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Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It

"Since June 2013, I've strictly followed a ketogenic diet.

After years of failure and doing everything conventional weight loss advice promoted, I was only getting fatter and sicker.

Keto saved my life.

Keto is real food. No gimmicks, no weight-loss supplements, no fees. Simply eat real, delicious foods your body was meant to eat.

Learn, educate yourself about what it means to have metabolic dysfunction.

Learn what it means to be carb intolerant.

Learn why you're always hungry and struggle to be successful at "dieting".

Then learn how amazing a low carb, high fat diet can be. The food is delicious. I am never hungry.

I wear the smallest clothes of my life.

I no longer take prescription meds for pain. I feel amazing!" - Dr. Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan, Ph.D. "Cooking Keto with Kristie"

 Cooking Keto with Kristi
Cooking Keto with Kristi Group

P.S. What's the the best way to lose weight and stay healthy?

Check out this weight loss guide to find out.

It explains why people get fat and what to do about it. You'll learn:

  • Why cutting calories sends the wrong signal to your brain
  • What throws the fat-storage switch to the "on" position
  • Why exercise makes weight-loss efforts harder

I promise you'll never think about obesity and weight-loss the same way again.

To read the weight-loss guide, Click Here.

P.P.S. Who has it right about weight loss?

"Overweight and obesity result from excess calorie consumption and inadequate physical activity." - U.S. Surgeon General 


"Most studies comparing normal and overweight people suggest that those who are overweight eat fewer calories than those of normal weight." - National Academy of Sciences, Diet and Health

What's the right answer?

To learn the surprising conclusion to the debate, Click Here.