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The Best and Worst Ways To Start Your Day

by Perry Marshall
One of the most important things that successful people do is time block.

The worst thing you can do is spend your entire day reacting to whatever email, phone call, text message, Facebook post or crisis that stumbles into your world.

This is a recipe for an incredibly busy day, that rushes by - and at the end of the day you feel you have accomplished NOTHING. (And you're exhausted and broke.)

The best way to operate is to only do certain things at certain times.

Do NOT start your day responding to emails and reacting to stuff. That's a recipe for doing $10 an hour work and missing out on all the $1,000 an hour work, jumping over the dollars to grab the pennies.

Here’s A Good Recipe For Executing Your Day:

1. WITHOUT your phone, tablet or computer, start your day with a notebook, a cup of coffee, and pray / journal / meditate / center yourself. This almost never feels like $1,000 an hour work, but trust me, it is. I do this EVERY DAY withou…