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"It gives me energy to push through and keep alert all day."

"Rehearsals and classes can carry on for hours. If you don't feed your body what it needs, you will become weak and never dance professionally.

My entire life I've used BarleyLife Xtra. I either take it with fruit juice in the morning or mix into a fresh fruit drink to take during class.

It gives me energy to push through and keep alert all day." - Chelsea Wewege, ballet dancer, Durban, South Africa 

P.S. BarleyLife® Xtra combines eighteen fruits and vegetables with young barley grass, one of the most nutritious plants on earth.

To learn more about this green superfood, Click Here.

"I'm grateful that I'm not on any medications and don't have any aches or pains."

"I owe how active and healthy I am to AIM's BarleyLife. I've been taking it since 1997.

I'm grateful that I'm not on any medications and don't have any aches or pains.

I'm glad I'm not in a nursing home or geriatric center. I'm thrilled to be alive and kicking at 72 years of age." - Jan Baxter, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

To learn more about BarleyLife®, Click Here.

P.S. BarleyLife® is for people who believe nutrition matters. They want to do everything they can to avoid being sick when they get older.

Does that sound like you?

To find out more about this green superfood, Click Here.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. BarleyLife® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.

"Halfway through the second bottle, the pain and swelling was gone."

"Many years ago, my ankle started giving me trouble. My doctor had it X-rayed and determined it was arthritis. I was in my fifties at the time.

The ankle was swollen and there was an awful lot of pain. It was so bad I could barely walk. Clients had to be brought to me at the credit union where I worked. Before the arthritis, I would always go out to greet them. I just couldn't do it anymore.

Of course, I could have taken pills that my doctor said would make me sick, so I didn't.

I used to get my nails done by a woman whose mother-in-law had cancer. When she noticed my difficulty with walking, she asked me what was wrong. I told her it was arthritis. She gave me a massage, which helped, but it wasn’t the answer.

At one point, I told her I don’t have much of an appetite in the morning. That's when she handed me a canister of the BarleyLife she stocked in her shop and said, "You might want to try this. It's better than nothing for breakfast."

I started tak…

"My vision got better and I have my license to prove it."

"I thought over the years that the older you are, the sicker you’re supposed to get, but I recently discovered something amazing.

About a year ago, I went back to the DMV to renew my driver's license.

For over twenty-five years, I had a restriction on my license. I had to wear glasses.

I realized over the past year or so that I don’t need my glasses. But because I had this restriction on my license, I had to put my glasses on when driving. Otherwise it could mean a big ticket.

So I passed the vision test and thought to myself, “What have I done differently?”

I decided that ever since I started to work with cancer clients, who were taking huge amounts of BarleyLife, I had started taking more BarleyLife too. I want to say somewhere in the area of six to ten teaspoons a day.

My vision got better and I have my license to prove it. It says, "No Restrictions." - Liana Kopalyan, Las Vegas, Nevada

P.S. BarleyLife® is a nutritious green powder made from young barley grass. T…

"I still have a lot of hair, with no increase in white hair, but lots of new black hair."

"Before retiring at age seventy-four, I worked as a journalist and editor for a Chinese newspaper in the Bay Area for twenty years. I first started taking AIM’s barley product, now known as BarleyLife, over twenty years ago.

Today, I’m nearly eighty-nine and feel very good.
My very good friend, David, introduced me to BarleyLife. He said to mix it well with juice or water and take it two times a day, to maintain good health.

I knew he meant well, so I promised him I would try it. Besides barley is a plant, so I thought it would be beneficial for the body.

At that time, I was working long graveyard shifts, going home in the early morning after the newspaper was printed.

By taking BarleyLife twice a day, I did not feel tired or exhausted, even though I was already over the age of seventy.

Besides drinking barley grass juice twice daily, I ate light, did not smoke or drink and never took any tonics. My health was good.

When I retired in 2002, there were a lot of life changes. I ad…

"I didn't have to have a nap and my foggy thinking was going away."

Discover how BarleyLife® has helped to improve the quality of life for these people, as well as many others.

What if it works for you the way it has for these people?

"I didn't have to have a nap and my foggy thinking was going away."

"After two months of using the products, she could stand up out
of a chair by herself and she could walk without the walker."

"The chlorophyll helped to bring down the inflammation in my body."

"Five weeks into the products I was like a brand new person."

"It has made me become very healthy and have a strong immune
system and become very active in school and other activities."

"Two weeks after surgery, you couldn't tell any surgery was done."

"I've seen how it has helped my family members and friends."
It only takes a few minutes a day to give your body the nutrition it needs, but the benefits last a lifetime.

To learn more about BarleyLife® and BarleyLife® Xtra, Click H…

"Your blood pressure looks great!"

"At the age of thirty-three, my doctor informed me that in spite of my recent weight loss and regular exercise routine, I would need to go on blood pressure medication.

A few months later, and pregnant with our first child, I was referred to the high-risk pregnancy clinic for my hypertension.

Against the advice of a specialist, I started taking AIM's green barley powder every day.

My blood pressure returned to normal levels for the next trimester of the pregnancy.

After having a beautiful baby girl, I continued taking the green powder daily. I have remained medication-free since 2002.

During my second pregnancy in 2006, I never took medication for hypertension despite giving birth to a nearly ten-pound boy.

My obstetrician said to me, 'Your blood pressure looks great! Whatever you are doing, keep it up.'

I also attribute BarleyLife to my energy. It allows me to run two home-based businesses, raise a family, drive my children to piano, violin, and swimming lessons, an…

"I'm a cancer victor, not a cancer survivor."

Linda Cole never considered for a moment she would ever be diagnosed as having breast cancer, even though it happened to her best friend, Jonni Sue Johnson.

Linda witnessed the effects of chemotherapy and radiation her friend underwent to kill the cancer. Jonni passed away within a year.

Linda’s health had been affected by a childhood of disabling allergies, as well as severe digestive problems as an adult. At the age of fifty, she had osteoporosis, her X-rays revealing the fragile bone structure of the elderly.

Working as a teacher’s assistant for eighteen years had worsened her health, due to spending so much time in the elementary school’s tiny Xerox room.

"It was like being a canary in a coal mine," recalled Linda.

A week after quitting her job in October 1996, Linda went for a routine physical that revealed a marble-sized lump in her breast. After the initial shock of being diagnosed with breast cancer, Linda Cole was sure of only one thing: she wasn’t going to have th…

The doctor said, "As far as I'm concerned, you are healed."

"I grew up on a farm and helped my father to grow many vegetables, namely green beans. We plowed, planted, fertilized and weeded, helping each seed grow to its fullest potential.

By caring for plants and nurturing them to maturity, I would learn that our bodies must be carefully nurtured in much the same way to maintain health and wellness.

My passion for health and an interest in the human body led me to become a physical and health educator and coach. My husband, Mike, and I raised three children, Tim, Heidi and Bryan, all of whom were high-level athletes.

It was around Christmas of 1991, while on a family vacation, that the health of our daughter, Heidi, took a terrible turn for the worse. Her neck started to swell. Within hours, she had a lump the size of a tangerine. We immediately took her to the emergency room.

A few days later, we received the diagnosis that Heidi had Hodgkin's disease - cancer of the lymphatic system - and a sizeable tumor near her thyroid.

It was d…

"To my oncologist's amaze­ment, within three months I was declared cancer-free - not in remission - but cancer-free."

"After being diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer, I chose a mind-body-spirit approach to healing, instead of traditional cancer treatments.

After all, I was given only six months to live!

Why would I want to be on treatments that induce sickness?

This approach included the AIM products. To my oncologist's amaze­ment, within three months I was declared cancer-free - not in remission - but cancer-free.

For over seven years now, I have helped others overcome their health challenges.

Recently, a dear, lifelong friend found that after taking the AIM products for just three weeks, the cancerous tumor in her breast had shrunk significantly. She stated, "I think it was the products."

"Of course, it was!" I answered emphatically.

Shortly after my own healing, one of my oncologists called me and asked if I would help a man who had stomach cancer. He was given four months to live and did not have much of a stomach left.

After accepting my help, this gentleman…

"Our four year old son had Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia."

"In November of 1991, we got the shock of our lives. We learned that our son Mark, who had just turned four years, had Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.

His symptoms were sore legs, frequent fevers and mouth canker sores.

He possibly had this disease only one mouth and was already 90-95 percent contaminated.

Within two days, the doctors administered daily chemotherapy to him. They told us he would need to take chemotherapy everyday for a minimum of 2.5 years.

What despair and heartache we felt at this time!

We had prayed for each one of our four children and now it seemed as if one was being snatched away!

We found we needed God to give us His strength when our own was gone. God was faithful! He encouraged us daily, through His scriptures found in the Bible, as well as through other caring people.

A couple of weeks into Mark’s treatment, a caring person introduced us to the green leaves of barley. We felt this was sent by God to help our son.

In January 1992, green mustaches began to …

"The pain was almost gone and I could walk the stairs again."

"The pain was almost gone and I could walk the stairs again."
Osteoarthritis is inflammation of the joints, affecting twenty-seven million Americans. It causes stiffness, swelling, pain and more.

Frame Essentials® contains three natural ingredients to help relieve the pain commonly associated with arthritis. To learn more, Click Here.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. Frame Essentials® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.

"The dentist said he had never seen anything like it."

"I had a very sore tooth. It was so badly abscessed that the dentist said he would have to do a root canal. It was going to cost me $1,400.

I decided to pack my tooth with BarleyLife.

I used two pieces of cotton batten, soaked it in Prills water and then rolled it in dry BarleyLife.

I did that for three nights changing it about every two to three hours. It smelled horrible as the infection was being pulled out of my gums.

Within three days, my abscessed tooth was completely healed. The dentist said he had never seen anything like it.

I've since had another tooth that became abscessed and I did the same thing and it cleared up.

Since then my sister has done the same thing with the same results." - Anna Ireland, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

P.S. BarleyLife® is for people who believe nutrition matters.

To learn more about this nutrient-dense green powder for kids and adults, Click Here.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.…

"My bone density came right back up to normal and I'm not osteopenia anymore."

"My bone density came right back up to normal."
Note: Osteopenia is lower than normal bone density, but not low enough to be classified as osteoporosis.

CalciAIM™ provides several nutrients essential to proper skeletal function. It supports healthy bones, cartilage, teeth, gums and more.

To learn more about this natural citrus drink, Click Here.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. CalciAIM™ is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.

Tests Show 14-Year-Old Louisiana Teenager is Free of Cancer

Back in February 2017, Madeline Lagarde had placed a sizeable phone order for BarleyLife®. She then told the customer service representative her good news.

She and her husband, Dennis, were selling the "heck" out of BarleyLife® at the Whole Health Market they own and operate in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.

The reason?

Their son Dennis Jr., who is a registered nurse, had been telling people about his son, Cameron, and his health success from taking BarleyLife®.

In September of 2015, Cameron thought he had pulled a muscle in his lower chest area.

His father thought it could be costochondritis - inflammation of the rib-cage cartilage - because the pain would come and go.

About a year later, at the age of fourteen, Cameron was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. It had formed a baseball-sized tumor that was attached to his rib cage.

Because of its size and location, surgery was not an option.

Dennis explained, "Cameron underwent chemotherapy. There is a high …

"I'm not on any medications."

"I'm sixty-one years old and I still work full-time as a stone mason. I lift an average of two tons of stone a day.

I pick it up, cut it and try it out.

I've been taking BarleyLife since I was forty-five. I'm in good health. No arthritis. Nothing.

And I'm not on any medications." - Raymond Chassie, Belle River, Ontario

To learn more about BarleyLife®, Click Here.

P.S. BarleyLife® is for people who want to do everything they can to avoid being sick when they get older.

Does that sound like you?

Click Here to find out more about this nutritious green powder for kids and adults.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. BarleyLife® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.

California Man is in Total Remission

"I have always been sick as far back as I can recall.

During the winters, I could recover from colds in a week or two, but I could not shake the coughing for months.

At social outings, I was regarded by friends as calm and quiet, but truthfully my lungs just didn’t allow me to talk much.

By age forty, I suffered from severe fatigue, insomnia, ulcers, allergies, and hemorrhoids.

Around this time, I had my first brush with death. My son found me in my bedroom doubled up and prone on the floor, gasping for breath between groans.

I had a perforated ulcer and waste from my duodenum was leaking into my abdomen.

He saved my life that day by speeding me to our family physician.

Not long after this, my wife introduced me to the green barley powder from AIM. After taking it for just a few months, I experienced a significant improvement in my health.

In May 1999, we moved away from Texas. One week after hauling our things to Palm Desert, California, somehow, ridiculously, I caught a cold a…

"There is hope for our kids. They don’t have to be trapped inside their own minds."

At the end of the 2014-15 school year for 3rd grade, my daughter Kayla was tested and diagnosed as having a language processing disorder.

School work was very difficult for her, and it became increasingly difficult to keep her attention. Homework was taking hours at night.

The special education teacher recommended ADD and ADHD medication, but I didn’t feel that was the best way to help Kayla. I was sure that I could find a better solution to help her out from the cage her mind was in.

I decided to change our family’s eating habits. I started reading labels and almost completely cut out sugar and processed foods. I was very careful to buy organic wherever possible, and we tried to limit gluten.

The following school year, Kayla started speech and language therapy twice a week and was showing signs of improvement.

However, at home she was still struggling with homework and hated going to school. We would both end up in tears by the time I dropped her off to school.

By the end of the yea…

"Other kids are always getting sick and we rarely do."

Matthew Day, 16, of Peyton, Colorado, understands first-hand the value of concentrated nutrition.

"My family started using BarleyLife when I was one years old, so I don't ever remember not taking it.

We started using FloraFood when I was about ten, because Mom thought it would work well, along with the barley juice, to keep us kids from getting sick.

I took these two supplements when I was younger because I was told to do so. But now that I'm older, I see the difference between us and other kids, as far as how often they get sick and we don't.

It seems like other kids are always getting sick and we rarely do. If we do get sick, we get over it in a short time compared to other kids.

I'm too busy to get sick, so every morning I take my BarleyLife and FloraFood." - Matthew Day, Peyton, Colorado

P.S. BarleyLife® and FloraFood® are for people who believe nutrition matters. Does that sound like you?

To learn more, Click Here.

"For the first time in thirteen years, my triglycerides are in normal range."

"At age thirty-eight I had my first heart attack. Within five years, I had a stroke.

In 2005, I underwent a five-bypass surgery. Even with medication, my blood pressure and cholesterol were not within an acceptable range.

In March of 2008, an Amish harness maker in Holmes County shared with my wife and me about his serious, life-threatening illness, and how the AIM products had changed his life and health.

After six months on the AIM products, I noticed my blood pressure had dropped by ten points on both sides. It truly was a miracle, as the medicines had not been able to do that.

In January of 2009, I had testing/screening on my arteries. The test came back all in normal ranges for plaque in my arteries. Yet another sign that the AIM products were working.

Again, in May 2009, I had lipid screening. The test came back with no concern for heart disease. For the first time in thirteen years, my triglycerides are in normal range. I am also off gout medicine.

I’m using the Garden T…

"I was stunned at how good I felt."

The solution for Richard Porter was the recovery and energy from the Garden Trio® - BarleyLife®, Just Carrots® and RediBeets®.

Richard’s problem?

Finishing a daunting 300-mile bike ride.

Twice before, the 300-mile bike ride - a ride for charity from Richard’s hometown of Plainview, Texas, to the Dallas-Fort Worth area - had led to a disappointing finish and a lot of questions.

The answers came from friend Debra Pugh, who introduced Richard to the nutritious beet, carrot and barley powders of the Garden Trio®.

"I was stunned at how good I felt after trying the Garden Trio," Richard said.

"The first time I took it was in place of breakfast in the morning, before a workout. I had the incredible energy for the ride - energy that I hadn't had up to that point. That sold me."

When he assessed his previous 300-mile ride attempts, Richard identified his problem as being one of recovery and energy. Riding one hundred miles in one day is completely exhausting, yet Richa…

"The abnormal bleeding stopped and my cycle returned to normal."

After giving birth to her son, Elizabeth DeGroot suffered from abnormal bleeding for two years.

"I had two dilation and curettage surgical procedures done, but they didn't work. Nothing seemed to work," Elizabeth explained.

"My gynecologist said he could give me medication, but it would cause cancer in about ten years."

Instead, Elizabeth tried homeopathic treatment. After a year, her frustrated naturopath told her that only God could heal her.

"So I prayed to God," Elizabeth recalled, "telling Him I couldn't do much more. I needed an answer."

Around that time, her husband had a house-painting job. One day the owner asked him if he was a Christian and he responded affirmatively.

The woman wanted to know because the night before she had been awakened by God, who told her the wife of the painter had to read the book, Green Leaves of Barley.

"That was weird," Elizabeth acknowledged, "but I did get the book and then, trusting…

"It's a brilliant source of nutrition and boosts the immune system too."

"Next month marks the first year anniversary of taking Barleylife Xtra for the girls. In this year the girls have had two mild colds and only one visit to the doctor for Katie (and only as a precaution really, turned out it wasn't anything to worry about).

Sam has only been taking it for a little while, but the best way is straight up. Sam couldn't get enough of it from his bottle, which Kiera kindly fed him!

Look at these happy healthy faces.

Yay for Barleylife Xtra! Made from the juice extract of young barley leaves, it's a brilliant source of nutrition and boosts the immune system too.

Barleylife Xtra is a rather icky looking green powder that dissolves in water - and it took a few days before the boys happily drank it.

But, boy, do they down it now!

Barleylife is great for adults too. I've been taking it for years.

I've always had low energy levels. When I was teaching, I was finished by the end of a school day. My mom eventually persuaded me to try Barle…

Do You Believe Nutrition Matters?

BarleyLife® is for people who believe nutrition matters, that our busy lives, chronic stress, lack of exercise, depleted soil and polluted environments require more nutrition than we get from the food we eat.

BarleyLife® is a supplement made from real food, minus the water and fiber. That means nutrient-rich, green barley plants - not synthetic, man-made vitamins or minerals.

People who believe nutrition matters take BarleyLife® for insurance against possible deficiency. They believe synthetic multivitamins are largely useless - and even risky.

A few rare individuals believe they get everything they need for good health strictly from their diet. They won't be interested in this nutritious green powder.

For everybody else, however, there is BarleyLife® to help maintain a healthy immune system, increase energy and whole body health.

To learn more about this nutrient-dense green powder for children and adults, Click Here.

P.S. BarleyLife® is a whole-food concentrate made from young barl…

"Within a week of taking this probiotic from AIM, Tyrel finally found relief from the painful cramps."

"My son, Tyrel, began having severe abdominal cramps when he was around fourteen years old.

I talked to a few parents who said it could be Crohn’s disease, but Tyrel's medical checkup showed that it wasn’t.

Still the problem persisted.

Being a young athlete who played basketball in high school, Tyrel sometimes had to spend an hour or more in the bathroom because of the terrible cramps.

To avoid spending so much time in the students' toilets, he would often sneak into the teacher's private washroom.

Occasionally, he got caught on the way out by a teacher who would say "You know that's for teachers only, right?"

Tyrel would answer, "I know."

But because of his good rapport with the teachers, they all knew that he must have had a good reason for not following the rule.

Fortunately, Flora­Food was recom­mended to me by a friend, Alison Douglas.

Within a week of taking this probiotic from AIM, Tyrel finally found relief from the painful cramps. It …

"...the asthma and eczema eventually disappeared."

If your child is ill, an understandable action is to take him to a doctor for treatment and medication.

That is exactly what Gary and Debra Pugh did with their son - but with less than splendid results.

"Ty had his first asthma attack when he was only two years old. After several days in the hospital, we went home with lots of medication and a nebulizer for treatments.

Over the years, we experimented with several different kinds of medications, but some would make him hyper and others would make him sluggish and tired.

By the time he was in third grade, he was having an asthma attack every three weeks. Each attack would last for three days. He was also having problems with eczema.

After giving Tyler BarleyLife Xtra, FloraFood, Proancynol 2000 and AIMega, the asthma and eczema* eventually disappeared. He is no longer on medication.

Ty loves to play basketball and BarleyLife Xtra and other AIM products allow him to play an entire game without using his inhaler. He also loves to go…

Do You Have Kids That Are Picky Eaters and Worry About Them Getting Enough Nutrition Every Day?

After Laura found out she was pregnant, she made sure to take more BarleyLife® every day.

When Brady was born, he was a healthy nine pounds and eleven ounces. My wife says it was because mama was feeding him!

From the beginning, our picky eater would not eat much.

During his regular check ups, we were told he was not gaining weight like he should. The doctor said Brady was in the bottom twenty-five percentile for his age group.

All we knew to do to help him grow and be healthy was give him BarleyLife® Xtra.

So we put a small amount in his bottled breast milk. Later, we added BarleyLife® Xtra to the water and juice mixture in his sippy cup.

It’s been over ten years and our picky eater is rarely sick. Brady's weight is now in the normal range, he's full of energy and is one healthy little boy.

And we believe it's because of BarleyLife® Xtra.

Paul and Laura Eilers

P.S. BarleyLife® Xtra is for parents who believe nutrition matters.

They want to do everything they can to make su…

"He has not had a sign of gout for years."

"Long story short, my hubby has been taking Barley Life, plus a few other AIM products that a friend suggested some thirteen years ago.

He suffered with gout on a regular basis and it would render him incapable of doing anything. He was a captive in our high set house on occasions, as he couldn't get down stairs.

A few changes to his diet and BarleyLife and he has not had a sign of gout for years. WE LOVE IT." - Meredith Caruana, Sarina, Queensland, Australia

To learn more about BarleyLife®, Click Here.

P.S. BarleyLife® is for people who believe nutrition matters and makes a difference in their health. Does that sound like you?

Click Here to see more about this nutrient-dense green powder.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. Nutritional supplements from The AIM Companies™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.

"I had been struggling to heal my hand for a year and a half and BarleyLife fixed it up in a month."

"Around March 2012, I started to develop a rash-like area on my right palm. It began with white bumps and the area would dry out so badly that my palm would split into a cut.

It would last for about a month and clear up for a week or two and then start all over again.

I knew doctors would call it eczema, give me a steroid cream and send me on my way, so I took the naturopathic route.

The naturopath, after testing, said that my skin problem was due to my liver being overloaded and not functioning at optimum levels. He explained the body's first line of defense and toxin elimination was the skin.

My skin was simply trying to get rid of the excess toxins.

He also explained that steroid creams created a layer on the skin through which the body could not expel toxins, and these attempts at expulsion would manifest into a more serious condition.

Unfortunately, every time I went to the naturopath, my skin problem would be somewhat dormant and he never saw the full extent of the il…

"I have energy to keep up with my four adult children and nine grandchildren. I feel wonderful!"

"I really expected to be dead by now. By all rights, I should be pushing up daises.

Twenty years ago, I had a long list of serious ailments. It was so bad my family considered getting me a full-time nurse.

I hoped for some sort of a normal life for whatever time I had left.

By the time I was seventy-five years old, I had several degenerative diseases that accompany advanced years.

I had osteoporosis in my spine, which compressed two and a half inches in two painful places.

Conventional hormone therapy eased the pain, but brought on hypothyroidism, fibrocystic breast disease and my hair fell out alarmingly.

My skin and nails dried up and fatigue sapped my energy. My finger joints locked up and gradually, I lost bladder control and had to use Depends.

Since my muscles cramped at night, I had trouble sleeping.

Then one day a friend educated me about health and nutrition. So I decided to take charge of my health.

I changed my diet, started juicing and added BarleyLife and other nutr…

" blood pressure was the lowest I have ever tested..."

"Every year, my co-workers and I are invited to participate in wellness testing provided by my company.

Their wellness test involves six items and if you pass all six, you can dramatically reduce your monthly health care benefit payment.

I get a physical every year and my physical in June was less than encouraging. My cholesterol has always been above 200 - sometimes well above.

Blood pressure has always been a struggle too. Last year my LDL cholesterol was high and I missed that item on my wellness test.

This year, I was determined to pass all six items.

I've been an AIM Member and using AIM products for several years, after my family Bob and Sue Celski introduced me to them.

I take BarleyLife, Proancynol 2000, ReAssure SP, CalciAIM and Herbal Fiberblend.

I started reading to find out which AIM products I could add to my diet to help with my wellness test.

I read that CellSparc 360 and Bear Paw Garlic assist with blood pressure and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. …