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ProPeas® for Green Protein

One of the healthiest sources of protein grows in the garden. Fresh peas are the AIM ProPeas® vegetable source of protein powder. For supplementing your protein intake, it doesn't get any better or greener than ProPeas®.

The daily recommended intake is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight (calculator: ).

Most protein is consumed at dinner. However, a study published in 2014 in The Journal of Nutrition showed that for healthy adults "the consumption of a moderate amount of protein at each meal stimulated 24-hr muscle protein synthesis more effectively than skewing protein intake toward the evening meal."

With 12 grams of protein per serving, ProPeas® makes it simple to spread your intake over the course of a day, with delicious protein drinks. A consistent source of healthy protein builds and maintains a healthy body. Meet your requirements with green protein from ProPeas®. 

To learn more about this nutritio…

The Natural Fight Against Cancer

In North America, cancer is at the forefront of health awareness during the month of April.

No one is more mindful of the devastating implications of a cancer diagnosis, than those who have lived through such a life-threatening experience.

The following stories demonstrate the convictions of two individuals who were determined to beat cancer with the help of AIM natural nutrition.

Lori Nelson was in tears when she telephoned her friend, Liana Kopalyan, in October 2011. Having left her doctor’s office, Lori had been told she had three tumors diagnosed as ovarian cancer.

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation were recommended, but Lori had also talked to her physician about first trying natural alternatives before going the harsh medical route.

The fear in Lori’s voice was something Liana knew personally.

Eighteen years ago, Liana had surgery to remove a small cyst from her breast. But in less than a year, it grew back.

After Mary-Ann Shearer introduced Liana to lifestyle changes that inc…

How To Take BarleyLife® Xtra

For best results:
Take BarleyLife® Xtra on an empty stomach, at least thirty minutes before meals. It is best to take BarleyLife® Xtra first thing in the morning, when you truly have an empty stomach. Another way to take it is at least two hours after a meal Any other time during the day when you feel tired or sleepy  Start with one tablespoon, two to three times a day, for the first three days. Then you can gradually increase this amount to meet your individual needs. It is a food and you can safely take any amount of it.

It is best to take BarleyLife® Xtra in pure water or you can mix it in your favorite vegetable or fruit juice (except prune or cranberry). You can also take BarleyLife® Xtra dry under your tongue to slowly dissolve it.

When giving it to our son, we use a mixture of apple juice, white grape juice and purified water. We mix them together with the BarleyLife® Xtra in his sippy cup. 

Personally, I take BarleyLife® Xtra with a spoon and then drink some water. And becaus…

The Enzymes and Antioxidants in BarleyLife®

There are over a thousand different kinds of live enzymes in BarleyLife®.

Technically, enzymes are not considered as part of nutrition. A good analogy would be building a house. Even with all of the right materials, if you do not have a carpenter, you will never get the house built.

Enzymes are like the carpenter that builds the house. They help vitamins do their job. Unless they're piggybacked on a live enzyme, vitamins cannot pass through the cell wall of cells.

You are born with a large bank account of enzymes. However, studies show as you grow older, you use up these enzymes and eventually begin to bankrupt your enzyme account.

When you're out of enzymes, you're out of life. Eating a diet of cooked and processed foods helps to deplete the enzyme account of your body.

One enzyme that has been studied is super oxide dismutase (SOD).

Scientists have directly linked the aging process to decreasing amounts of the super oxide dismutase enzyme in the body.

They have also fou…