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How Kids and Adults Can Breathe Easier

A study found vitamin D supplementation reduced symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) by forty percent, in patients who were previously deficient in that nutrient.

Symptoms include coughing, excess mucus and shortness of breath. All patients who supplemented with vitamin D saw a reduction in their flare ups.

"This is the first clinical trial to investigate the impact of vitamin D supplementation on severity and duration of COPD symptoms. One previous trial has linked vitamin D to a reduction in COPD disease flare ups, but this was limited to patients with very severe conditions. This trial is larger and studied patients with a much broader spectrum of diseases, ranging from mild to severe." - Source: Science Daily

According to the American Journal of Nutrition, vitamin D deficiency has become an epidemic. Two-thirds of U.S. adults and children are now deficient in this critical nutrient. Possible side effects include asthma in children.

The good news? You…

Is your health worth .52 cents per day?

BarleyLife® provides ninety heaping servings of whole-food nutrition for just .52 cents per serving (U.S. Member price).

U.S. non-members would pay .68 cents per serving.

Is your health worth .52 cents per day?

BarleyLife® and BarleyLife® Xtra are for people who believe nutrition matters.

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Juicing For Better Health

Vegetable and fruit juices are an excellent way to get nutrition. Dr. H.E. Kirschner, M.D. explains why juices are the best source to encourage good health:

"The power to break down the cellular structure of raw vegetables and assimilate the precious elements they contain, even in the healthiest individual, is only fractional - often as little at one percent. In the form of juice, these same individuals assimilate up to 92 percent of these elements. All foods must become liquid before they can be assimilated."

One percent verses ninety-two percent. Many say they are eating nutritionally rich foods, but are not feeling any better. The vitamins and minerals are not being absorbed due to improper digestion. However, even those with a poor digestive system can benefit from foods in liquid form - better known as juice.

Just Carrots®, RediBeets® and BarleyLife® Xtra, also known as the Garden Trio®, are three juices which have helped many people move from one percent to ninety-two …

How Sugar Makes You Addicted and Why We Overeat

"No one can exert cognitive inhibition, willpower, over a biochemical drive that goes on every minute, of every day, of every year." - Dr. Robert H. Lustig

The 8 Micronutrients People Are Not Getting Enough of in Their Diet

In an interview with Nutraingredients, Dr. Balz Frei from the Linus Pauling Institute stated he is concerned because people are not getting enough micronutrients in their diet.

He also said a healthy diet is the first step toward correcting these deficiencies, while supplements are the next step.

According to Dr. Frei, what are the eight biggest nutritional deficiencies? The following is his list, as well as the AIM supplements that contain the nutrients (and the Recommended Dietary Allowance).

1. Deficiency: Vitamin A

AIM Product - Just Carrots® (420%)

2. Deficiency: Vitamin C

AIM Product - Peak Endurance® (72%)

3. Deficiency: Vitamin D

AIM Product - Veggie D™ (250%)

4. Deficiency: Vitamin K

AIM Product - BarleyLife® (100%)

5. Deficiency: Vitamin E

AIM Product - CoCoa LeafGreens™ (2%)

6. Deficiency: Calcium

AIM Product - CalciAIM™ (38%)

7. Deficiency: Potassium

AIM Product - Red Rush™ (20%)

8. Deficiency: Magnesium

AIM Product - Mag-Nificence™ (Topical)

Many people have deficiencies of micronutrients,…

Red Rush™ Helps with Transverse Myelitis

"I had seen beet products aimed at the sports market and had tried a few, with varying results. I wondered if, as it was meant to give increased energy for sport, it would make any difference to energy levels for fatigue.

I tried a box of twelve Red Rush (not with very much hope, I have to say) and was stunned. After three days, I woke up and felt, for the first time in many years, as if I actually wanted to get out of bed and do something!

Very excited, I finished the box and bought another. I found my energy increasing slowly and felt better every day." - Colleen Oakley, Redbourn, United Kingdom

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P.S. Red Rush™ is not an energy drink and contains no artificial stimulants like caffeine or ephedra, so you will not experience a crash. It boosts circulation, with the extra oxygen providing more endurance naturally over time.

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Testimonials should not be construed a…

Her Children Love BarleyLife® Xtra!

"My five year-old son and my twenty-two month-old baby just love BarleyLife Xtra!" - Yolanda Böhmer De Villiers, Middelburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa

BarleyLife® Xtra is for parents who believe nutrition matters. It combines eighteen fruits and vegetables with a barley grass powder.

Why not see how this nutritious green powder works for you and your family?

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P.S. BarleyLife® Xtra is a quick and easy way for kids to get their fruits and vegetables.

It includes the power of young barley grass, one of the most nutritious plants on earth.

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Is Vitamin A The Key To Beating Diabetes?

Ten percent of Americans suffer from Type 2 diabetes. It is the seventh leading cause of death and there is no cure.

A study at Weill Cornell Medical College looked at mice who were not getting enough vitamin A. Scientists found a lack of this nutrient caused the death of pancreatic beta cells. Beta cells produce insulin, which regulates sugar.

Diabetes, of course, is a disease that keeps the body from creating enough insulin.

So what is the connection to vitamin A? Researchers do not yet know, because this is a new discovery.

"How the removal of vitamin A causes the death of the beta cells that make insulin in the pancreas is an important question we want to answer. These beta cells in the pancreas are exquisitely sensitive to the dietary removal of vitamin A. No one has found that before." - Weill Cornell Medical College 

Just Carrots® contains 420% of your daily need for vitamin A. It's a quick and easy way to get this essential nutrient.

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"AIM continues to strive for the highest quality"

"AIM products are the tools of my trade. They ensure that I can do my work of helping people heal in the most effective manner. I have total confidence in all the products because AIM continues to strive for the highest quality, which gives the best results." - Dr. Nikola Wilkie, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Note: Dr. Wilkie has over thirty years experience in the health industry. Her passion is with family health.

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