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California Man is in Total Remission

"I have always been sick as far back as I can recall.

During the winters, I could recover from colds in a week or two, but I could not shake the coughing for months. At social outings, I was regarded by friends as calm and quiet, but truthfully my lungs just didn’t allow me to talk much.

By age forty, I suffered from severe fatigue, insomnia, ulcers, allergies, and hemorrhoids.

Around this time, I had my first brush with death. My son found me in my bedroom doubled up and prone on the floor, gasping for breath between groans. I had a perforated ulcer, and waste from my duodenum was leaking into my abdomen. He saved my life that day by speeding me to our family physician.

Not long after this, my wife introduced me to the green barley powder from AIM. After taking it for just a few months, I experienced a significant improvement in my health.

In May 1999, we moved away from Texas. One week after hauling our things to Palm Desert, California, somehow, ridiculously, I caught a cold …