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Kosher - A Sign of Quality

The AIM Garden Trio® (BarleyLife®, Just Carrots® and RediBeets®) is now kosher.

Kosher is a word indicating food products that meet the dietary requirements of Jewish law.

Adapted from a Hebrew word, kosher means "fit" or "proper."

For all consumers, the kosher symbol is a sign of quality. And it guarantees a food product meets all of the proper requirements.

To learn more about the Garden Trio, Click Here.

P.S. The compliance for being kosher comes from OK Kosher Certification.

Kosher food laws set a high bar in terms of cleanliness, purity and quality.

This is another example of the dedication by The AIM Companies™ to provide the best and most pure products on the market.

Does Sugar Cause Cancer?

Is there a link between sugar and cancer?

Are cancer cells attracted to sugar?

Does sugar feed and encourage the growth of tumors?

What are you doing to put the odds for good health in your favor?

Who Else Wants an Easy Way to Get Their Fruits and Veggies?

Nutritional researchers have concluded there are three juices that are the core of any effective juice program:
a green vegetable juicea carrot juicea beet juice Combined, these three juices provide a simple way to add natural, healthy nutrients to your diet.

To learn more, Click Here.

P.S. Do you want a faster, cheaper, and easier way to juice?

No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a juicer.

No time spent preparing the fruits and vegetables.

No mess to clean up.

Simply add water and powder to a blender bottle, then shake it.

Who else wants an easy way to get their fruits and veggies?

To find out more about juicing without the mess, Click Here.

"I take no medication, whatsoever."

"I became a Member of The AIM Companies™ in October 1999.

I'm eighty-seven years old and have been enjoying AIM’s green barley juice all these years and am still drinking it to this day.

I can honestly say I've not had a headache since 1999. I go to a doctor every four months for a physical and I recently had lab work done. All of my lab results were within the normal range.

I take no medication, whatsoever. I eat natural foods.

When I started with BarleyLife, I weighed 159 pounds. I've never been on a diet and today I weigh 124 pounds.

I eat anything I want, but it’s all natural foods. I eat a nice bowl of ice cream every day and all the time I’ve been doing this, my weight has been adjusting to my present weight.

I worked at an electric company in customer service until 2008 and retired at the age of seventy-seven, so I had tenure after forty-six years.

I feel grand. I feel wonderful. I live alone now. I do all my housework and yard work with a domestic assistant.