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"The biggest fear is cancer, but I'm not afraid of it anymore."

"This is absolute truth. Me and my wife - I'm 77 and she's about as old - we've taken BarleyLife for nearly twenty years in capsule form.

I first learned of BarleyLife from a beautician in our area. She explained to me what a tremendous product it was.

I got some documentation about it and learned that proper nutrition can reduce your likelihood of cancer and about how several people had been using BarleyLife to keep themselves healthy.

Now, I am the second oldest in a family of six siblings, and we have a very high disposition to cancer in our genes.

Back when I first acquired some BarleyLife, my mother and all my siblings were alive. We had a birthday party for our mom. I had enough BarleyLife to give each member of my family a bottle and told them that I had read about how proper nutrition can lower your risk of cancer.

My words to them were 'I'll know it works twenty years from now if all of you have died from cancer, and I'm still alive.'

Well, n…