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When I was in college, my grandfather died of cancer.

(My grandmother also died of cancer. My other grandmother died of a heart attack.)

After eight months of chemotherapy and Hospice, he passed away in his home.

I was there the morning they took away his lifeless body.

A few years later, a friend of mine died of leukemia when he was only thirty-two years old.

A high school math teacher and baseball coach, he left behind a wife who was eight months pregnant.

Then after being hooked up to an oxygen machine for eight years, my father died of cancer.

He was frustrated and miserable in what should have been his golden years.

After these experiences, I decided, "I do not want to end up like that."

I want to grow old with my wife.

I want to play H-O-R-S-E with my son.

I want to dance at his wedding.

How about you? What's your story?

Laura, Brady, and Paul Eilers
Atlantic Beach, North Carolina 
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Main Feature, June, 2014

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"I love my BarleyLife Xtra!"

Laura, Paul and Brady after a high school football game

Brady Eilers
Five Years Old

Immediately After School 
Brady Wants His BarleyLife® Xtra

Brady Baseball
Six Year Old City League

Brady Baseball
Six Year Old City League

Brady and Daddy

Brady Eilers
12U Falcons

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