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Can Beets Improve Athletic Performance?

Can beet juice make you a better athlete? Can beets enhance athletic performance? Following are five studies:

Study 1 - A study out of the Netherlands found drinking one dose of beet juice directly before athletic performance did little or nothing to improve athletic abilities. However, their broader research showed cyclists who regularly drank beet juice performed better in time trials.

Study 2 - Another study from the British Journal of Medicine tested female 5k runners who supplemented with beetroot juice. Those who used beet juice showed a 2.4% improvement in their performance.

Study 3 - A Florida State University study concluded beetroot juice enhances performance. A moderate boost from all-natural, non-drug, vegetable sources are a big deal. Beets are not medicine. They are not steroids. They are legal and a child can buy a beet at the store and eat it without consequence or side effect because beets are food.

Study 4 - The University of Sydney tested beetroot juice on rowers and found a high dose of vegetable nitrates taken two hours before physical improved performance in trained athletes. They also found nitrate-depleted beet juice did little to enhance performance. It takes well over 300mg of vegetable nitrates to see the effects of beet juice. Red Rush™ has 500mg, the highest amount your body can actually use.

Study 5 - The University of West Scotland tested amateur cyclists over a three-week period. Researchers found beet juice lowered the amount of oxygen used by the body and drinking beet juice three hours before physical activity led to increased performance.

There you have it. These five studies show beets are the best friend of an athlete. Why not see how beet juice works for you?

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The cherry gives it a delicious taste.

The lemon and citric acid helps with the pH balance and adds flavor.

Water makes the syrupy beet pulp easier to drink.

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