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Woman with Multiple Sclerosis Feels Stronger in 2 Days

"My name is Lorraine S. Grove and I have multiple sclerosis. I was lying in bed fairly regular; the fatigue was really bad, no energy. My husband was doing all the cleaning, cooking and laundry. He was driving me wherever I wanted to go. I was too tired to do anything.

At this point I wasn't sure what I was good for anymore. Depression was always around the corner. I could not take the Multiple Sclerosis medication. My body was not accepting it at all. I was on depression medication for many years prior to finding out about having Multiple Sclerosis.

Then in January, I met a very special lady named Melanie. She was a Member of The AIM Companies. We got to talking about the health and wellness products, and it sounded very interesting, but I had tried so many different types of health and good-for-you stuff, so I wasn’t too interested at this time. But we did have an enjoyable time visiting.

Don, another person I knew, came by my home three days later with products in hand.


What is Unique about BarleyLife®?

BarleyLife® is for people who believe nutrition matters. They believe our bodies require more nutrition than we get from the food we eat.

Does that sound like you?

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RediBeets® - Because Nothing Beets a Healthy Body

RediBeets® is one hundred percent beet juice powder, providing the benefits of red beet juice, without the time and expense of juicing. It packs a half-pound of beets into a single serving.

Beet juice benefits the immune system and increases resistance to a variety of diseases. And it's made quick and easy with RediBeets®.

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Her ADHD Son Calms Down with Magnesium

"My son came out of the womb running. He was intense and more in every way. The experts determined that he had attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and wanted to put him on Ritalin at the age of three. That was not going to happen in my world.

It ripped my insides apart at just the thought of how this would crush his little spirit and deny him the freedom of being who he was born to be.

Then the miracle of magnesium showed up in Cell Wellness Restorer. So from the time he was three years old, we have used Cell Wellness Restorer. Now at the age of fourteen, we also use Mag-nificence.

We experienced dramatic results in calming him down, keeping his anxiety levels in check, and raising a healthy, happy, beautiful boy.

With more and more children - and even adults - experiencing elevated levels of sensitivities, this magnesium can change peoples' lives for the better." - Heather Whatcott, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

P.S. Magnesium is essential for every single cell in your…

"After a few weeks of taking it, I began to feel more energetic. I was even able to stay up to watch Jay Leno on TV."

"When I was teaching junior high school students, I would come home in the afternoon, go to my mailbox on the way into my house, and fall asleep for about two hours before I ever got to open the letters. I was sleeping well at night but had no energy by the afternoon.

I knew Dr. Yu Shiaw Chen amd heard her speak on BarleyLife. She gave me a sample and literature, telling me BarleyLife is a food not a drug. She urged me to try it.

After a few weeks of taking it, I began to feel more energetic. I was even able to stay up to watch Jay Leno on TV.

I used to get sore throats and lose my voice several times during the winter. (The curse of any school teacher.) I have not had that problem since I have been taking BarleyLife. My students come to class blowing their nose, coughing and sneezing around me, but I don't get sick since BarleyLife strengthens my immune system." - Miriam McDade, Centerreach, New York

P.S. BarleyLife® is a nutritious green powder made from young barley …

"I'm convinced that AIM nutrition is the best on the market and I am living proof that it works."

"The day I walked into my doctor's office after a routine mammogram sixteen years ago, I never thought I would hear her say, "You have breast cancer," but she did.

What a shock as I had been relatively healthy all of my life.

That was the start of my journey to regain my health. The doctor sent me to a surgeon, who did a biopsy that confirmed the findings on the mammogram.

The surgeon said I should have surgery to remove the cancer or that he could remove my entire breast. He also advised radiation treatments after the surgery.

I didn't like the sound of any of this, so my husband took me to Princess Margaret Hospital for a second opinion. They said the same thing.

I went back to the surgeon again, but God gave me no peace about having surgery and radiation treatments. I felt there had to be something natural I could do, so I prayed.

I am so thankful God directed me to Edna Smith, who prayed with me and told me not to fear, but to have faith. She explained dise…

Synergy is a Key to Effective Nutrition

Synergy, not quantity or amounts, is one of the keys to effective nutrition. (Synergy is the interaction among the hundreds of nutrients contained in vitamins and minerals, all working together.)

Functional nutrition research shows extremely small amounts of a wide array of natural nutrients is usually more beneficial, than large amounts of isolated nutrients. The body more easily uses them.

There is also a cooperation between certain vitamins and minerals, promoting absorption. Correcting a deficiency in one vitamin or mineral requires the addition of others, not simply replacement of the deficient one.

This is why the eighteen fruits and vegetables in BarleyLife® Xtra were chosen, because they work even better together.

Synergy, not necessarily quantity, is one of the keys to effective nutrition.

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The Facts About Magnesium Deficiency

"Most people who are overweight, insulin resistant and/or hypertensive or diabetic are deficient in magnesium." - Dr. Michael Eades, M.D.

Roughly 70 percent of people do not get the minimum recommended daily intake of magnesium. A Gallup poll confirmed that adults over the age of 55 in the U.S. tend to fall below the Recommended Dietary Allowance of magnesium. 79% of respondents in the Gallup poll over the age of 55 reported not eating enough magnesium-rich foods. One way you lower your magnesium levels is by drinking soft and diet drinks. For every molecule of sugar you consume, it takes fifty-four molecules of magnesium for your body to process it. Low magnesium levels can cause sudden cardiac death, hardening of the arteries, increase inflammation in the body, make the heart muscle irritable and seizures. To make them work properly, approximately three hundred or more of our enzymes require magnesium as a co-factor. Maintaining the right levels of magnesium can get rid of …