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The Experts Agree on Something. Finally.

Eat more vegetables.

Why veggies? Because they're a prime source of "co-factors" - the term professionals use when talking about the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to process food.

Co-factors are crucial for you to be able to absorb nutrition from food, make fuel for energy and age well. You need to eat veggies with your meat, fish, eggs or cheese. Otherwise, you could get constipated and have bad breath.

Your body cannot break down protein well without co-factors. You not only could get clogged up, but may also get leaky gut, which are holes in your intestines.

These holes are made by bacteria as they gobble up the rotting protein lodged in your intestines.

A leaky gut allows foreign substances to pass into your bloodstream and land in your joints. Over time, this could result in inflammation and joint pain.

It can also cause your immune system to start misfiring and your skin to break out in ugly looking acne, spots and scabs.

Sometimes, what leaks through causes toxic growths and even arterial plaque.

Eventually diseases may emerge, like allergies, arthritis, acne, osteoporosis, lupus, even cancer and heart disease.

Not Having Enough Co-factors Causes Cravings

This is the cry of your body for missing nutrients.

Cravings remain until your body gets what it is looking for or becomes too tired to look.

When you eat junk food like sugar, alcohol, any white grain (white bread, white rice, most pasta), or other refined foods like soybean or corn oil, your body has to scrounge for co-factors.

It steals them from your bones, organs, muscles and other tissues. It does that so it can at least use the junk food for fuel.

This puts off sickness and disease, but not for very long.

You may be thinking…

"But I don't like vegetables."

Or, "I don't have time to cook veggies. They just rot in my fridge."

That’s why there's BarleyLife® Xtra. It's a quick and easy way to get the co-factors, vegetables and other nutrients you need for good health.

This nutritious green powder is full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It's high in antioxidants (cancer fighters), chlorophyll (healer of sick cells) and phytochemicals (plant medicines).

And because it's made from real food, there are no negative side effects and your body knows exactly what to do with the nutrients.

Six of the leading causes of disease - heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, hardening of the arteries, and scarring of the liver - can be traced to unhealthy nutritional habits.

Why not see how BarleyLife® Xtra works for you and your family?

How Do You Avoid Sickness and Disease?

Did you know at two months of age, your body has all the cells it will ever produce, somewhere around one hundred trillion of them?

For the rest of your life, your body will not make any additional cells, only replace the old cells.

Your cells are constantly in the process of dying and being replaced, at the rate of three hundred million per minute.

Your entire outer layer of skin is replaced every four weeks. As for your heart muscle, every cell is rebuilt every two months.

Your entire bone structure is replaced within two to three years.

So every two to three years, every cell in your body is replaced with a new cell. In other words, you’ll have a totally new body.

The question is, what kind of body will it be?

Will your new body be weaker or stronger than the one you have today?

It’s up to you.

Because as your old cells die and are replaced, your new cells depend totally upon the building materials you provide it - the foods you eat, the liquids you drink and the air you breathe.

If the needs of your cells are properly met, then what will ultimately be reproduced are new, healthy and strong cells.

Do you want energy, strength and freedom from disease?

Then take care of your cells.

How Do You Take Care of Your Cells?

Feed them real food.

However, when you eat food, even raw food, you usually absorb only 1 to 30 percent of the nutrients. (Your body absorbs even less nutrition from cooked food.)

On the other hand, when you consume fruit and vegetable juices on an empty stomach, you absorb almost all of the nutrients.


Because your body does not have to go through the extra digestion steps (chewing, saliva, stomach acids and enzymes) to process the nutrients.

Juicing delivers more than 95 percent of the nutrients to your body, in a form that requires little energy to process.

That's why many nutritionists encourage drinking raw juices.

And that's why BarleyLife® Xtra, as a raw food juice, is so good for you.

The 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is BarleyLife® Xtra? It's a high-end, high-quality supplement. It combines eighteen fruits and vegetables with young barley grass, one of the most nutritious plants on earth.

Q: What is the cost of BarleyLife® Xtra? It depends. Let me tell you how it comes. They have a couple of options, depending on what you want.

The retail price of BarleyLife® Xtra is $67.50.

If you like buying in bulk, they have a bargain hunter package - six canisters for $390.

You also have the option of becoming a Member and getting it at wholesale.

You know how Costco™ and Sam's Club™ have an annual membership? And then you get things at a special member price?

This works like that.

For a one-time fee of $20, you get a membership to The AIM Companies™. This allows you to get BarleyLife® Xtra at the wholesale price of $52.00, instead of paying retail.

The Member price for the six-canister bargain hunter package is $300, which comes to $50 per canister.

Note: With an initial product order of $100 or more, the $20 application fee is waived and you get your membership for free.

Note: If you decide to sign-up for the monthly auto-ship (Automatic Monthly Reorder), you get an additional five percent discount on orders of $100 or more. On orders of $300 or more, you get an additional ten percent discount.

Q: Will BarleyLife® Xtra work for me? I don't know if it will work for you or not, but what if it does? What if it works for you the way it has for me and my family? Would you like to try it then?

That's why I say, No Promises, No Problems. Since you're unique, I have no idea how concentrated nutrition will work for you.

The only way to know for sure how anything will work is for you to try it.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is BarleyLife® Xtra made? It's made by taking nutrient-rich plants like barley grass, carrots and broccoli and juicing them. It's then made into a powder. When consumed, the nutrients are absorbed into your body as if you had eaten the fruits and vegetables whole.

Q: Where is BarleyLife® Xtra grown? Using organic methods, barley grass crops are grown in the United States in premium, high-nutrient soil without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. The ground is clean, has never been heavily farmed and there are no nearby smokestack industries. No irrigation system is in place. Rainwater supplies the necessary moisture.

To produce one pound of highly concentrated barley juice powder, it takes fifteen pounds of barley grass (15:1).

Q: How is BarleyLife® Xtra sweetened? BarleyLife® Xtra is naturally sweetened with fruit and vegetable juices, along with stevia, which is made from the stevia plant leaves. The stevia and fruits act on the sweet taste buds in the front of the mouth. This provides a sweeter taste, without adding a lot of sugars.

One serving of BarleyLife® Xtra provides a single gram of natural sugar.

Q: Is there any fiber in BarleyLife® Xtra? No. Most supplements contain fiber because it's a cheap filler. You end up getting less of the expensive ingredients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, etc.)

On the other hand, because BarleyLife® Xtra does not have fillers, you're getting nothing but concentrated nutrition.

Q: How much vitamin C is in BarleyLife® Xtra? BarleyLife® Xtra delivers 34% of the daily requirement for vitamin C per serving.

Vitamin C is a critical nutrient for holding your muscles, bones and tissues together, protects against bruising and helps your body absorb iron and folate. It also keeps your gums healthy, promotes the healing of cuts, scrapes and wounds, protects against infection as well as cell-damaging free radicals. 

The acerola cherry in BarleyLife® Xtra is one of the highest available sources of natural vitamin C.

Q: Why is BarleyLife® Xtra green? It's green because it has a lot of chlorophyll in it. Chlorophyll is a super-nutrient that:
  • Helps reduce body odor 
  • Cleanses your blood 
  • Detoxes your liver 
  • Cuts excess cholesterol, triglycerides and other blood lipids (fats) 
  • Has antioxidant (cancer fighters) properties 
  • Removes toxins from your body 
  • Helps with digestion 
  • Has wound-healing properties 
  • Strengthens your immune system 
  • Fights disease and more 
The chemical structure of chlorophyll (healer of sick cells) closely matches the hemoglobin in human blood. By taking BarleyLife® Xtra, your blood will carry much more oxygen. Increased oxygen is beneficial for healthy red blood cells, breathing conditions, brain fogginess and more.

Q: Is the natural cream flavor from dairy cream? The natural cream flavor is a combination of naturally derived ingredients that mimic the taste of cream. The ingredients are derived from vegetable sources only and acceptable for vegetarians. BarleyLife® Xtra does not contain any dairy products.

Q: What does BarleyLife® Xtra not have? BarleyLife® Xtra does not have pesticides, food coloring, processed sugar, synthetic stabilizers, starch, gluten, soy, wheat, corn, binders, fiber, or filler. There are no preservatives or other toxic additives.

Note: The last gluten test results on the BarleyLife® powder are negative at a detection level of less than 10 parts per million (ppm).

Q: What’s the best way to take BarleyLife® Xtra? It is best absorbed when taken on an empty stomach. Also, do not take BarleyLife® Xtra with acidic juices like orange juice, nor with soft drinks or coffee, as these tend to destroy the nutrients and inhibit absorption.

When giving BarleyLife® Xtra to our son, we mix it with apple and white grape juice, along with purified water, in his sippy cup.

When I take BarleyLife® Xtra, I use a spoon and swallow it with water. You can also mix it in a glass of water and drink it as a juice.

Q: What age groups can take BarleyLife® Xtra? BarleyLife® Xtra is good for everyone, from babies to teens to adults. Babies as young as two days old have been started on BarleyLife® Xtra (by dropper, or tiny amount dry in mouth). We added a small amount to the bottled breast milk of our son, when he was only a few days old.

Q: Who needs BarleyLife® Xtra? According to Prescription for Nutritional Healing, here is a short list of those who should consider taking BarleyLife® Xtra:
  • Adolescents 
  • Alcohol drinkers 
  • Athletes 
  • Dieters 
  • Drug users, prescription or recreational 
  • Elderly people
  • Health fanatics 
  • Junk food eaters 
  • Overweight and obese people 
  • People who supplement with specific, single nutrients 
  • People who eat mostly cooked food 
  • People who have trouble sleeping at night
  • Sick people 
  • Smokers 
  • Stressed out people 
  • Women who are pregnant, nursing, or taking oral contraceptives 
  • Workaholics

Q: Do you have a list of all the ingredients in BarleyLife® Xtra? Juice powder of young barley plants, oligodextrin, apple juice solids, acerola cherry, stevia, fructooligosaccaride (chicory), natural cream flavor, cherry, malic acid, guar gum, natural apple flavor, brown rice, broccoli, carrot, natural cherry flavor, cranberry, grape, lemon, lime, orange, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, tomato, kale and kelp.

"These fruits and veggies are found in BarleyLife Xtra!"

BarleyLife® Xtra is an excellent source of:
  • Vitamin A - eye health and builds a strong immune system 
  • Vitamin B - natural source of energy, reduces stress, adrenal support 
  • Vitamin C - healthy muscle, bones, teeth, tendons, skin 
  • Vitamin K - bone health and blood clotting 
  • Calcium - for the formation of strong bones and teeth 
  • Chromium - required for normal sugar and fat metabolism 
  • Manganese - needed for normal nerve and brain function 
  • Iron - needed for red blood cells, immune system and energy 
  • Zinc - fights acne, healthy hair and nails, muscle growth 
  • Protein - makes up your body's structure, a source for amino acids 
  • Other minerals lacking in today's processed foods

Q: But my family already takes vitamins. Why do we need BarleyLife® Xtra? BarleyLife® Xtra is real food. Man-made synthetic vitamins are "dead" vitamins. They are not in their natural form and are not well absorbed. Virtually all of the nutrients in BarleyLife® Xtra are absorbed by your body.

Supplements only have to be 10% natural in order to legally make this claim. That's why more than 95% of all vitamins sold today are unhealthy, man-made synthetics.

Your body isn't designed to take synthetic vitamins, regards them as toxins, and attempts to eliminate them as rapidly as possible. They act like stimulants, hasten the aging process, rob your body of energy and provide expensive color to your urine.

- Dr. Joel Robbins, M.D.

Synthetic vitamins can build up in your system and cause health problems, including headaches, constipation, asthma and worse. That's why it's important any supplements you or your children take are made from real food. Otherwise, you're better off taking nothing.

Q: Is there any scientific proof that BarleyLife® Xtra really works? Research shows almost every single vitamin and mineral of value to human nutrition is in BarleyLife® Xtra. Here are five quick examples:

  • A study at John Hopkins Medical University found beta-carotene (Vitamin A) helps prevent cancer. These researchers say people who often eat green leafy vegetables have a much lower chance of getting cancer. Deep green, leafy vegetables are high in beta-carotene. BarleyLife® Xtra is extremely high in beta-carotene. It has 2½ times the beta carotene found in the same weight of raw carrots and twenty-five times that found in an equivalent weight of raw broccoli. 
  • Another study found there are over a thousand different live enzymes in BarleyLife® Xtra. One of those enzymes is super oxide dismutase (SOD). The aging process has been directly linked to decreasing amounts of the SOD enzyme in the body. They've also discovered by increasing the amount of SOD in your system, the body repairs itself more quickly, has less inflammation and acts as a preventive of cancer. 
  • Another enzyme found in BarleyLife® Xtra is P4D1. In laboratory tests, the P4D1 enzyme has been shown to eat the protein sheath off of cancer cells, allowing white blood cells to attack. Whether or not a person develops clinical cancer depends on the ability of their immune system to destroy cancer cells. 
  • Yet another study by Cambridge researchers showed the likelihood of children developing asthma is significantly reduced by a diet high in antioxidants (cancer fighters). BarleyLife® Xtra is loaded with antioxidants. 
  • Finally, Indiana University School of Medicine at Ball State University conducted a study using thirty-two students. They wanted to determine whether or not the barley grass plant could strengthen the immune system. After seventy-one days, blood was drawn from each participant. It showed the immune system was statistically strengthened in the students and their immune systems had become stronger than at the beginning of the study. 

Q: Does BarleyLife® Xtra cure disease? BarleyLife® Xtra is not promoted as a product that cures disease. The AIM Companies™ does not have miracle products. It's the human body that's the real miracle. It simply needs high-quality food to do its work. BarleyLife® Xtra is a high-quality food.

Q: How long have you been taking BarleyLife® Xtra? I've been using BarleyLife® and BarleyLife® Xtra for over twenty years. It all started when I saw what happened to my friend, Janice Gravely, who turned her health around by changing her diet and using BarleyLife® as well as other AIM supplements.

Then my wife started taking BarleyLife® after we were married. About a year later, she was surprised when she no longer needed to wear glasses.

Laura also took BarleyLife® during her pregnancy with our son, Brady. So he has been taking it since before he was born. It’s been ten years now and Brady is one healthy critter!

Q: Who makes BarleyLife® Xtra? BarleyLife® Xtra is made by The AIM Companies™, a thirty-five year old company in Nampa, Idaho.

In 1982, AIM pioneered a way to juice plants such as carrots, beets and barley grass. The juice is then made into an easy to consume powder, delivering concentrated nutrition to your body.

Q: Is The AIM Companies™ a network marketing company? Yes, AIM is a no-nonsense company that focuses on health and nutrition.

And there is the option to do network marketing, if someone wants to do it.

However, I focus on getting customers. I use this website to bring information about BarleyLife® Xtra directly to people who want to learn more about it. The AIM Companies™ compensates me to do that, instead of setting up retail stores.

Anyway, I do not hype or hound anyone, in case you're worried about that. Fewer than one in a hundred people want to do any type of sales, so why annoy them and take a chance on losing a good customer?

I also do not try to convince or persuade anyone to become a customer. I simply find people that already believe nutrition matters. (In other words, I sell water to people in the desert. I do not try to convince everyone they are thirsty.)

The Bottom Line: If buying nutritional supplements from a network marketing company makes you feel at all uncomfortable, then you should not order BarleyLife® Xtra.

Q: How often do I have to order? You only order what you need. There's no monthly quota or required minimum order. You order what you want, when you want it.

Many folks are understandably skeptical of network marketing companies and concerned they'll have products coming to their house every month - even if they don't want them. An AIM membership is simply a wholesale number, like you get at Sam's Club™, which allows you to order products at the wholesale price and save money.

Q: Do you offer free samples? No. However, you can test BarleyLife Xtra® to see if you like it by ordering as a Guest. You can do this one time only and it has to be done over the telephone by calling The AIM Companies™.

Q: Does BarleyLife® Xtra come with any type of guarantee? All nutritional products from The AIM Companies™ come with an absolute satisfaction, no fine print guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion within thirty days, for a full one hundred percent money-back refund. No hassles and no hard feelings.

Q: How do I order BarleyLife® Xtra? Whenever we place our order, we have the option of going online or calling 1-800-456-2462. It's extremely convenient and our order arrives within five to seven days. When calling to become a Member and order BarleyLife® Xtra, use our referral number 477210.

So Here's What You Get With BarleyLife® Xtra 
  • Eighteen fruits and vegetables in a powder 
  • The barley grass plant, one of the most nutritious plants on earth 
  • An excellent source of Vitamin C 
  • Made from real food, not synthetic vitamins - which are risky to your health 
  • 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day (Three servings of BarleyLife® Xtra equals six fruits and veggies, while four servings equals nine fruits and veggies.) 
  • Cherry-apple flavor designed to appeal to your taste buds 
  • Antioxidants (cancer fighters), chlorophyll (healer of sick cells) and phytochemicals (plant medicines) 
  • Amino acids, digestive enzymes, plant proteins and more 
  • A No Hassles, No Hard Feelings, No Fine Print, Money Back Guarantee 

BarleyLife® Xtra is an excellent way for you to reap the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. It only takes a few minutes a day to give your body the nutrition it needs, but the benefits last a lifetime.

Call 1-800-456-2462 to order BarleyLife® Xtra
Become a wholesale Member and save money
Use referral # 477210

P.S. Everyone knows we need 5 to 9 fruits and vegetables every day for good health. The latest guidelines call for adults to get at least nine servings per day.

Can you eat enough fruits and veggies every day to get what you need for good health - even if you like them?

BarleyLife® Xtra is a quick and easy way to get your fruits and veggies every day. It's Nutrition That Works and delivered conveniently to your door.

What could be better than that?

P.P.S. You might be thinking, "All of this sounds good. But what are the negatives about BarleyLife Xtra?"

The following are some possible detriments I've come up with concerning this nutritious green powder:
  • Some people may not like the taste of BarleyLife® Xtra (The original BarleyLife® is available in veggie capsules.) 
  • BarleyLife® Xtra cannot be purchased at a retail store. So if you run out of it and don't have a back-up jar, it takes five to seven days for your new order to arrive at your home. (There is an option available for a monthly auto-ship.) 
  • The green powder may not look appetizing to some people. You may have trouble getting your child or spouse to even try it. (That's why we put BarleyLife® Xtra in juice for our picky eater son.) 
  • A small number of people may feel worse after taking BarleyLife® Xtra. This is due to a cleansing process known as detoxification, which is the body getting rid of toxins. A few people might experience fatigue, a rash or a headache. This can last a few days. 
  • The kelp, vitamin K and a few other vitamins and minerals found in BarleyLife® Xtra can interfere with some medications. As long as your doctor has not forbidden you from eating salads or green vegetables, you can consume BarleyLife® Xtra. 
  • Some people may feel the cost of BarleyLife® Xtra does not fit their budget. You should not buy products you cannot afford. (Cheap supplements are not good and good supplements are not cheap. Quality is everything. No matter how little you pay, the most expensive supplement is one that doesn't work.) 
  • Because it's real food, BarleyLife® Xtra is best absorbed on an empty stomach. It may not always be convenient to wait until you have an empty stomach. (We take it first thing in the morning. Our son drinks his BarleyLife® Xtra in juice throughout the day.) 
  • Nutritional supplements typically take time to rebuild the body. They're not a quick fix like drugs or surgery, which usually do not rebuild your body. People who are extremely sick need to use BarleyLife® Xtra for at least three months to notice a difference and feel confident they're doing the right thing for themselves and their family.

What People Are Saying

"When we lived in San Antonio, my wife and I drove down to the border town of Larado. This elderly lady was there with her hands and fingers constricted like claws, from arthritis. I was amazed at how bad they were. I suggested she start taking large amounts of BarleyLife. When I say large amounts, I'm talking about five to seven tablespoons, spread throughout the day.

We went back several months later. She comes up to me with tears of joy running down her face, saying in Spanish, 'Look! Look!' and freely moving her fingers around. 'Look at what this has done for me!' " - Darryl Hicks, Apple Valley, Minnesota 

"I do not have eczema any more. I took AIM's barley leaf juice powder for three months and it disappeared." - Cappi Sue Peters, Lincoln City, Oregon

"Before my husband and I started taking AIM's green barley juice, he was suffering from leg pain. The pain was so bad, Frank had to lie down on the couch with his legs raised to relieve the pain. Frank started taking the green barley juice in January of 2000. No more pain. No more lying down with the legs up. He feels great!" - Renee Grainger, Belton, Missouri 

"When it was first introduced to me, I had several health problems, including high blood pressure. All those problems disappeared, so I do not want to go a day without it." - Cheryl Huxter, Steady Brook, Newfoundland, Canada 

"My son came home from school with chicken pox in his throat. The doctor said it would take ten days to recover. But Eugene was in pain. So I gave him green barley juice three times a day. After three days, the chicken pox was gone." - Bella Vladimirsky, McAllen, Texas

"Mental clarity and sharpness were the first benefits I noticed after only three weeks on the product. My slurred speech improved and I could again get my tongue to speak what my brain was thinking. Also, my energy greatly improved so I no longer needed daily naps." - Deborah May, Bigfork, Montana 

"I suffered from reflux every day, so bad that I dreaded eating anything. And I'm a nurse! I am now pain free for the first time in years." - Lissie Joyner, Nashville, North Carolina

"If I begin to experience any cold symptoms, I increase my two teaspoons of BarleyLife twice a day to one tablespoon four times a day. Within twenty-four to fourty-eight hours, I'm feeling tip top again." - Karen Semrow, Port Huron, Michigan

"I'm eighty-four years old and my doctor says I'm in perfect health. I use two canisters of BarleyLife a month. I look and feel great all because of the green barley." - Marle Clingerman, Wewoka, Oklahoma 

"I've suffered from exhaustion many, many times. Nothing the naturopath or doctor did for me has even come close to the help of BarleyLife Xtra. Everyone is commenting on the new me. It's such a wonderful feeling to be able to get through the day with energy to spare, something I have not known for three years." - Bonnie Wilde, Victoria, British Columbia

"Rehearsals and classes can carry on for hours. If you don't feed your body what it needs, you will become weak and never dance professionally. My entire life I've used BarleyLife Xtra. I either take it with fruit juice in the morning or mix into a fresh fruit drink to take during class. It gives me energy to push through and keep alert all day." - Chelsea Wewege, ballet dancer, Durban, South Africa 

"I use gloves to add wood through the top of my wood stove and I have burnt myself many times over the years. After being burnt one time too many, I decided to see if BarleyLife would help from the outside in. I put some spit on the burn and added BarleyLife, making a green paste that dried and formed a shiny film, so I didn't need a bandage. Within five minutes, the pain was gone. The next day there was no burn mark." - Karl Backhaus, Holland Centre, Ontario, Canada

"My mom is eighty-eight years old and won't go a day without BarleyLife. She's battled diabetes for twenty years and the doctors cannot believe that she hasn't gotten worse." - Elizabeth DeGroot, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

"This is the answer to feeling healthy and energetic, with no health problems, at my age, 83, when many people are having major health problems. This is the answer to living old gracefully." - Jim Kling, Nampa, Idaho

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. BarleyLife® Xtra is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.

Mrs. Gravely and Paul Eilers 

"I no longer suffer from osteoporosis, hypothyroidism, breast disease, bladder control problems, locked up joints, dry skin and nails, muscle cramps, and lack of energy. I now have a new body! I have energy and endurance to keep up with my four adult children and nine grandchildren. I feel wonderful!"Janice Gravely, Rocky Mount, North Carolina

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with BarleyLife® Xtra, you get a full 100% money-back refund. No hassles, no small print and no hard feelings. What have you got to lose?

Call 1-800-456-2462 to order BarleyLife® Xtra 
 Become a wholesale Member and save money 
Use referral # 477210