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Do You Have Kids That Are Picky Eaters and Worry About Them Getting Enough Nutrition Every Day?

After Laura found out she was pregnant, she made sure to take more BarleyLife® every day.

When Brady was born, he was a healthy nine pounds and eleven ounces. My wife says it was because mama was feeding him!

From the beginning, our picky eater would not eat much.

During his regular check ups, we were told he was not gaining weight like he should. The doctor said Brady was in the bottom twenty-five percentile for his age group.

All we knew to do to help him grow and be healthy was give him BarleyLife® Xtra.

So we put a small amount in his bottled breast milk. Later, we added BarleyLife® Xtra to the water and juice mixture in his sippy cup.

It’s been over ten years and our picky eater is rarely sick. Brady's weight is now in the normal range, he's full of energy and is one healthy little boy.

And we believe it's because of BarleyLife® Xtra.

Paul and Laura Eilers

P.S. BarleyLife® Xtra is for parents who believe nutrition matters. They want to do everything they can to make sure their kids are getting the right nutrition, every single day.

Does that sound like you?

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What People Are Saying

"Thanks for helping me get rid of my mom guilt." - Heather Cooper, Boise, Idaho

"I've seen a huge change in my son’s health. His school work has improved and his teacher is amazed." - Julie VanDeHey, Debary, Florida

"Mason has never been sick, never been on antibiotics and never visited a medical doctor for more than his well baby check-ups. When his teeth came in, he never so much as cried. His digestive system is consistent and regular." - Dr. Laura Gravelle, Ontario, Canada 

"Mixing it with fruit juice is a good way for my kids to get the green food they need. They never balk at drinking it. In fact, they often remind me it’s time for their barley juice." - Whitefawn Lewis, Newberry, Florida 

"This is the best acne fighter for teenagers I’ve ever seen and so much safer than prescription meds." - Nancy Barnes, Steelville, Missouri

"My son came home from school with chicken pox in his throat. The doctor said it would take ten days to recover. But Eugene was in pain. So I gave him green barley juice three times a day. After three days, the chicken pox was gone." - Bella Vladimirsky, McAllen, Texas

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