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Red Rush™ For Energy That Lasts

The beet secret is out. Do you want to perform at your best? Then you need nitric oxide from Red Rush™.

Nitric oxide production decreases with age, the use of mouthwash, and the use of antacid medications, as well as for individuals with a limited consumption of the amino acid arginine through a vegetarian diet. You can monitor your nitrate oxide (NO) levels with test strips from

Experience The Boost of AIM Red Rush™

Performance, stamina, and recovery can be transformed by a therapeutic amount of dietary nitrate from concentrated beet juice, leading to a direct boost of nitric oxide. The recommendation is for 300 to 500 mg of vegetable nitrate daily. Red Rush™ provides the full 500 mg of high-quality beet nitrate in a single serving for maximum benefit.

Made with quality and integrity, Red Rush™ contains no added color, flavors, or preservatives and is certified vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

In addition, Red Rush™ is sport-approved and free of prohibited substances. Athletes like Olympic and ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championship medal winner J.R. Celski rely on beets for their performance.

Along with an optimal amount of beet juice, each shot of Red Rush™ is complimented with dark sweet cherry juice and alkalizing lemon juice. Together, these ingredients make for a great-tasting beverage - one that will have you energized with renewed focus and performance.

The Nitrate and Nitric Oxide Connection

The conversion process of nitric oxide takes a circuitous route in the body along the nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway. This begins when nitrate is consumed as a plant nutrient like that found in Red Rush™. In the stomach the nitrate is concentrated and pumped through the salivary gland back to the mouth where friendly bacteria in the mouth converts nitrate to nitrite. This process ends with nitrite converting to nitric oxide via several enzymatic and nonenzymatic routes.

Nitrates like those in processed meats have been found to be harmful when they convert to carcinogenic nitrosamines in the body. This conversion does not occur in the presence of plant phytonutrients. This is why only plant-based nitrate supplementation is both effective and safe.

The Age Factor

Studies show turning forty years of age lowers your natural nitric oxide production.

As you age, you accumulate proteins in your artery walls, making them stiffer and hampering the flow of nutrient-rich blood. You have fewer functioning capillaries and a drop in proper dilation of your arteries.

On top of it all, the one molecule that can help relieve these problems - nitric oxide - is in decline. It can be a recipe for disaster, if you don't take action.

What Nitric Oxide Can Do For You

Nitric oxide is essential to a number of integral reactions and functions in the body.

The key to nitric oxide's invaluable effect on health is the circulatory system. Nitric oxide provides circulatory and oxygen benefits for the body by relaxing smooth muscle and supporting blood flow to the tissues. This simple procedure carries great impact as the circulation and oxygenation of the blood permeates throughout your body.

Nitric oxide's effect is safe. It increases circulation naturally through vasodilation, not increased heart rate.

Oxygen is essential to sustained performance. By exerting ourselves, we run out of oxygen, which leads to build up of lactic acid in the muscle tissue and fatigue. Fatigue and burn can be reduced by supplying more oxygen to the tissues, which reduces lactic acid buildup and, therefore, fatigue.

Red Rush™ is not an energy shot, it's a performance shot. It also boosts circulation, and blood flow is a key component to a speedy recovery. The body requires essential nutrients, and circulation is the main factor in their delivery. Greater circulation equals efficient recovery.

Bring On The Beets

A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that cyclists who drank beet juice before 2.5- and 10-mile time trials were almost 3 percent faster and produced more power than when they rode without drinking beet juice.

Similarly, a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that a week of drinking beet juice allowed volunteers to walk or run significantly longer on a treadmill and use 19 percent less oxygen than those who drank a placebo juice.

This effect can be traced to the nitrates in beets and their impact on blood flow and muscle power. Increased blood flow allows nutrients and oxygen to reach essential areas during times of exertion and activity. The influx of vital elements allows the body to perform at higher levels for longer times as muscle efficiency improves and oxygenation stays high.

Beyond performance, the benefits of drinking beet juice are vast. A study by Queen Mary University discovered volunteers who drank one cup of beet juice experienced lower blood pressure within twenty-four hours. Red Rush™ also contains 710 mg of potassium - one of its several nutrients.

Why not see how Red Rush™ works for you?

What People Are Saying 

"I've been using Red Rush since December 2013 and have been very happy with the results. When I would normally feel tired after a race or a hard workout, Red Rush energizes me. If I have a long day ahead or a big race, I take Red Rush to get an endurance boost that's effective for hours." - J.R. Celski, speed skater and three-time Olympic medalist 

"I think the Red Rush did help my run today! I had sustained energy the last 4 miles of my 16 mile run!" - Denise Piefke, Nashville, Tennessee and international marathoner 

"Drinking Red Rush during speedwork training helped me cut seven minutes off my last half marathon and improved my overall pace. Red Rush made recovery time between intervals faster because during my recovery time, I felt like I was actually recovering for the next big push." - Josh Thompson, Race to Robie Creek marathoner 

P.S. Red Rush™ is made from beets and works with the body naturally to widen blood vessels and increase oxygen flow. This allows your muscles to work at peak levels longer. It's a natural energy boost made from real foods, not an artificial one.

Red Rush™ is a new way to get nitric oxide into your bloodstream through beet juice. Nitric oxide improves stamina, reduces lactic acid build-up, increases circulation and energy. It allows more oxygen to get to your muscles so they are able to work at peak levels longer.

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