry gives it a delicious taste. The lemon and citric acid helps with the pH balance of Red Rush™ and adds flavor. Water makes the syrupy beet pulp easier to drink.

Red Rush™ is not an energy drink and contains no artificial stimulants like caffeine or ephedra. Consequently, you will not crash. Red Rush™ boosts circulation, with the extra oxygen providing more endurance naturally over time.

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P.S. Red Rush™ was developed for Olympic speed-skater J. R. Celski, after he told biologists at The AIM Companies™ his secret weapon to peak performance was beet juice. Celski says his time trials have improved since he began drinking Red Rush™.

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