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Do You Suffer from Muscle Cramps?

If you suffer from muscle pain or cramps, relief can be a Mag-nificence™ spray away.

Muscular contractions are one of many actions that require magnesium. When it comes to muscle pain, spasms or cramps, this mineral is a natural muscle relaxant.

Without magnesium, muscles would continuously contract.

If your muscles cramp or spasm on a regular basis, you're likely magnesium-deficient.

One of the ways to reverse these uncomfortable twitches is with a spray of Mag-nificence™. This convenient bottle of topical magnesium can be applied directly to the skin area of your muscular problem.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly Mag-nificence™ goes to work to relieve aches, cramps and spasms.

If you wake up in the middle of the night with muscle twitches or other issues, be sure to keep a bottle of Mag-nificence™ spray within easy reach, to quickly spray away the pain.

Better yet, spray the area before going to sleep, to increase your magnesium defense.

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"I always knew he would be a BarleyLife baby, raised from the womb."

Ron Murray became involved with The AIM Companies™ back in 1986 after relatives, Roger and Florie David, introduced AIM's barley product to his family.

Ron followed suit, sharing the health benefits of AIM to many people.

"Nothing is more rewarding than being part of changing people's lives in meaningful and growthful ways."

Over the years, Ron noticed that children whose mothers took BarleyLife® right from pregnancy seemed to be head and shoulders above other kids, especially in terms of mental alertness, attention span and the ability to figure things out.

Ron acknowledged his daughter, Natalie Murray, has done really well, having taken BarleyLife® since she was a young girl.

"I started when I was ten years old, so I know what it does for me," Natalie acknowledged.

When Natalie became pregnant at the age of forty-one, she increased her BarleyLife® intake to two to three times a day.

"There were long working days, and I wasn't eating well," …

Do Vitamin Supplements Cause More Harm Than Good?

If you take vitamins, congratulations. You know you need some kind of daily supplement to help your diet.

That’s the good news.

The bad news?

They might not be doing anything for you.

They might even be harming you.

How do I know?

Researchers have discovered most vitamins do nothing or worse - because they're synthetic.

How do you know if you're consuming synthetic vitamins? (They certainly do not advertise it.)

To learn more, read this educational report.

P.S. Each year, 76 million Americans spend 14 billion dollars on nutritional supplements. Yet most are not doing them any good.

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ReAssure® SP for Prostate Health

As part of the aging process, men who are middle-aged and older may go through hormonal changes that can result in enlargement of their prostate.

This is a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

As the prostate enlarges, the urethra compresses, affecting urinary flow in a number of ways, including intermittent stream, increased frequency and incontinence.

Fortunately, there is ReAssure® SP, a natural health product that can help prevent or relieve BPH symptoms.

Its effective combination of saw palmetto berry oil extract, pumpkin seed oil, zinc citrate and lycopene helps contribute to prostate health.

To experience all benefits of this formulation, ReAssure® SP should be taken for at least for three months.

To learn more about this natural health product for men, Click Here.

P.S. ReAssure® SP is a natural, effective formula for maintaining prostate health. It also acts as a uterine supplement for women.

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