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Dr. Bernstein Talks About Statins and Heart Disease

"There have been a number of new studies, both large-scale direct studies and meta-analyses, which are reviews of many other studies. All the studies seem to be in agreement that statins should not be used as a primary prevention of heart disease or heart attacks.

Primary prevention means that if you have not demonstrated heart disease, you shouldn’t attempt to prevent it with statins. Just treating elevated LDL is not adequate because apparently lowering LDL does not reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

This is apparent from these recent studies, plus a re-evaluation of the Framingham Study where they found that high saturated fats did not raise LDL. The re-evaluation of the Framingham Study also showed that elevated LDL did not cause heart attacks."

"One thing is important though, if you have elevated LDL you should check your thyroid. I will never prescribe any other medication for dyslipidemia until I have checked and corrected low thyroid function. Low thyroid…

Does Exercise Make Up For Obesity?

Does exercise make up for the health risks associated with obesity?

It's unlikely, according to a Swedish study of 1.3 million young men.

Males who were overweight but in shape had a thirty percent higher risk of premature death, when compared to thin men who did little exercise.

“Unfit normal-weight individuals had a 30-per-cent lower risk of death from any cause than did fit obese individuals.” - Professor Peter Nordstrom of Umea University in Sweden

The idea moderate excess weight might be good - the so-called obesity paradox - is probably wrong.

“These results suggest low BMI (body mass index) early in life is more important than high physical fitness, with regard to reducing the risk of early death,” said Nordstrom. (Read the full article here.)

Do you consider yourself to be fat, but fit?

Did They Get It Wrong About Weight Loss?

Fathead - The Movie

Science For Smart People

Fat Head Kids: Stuff About Diet and Health
 I Wish I Knew When I Was Your Age

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Chapter One

Chapter Two

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How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off Forever
 - Without Pills, Shakes or Gimmicks, Using Real Food

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Fasting For Health and Weight Loss

Your body cannot burn fat when you have high insulin levels.

Insulin is a storage hormone. It sends signals to your fat cells to store more fat.

Insulin also locks existing fat in your cells.

Fasting is one way to decrease insulin levels, allowing you to burn fat at a much higher pace.

Fasting Juice Recipe 
1 liter of well water or high quality water, such as Evian mineral water1 teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt1 teaspoon of NoSaltcayenne pepper extract (optional)
Refill one liter bottle as needed.

Note: While fasting, you should consume at …

I Can Sleep at Night Again. Finally.

I used to have trouble sleeping at night.

I'd have a hard time falling asleep or I'd wake up to use the bathroom and could not go back to sleep.

Either way, my mind was too busy, thinking about everything I needed to get done.

This meant I'd get maybe four hours of sleep.

The next day, not only would I be tired and groggy, but I'd also have a headache. So I desperately needed to do something about it.

I tried a dark room, cooler temperatures, different pillows, and more, but nothing seemed to make a difference.

Then one day I found out about these products that are not drugs, because I didn't want a pharmaceutical or over-the-counter sleeping pill.

Now I sleep through the night and wake up feeling good. It's nice to finally find something that actually makes a difference.

What if they work for you the way they have for me?

A Little Known Way to Sleep at Night

Do you have any of these symptoms?
Can't fall asleep at nightWaking up in the middle of the night an…

Can Sugar and Flour Cause Chronic Pain?

"Most people with chronic pain are addicted to sugar, eating 150 pounds of sugar and 100 pounds of flour or more each year. All that sugar and white flour crowds out the vegetables and berries that are critical building blocks the cells need to do the chemistry of life properly." - Dr. Terry Wahls, M.D.